Nando's Are Now Offering 'Loaded Chips' On Their Secret Menu

But there's a major catch.


Discovering one of your high street faves has a strictly hush hush dish on its menu is a VIP experience akin to being backstage at a gig, and Nando's secret menu item is like AAA at Glastonbury.

Now before you grab your keys and run out the door, there's a catch. According to the Daily Mail, this is only available in Nando's Australian branches. I reached out to their UK press office and will let you know if there's any potential that UK consumers will get a chance to hang a fang on this delight.

So the exciting news coming out of Australia is that you can get your very own VIP experience without being on any list or greasing any palms. All you have to do is ask for their "loaded chips," and what you'll get for your trouble is their signature PERi-PERi chips, juicy grilled capsicum pepper, chopped tomato and onion, a big dollop of super creamy aioli, smoky relish, with salty, tangy feta cheese crumbled on top.

If you like your spuds with something to hit your protein quota then you can add items such as the plant based Great Pretender, a superfood veggie patty, or grilled PERi-PERi chicken tenders.

However, UK-based Nando's fans of have their very own exclusive to be excited about as this year, Nando's Yard has returned. Formerly based in London's Shoreditch, the three-week long event saw gigs, workshops, events, Nando's very own clothing line, and, of course, lots of chicken. This year, however, the fun is coming to you and the Yard is live streaming events so you and your pals can cut a rug from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you BYO PERi-PERi sauce.