How To Make Money On The Weekend If You Already Have A Full-Time Job

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It would be truly wonderful if we could have one job that takes care of all our financial needs, but so often, that isn't the case. Figuring out how to make some extra money on the weekends, while you're already working, can feel pretty daunting when you need those days for R&R. But trust, it's possible to get creative with the process and even make it a little more fun than your regular 9-to-5.

"Having a weekend side hustle is an excellent way to get a little extra cash from something other than your day job," business and branding mentor Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, tells Bustle. And it's not uncommon to do so or to need to do so. Walters says that you can think of your extra money-making ventures as a different kind of investment in yourself.

"Having a side hustle can also be a form of security, or a chance to prove yourself that can lead to other opportunities," Walters says. "You'll be surprised by how many new people you'll meet and how you'll be able to network in new circles."

Think about your skills, interests and long-term goals when deciding which weekend side hustle option is right for you, Walters says. You'll make it happen.


Capitalize On A Skill You Have


From speaking Spanish to knowing how to reupholster chairs, if there is a unique skill you have, there is probably a way to capitalize on it on the weekends.

Debt payoff strategist Steffa Mantilla, who runs Plantsonify, a personal finance blog that educates people on how to get out of personal debt and build wealth, tells Bustle that leveraging your skills is the easiest way for someone who already has a full time job to earn extra money.

"If you're a teacher, you can offer to tutor in the evenings and weekends at $25 an hour," Mantilla says. "Someone who likes to write can start a freelance side gig."


Petsitting And Dog Walking For Out Of Towners

Mantilla says that dog walking and pet sitting is also a super simple way to earn a little extra cash, and one that she does herself, in a way that fits into her own schedule.

"I'm an independent contractor with Rover. I have regular clients whose dogs I walk," Mantilla says. "If I allowed a client's dog to stay with me over the weekend when they were out of town, I easily earn $30-45 a day without much additional effort than living my normal life."

If you like being around furry friends, pet care is a great, low key option to making a little extra money on the weekend.


Get Cooking For Others


If you’re a decent cook, or you like to bake, you can definitely make some steady money providing a food service and getting cooking on the weekends, financial counselor and budget coach Kumiko Love aka The Budget Mom, tells Bustle.

However, Love says to check your state’s laws before starting this, as some states have laws about how much you can sell without a commercially-licensed kitchen.

Many local restaurants, coffee shops, etc., are always open to the possibility of selling locally-made sweets, Love says — and bonus points if you can do gluten-free.

"Make a few samples of what you’d like to provide, take pictures of your products and work space, then go deliver some free samples along with your price list and see what happens," Love says.

And if cooking is really your thing, you could consider doing a meal service for some select clients you prepare ready-to-warm meals for on the weekend.

Make a menu, a price list, and a delivery schedule and advertise among your friends, at your work, and on social media, Love says. You can prepare entire meals, or just the entree on Saturday or Sunday, then have people pick them up at the end of the weekend, or do the deliveries yourself.

"I know a woman who advertises strictly through word of mouth at a local university, takes orders online, and twice a week brings a trunk full of aluminum casserole trays to campus," Love says. "People flock to pick up her poppyseed chicken and beef fajitas, and she doubles her investment doing something she enjoys."


Turn Your Place Into A Weekend Rental

No it's not for everyone, but if you have a space that might work for this, renting is something to consider. Pop over to a friend's place for a couple nights, or take a that holiday weekend up at your mom's.

"If you have an extra bedroom with an accessible bathroom, or if you have a friend or relative you can stay with on the weekends, consider signing up with or and renting out a space in your home," Love says. "For small families who live in big cities, you can make enough money renting your place on the weekends to make your mortgage payment each month," Love says.

Just make sure short-term rentals are legal in your city.


Good Old Fashion Garage Sales And Consignment


Start with a good old fashioned clean out, Love says, because garage sales are a weekend tradition for a reason!

While you might not make millions from this, consistently turning over things you don't need can bring in a little extra green. Especially if you happen to be someone who has a lot of stuff.

"Sort through your closets and drawers. Pull out all the things you don’t use, don’t love, don’t need," Love says. "Once you have an idea of what you have and how much, you can decide how you want to sell it."

You can do a garage sale, or call a local consignment store, set up a time to drop off your items, and go back in about 3 months to pick up a check for what sold, Love says.

"You’ll only see a percentage of the value of your items, but you don’t have to do any of the work," Love says. "You can also do online consignment on websites like ThredUp. They will send you a bag and instructions. You fill up the bag and send it back. They do the rest."


Sell Things Online

Use Saturday morning to take pictures and post the items you are selling. Online sales are even more profitable when it comes to getting rid of your trash and treasures. You can also use the weekends to ship stuff out.

Yes, there is a little more work involved, but in the long run it can really be worth it!

"You photograph and list the items yourself on places like Mercari,,, eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, etc.," Love says. "You handle the sales, you do all the work, and you get all the profit. I think it is the way to go."


Taking Care Of Kids

Childcare also works well as a part-time gig, Walters says, as does coaching kids teams or givings sports lessons on the weekends. You know how many parent's want a few hours to themselves on the weekends? Capitalize on that!

Plus, they usually pay cash. You can start by simply putting the word out with family and friends and if it's something you enjoy, you will start getting word-of-mouth referrals. If you like being around kids and have a nurturing spirit, it's a really great option.


Do Some Hair And Makeup


Are you the type who has spent hours perfecting the cat eye on YouTube? Maybe you're someone who is always doing their friend's hair before dates and big events? Try to make that into a weekend hustle.

Whether it's doing makeup for a short film or helping a bunch of kids getting ready for a Friday night dance, providing some beauty and sprucing services is an option, Walters says.

And when it comes to connecting with people, no matter what your skill is, "there are also many apps/platforms out there that can help connect you with potential clients like Fiverr, Handy, and others," Walters says.

While it's not fun to be strapped for cash, the ways you can start making up for it might even be enjoyable once you get creative. Get that weekend money, y'all!


Financial counselor and budget coach Kumiko Love aka The Budget Mom, tells Bustle.

Steffa Mantilla, Debt payoff strategist, Plantsonify

Business and branding mentor Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD