7 Apps To Download If You Want Your IG Grid To Have A Theme

Achieve the esthetic of your dreams.

by Syeda Khaula Saad and Siena Gagliano
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How To Preview Your Instagram Grid Before Posting A Photo
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If you're a budding Instagram influencer or just want to have an Instagram aesthetic that you love, planning your Instagram grid is super important. And I'm not just talking about figuring out when to post or how often. Do the colors go together well? Are filters consistent? Is there a theme? All of these are essential to your "perfect" feed. It can be hard to figure that out if you post pictures as you take them, but apps that let you preview your Instagram grid before posting a photo can help.

We all know finding the perfect Instagram aesthetic is an art. If you look at accounts of famous bloggers like Tara Milk Tea, Amra Olvević Reyes, and Asiyami Gold, you'll see that on top of making sure each of their individual pictures looks incredible, they clearly pay attention to how their Instagram grid layout looks as a whole. Whether this means utilizing the color wheel to keep your Instagram grid colorful or giving all of your pictures the same dulled-out filter, the choice is up to you. But this type of feed doesn't just come out of guessing which photo will look the best next to your last post. No — you need the help of a professional. And in this case, the professional is an app.

Why Should You Use An Instagram Planning App?

An Instagram feed planning app is a great idea for those who are trying to increase either A) followers or B) engagement on their account. There are other ways of increasing followers, and therefore engagement levels, like investing time in making creative Instagram stories, sharing live videos, or creating an Instagram Reel. However, the aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed may be the most important, and surest way to reach your goals, quicker.

When users view your Instagram account, the first thing they notice is the feed. And although it has recently become a trend to have an almost “imperfect” feed in the recent months, it’s still a good idea to plan out what you’re going to post, for aesthetic purposes, of course. Curating your feed doesn’t have to be hard, and these apps make it easy for anyone to have their feed looking influencer-esque in no time.

If You Don’t Want To Use An App...

Sometimes people don’t want to log their credentials into a third-party app, and that’s totally OK. If you’re one of those people, consider opting for the infamous “Finsta” account. And if you don’t know by now, a Finsta is essentially a “fake Instagram.” The premise is simple: You can use this account as a private Instagram for you and your closest friends or use it as a planning device to see what pictures will look good on your real feed — the choice is up to you!

But in the case that you do, here are seven Instagram grid apps that will help you achieve the Instagram aesthetic of your dreams.



UNUM is a simple Instagram photo grid app that lets you build a feed based off of your last 20 Instagram posts. I use this app myself and have to say I love the fact that it lets you swap around pictures to see what might look better and edit the same pictures right there in the app. Unum also allows you to save caption drafts, set up timers to remind you to post, and even see what your feed would look like if you deleted pictures you already posted.



Feedle just might be your ultimate one-stop-shop for Instagram feed editing. The app features analytics and insights, influencer research, a follower tracker, unlimited grid space, and so many more options to help you make sure your Instagram feed is reaching its full potential. And with a 5-star rating, you know you're in for a quality app.



Planoly is a pretty well-rounded option for Instagram photo grid apps. Aside from the usual, it also comes with a desktop options that lets you use the tools right from your computer. What's really cool about this app is that it really takes the planning to the next level with other features like the ability to email a grid draft to others to preview and an analytics tool that lets you see which of your photos has the most likes and comments. Plus, the app gives users great advice about making their feed look its best.



If you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and super fast app to plan your feed in, it's Feedr. Feedr cuts out all the extra tools and extravagances and lets you simply see what your feed would look like if you were to post certain photos. Because the app doesn't let you edit photos, you're going to have to bring your finished edits to the app before trying them out.



Preview is a pretty straight-forward app that gives you the ability to edit your photos in-app. It also lets you work with all the posts you have on your Instagram, in order to really get an idea for your aesthetic. Plus, there's a really cool feature where you can upload pictures from your Dropbox.



Mosaic is an editor app that really goes in-depth when it comes to designing your feed. Aside from seeing what your feed will look like before posting it, the app lets you apply "smart filters" to your photos which are done by analyzing them and then using "smart algorithms" to create the most aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed. Specific themes you might want to apply to your photos will cost you a few bucks, but if you're super dedicated to making your Instagram have a specific look, you might not mind.



Plann is a great photo grid app if you're looking for simplicity and quickness. As other grid apps, it lets you draft up potential captions and figure out what times you might want to post potential pictures. It also lets you save the list of hashtags you might want to include on your posts. But unlike other apps, you can't edit your potential posts on the app. If you want to see what a finished product of your Instagram will actually look like, you'll have to edit your pictures beforehand. But that's totally fine, considering you probably have countless photo editor apps already.

Planning the "perfect" Instagram can be a lots of work, but with the help of these apps, it becomes way more fun.

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