If You're Cheap AF, You'll Love These Clever Things That Should Be Expensive But Aren't

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I am the queen of a good deal. When I find a new product with a killer price, I have to tell everyone I know. Amazon is home to so many life-changing products and best of all — they come with a very reasonable price tag. I’ve rounded up a list of my favorites. Trust me, if you’re cheap AF, you’ll love these clever things that should be expensive, but aren’t.

I’ve added a handful of products that make you look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Products like a teeth-whitening pen that cost less than the price of a pizza. Or an exfoliating back scrubber that will give your skin a spa-like glow for just $10.

Or perhaps you’re tired of staring at a cluttered home? I’ve included several home organization items like a charging station, an outlet shelf, and pot protectors that are so useful they seem like they should cost a small fortune (but are super cheap). These products aren’t just for the rich and famous, they’re for anyone who loves a good deal and a clever solution.

These highly rated products come with excellent reviews and are available in colors and sizes that will work for you and your home. Read on to find fabulous products for your fabulously frugal self.


These Acne Patches That Are Soak Up Sebum

These acne patches clear skin for a fraction of the price of a high-end facial. This set comes with two different sized hydrocolloid acne patches. The patches absorb all that excess sebum in your breakout and cleanse the pore. Change the patch daily until your skin is healed. They’re alcohol-free, made of 100% natural ingredients, and are transparent — you can even wear them under makeup.


This Sink Saver That Protects Your Glasses

This sink protector keeps both your glassware and sink from getting scratched up. The two-piece mat can be configured to fit your sink and lock neatly together. It has a soft rubber surface that protects surfaces and is available in two colors: gray or green.


These Hair Ties That Prevent Breakage

There's a good reason why these coil hair ties have more than 18,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating: they're made of smooth plastic spirals that prevent tangling and breakage. This eight-pack is affordable and the ties are waterproof and comes in colors that mimic your hair color for a natural-looking finish.


These Food Saver Sheets That Keep Produce Fresh

These reusable food saver sheets keep your food fresher, for longer. These 100% BPA-free, food-safe, chemical-free, and plastic-free sheets easily fit into your produce containers. Not only are they better for the environment, but they’re also better for your fruit. These sheets extend the life of your fresh produce for up to two to four times longer.


This Fragrance-Free Refrigerator Deodorizer

Tired of odors lingering in your fridge? Try these refrigerator deodorizers. Just place them anywhere in your fridge — they’re compact and leak-proof. They remove smells within hours and work for up to six months. Plus they’re fragrance-free so they won’t affect anything in your fridge. They’re available in packs of 1, 2, or 4.


A Reusable Notebook That Connects To The Cloud

The reusable smart notebook is magic. Just write in it and use the compatible app to upload your notes to the cloud. Once your notes are saved, you can erase the page using a hot hair dryer. The ink just disappears so you have a clean sheet to use. You can do this over 500 times before having to replace the notebook. It’s available in four sizes and has seven planning pages, 21 lined pages, and 20 dotted pages. It also comes with two erasable pens and sticky notes.


This Bamboo Bed Shelf For Your Morning Coffee

This bed shelf is perfect for keeping your phone, favorite book, or a snack nearby. It’s made of recycled bamboo, has a smooth surface, and can hold up to 33 pounds. It’s easy to install and has a cable management slot to keep your cords organized. Plus it’s water-resistant and antibacterial.


A Glass Brush For 360-Degree Cleaning

If you’re tired of dirty dishes and want to get this task completed faster, you need one of these double-sided glass brushes. It stabilizes by attaching to your sink or countertop with suction cups. Just use the brush to get a 360-degree clean on any cup. The high-quality brushes are flexible yet soft.


This Hanging Organizer Holds 10 Purses

Keep your purses organized in this hanging storage bag. It holds 10 purses in separate anti-dust and breathable woven cubbies. It hangs from two sturdy stainless steel hooks that slide right onto your closet rod. It has more than 2,800 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


These Anti-Mold Fridge Liners

These special fridge liners extend the life of your produce. They're made with a special anti-mold material that protects fruits and veggies from spoiling, odors, bruising, plus it absorbs moisture. The foam layer circulates air throughout the fridge, helping your produce to last longer.


The Door Stoppers That Keep Out Drafts

These weather-stripping door draft stoppers fit onto your door to keep out sound and light and to regulate temperature. The dual-layer seal keeps heat in or out, depending on the season — and installing it is as easy as cutting it to size, peeling back the adhesive tape, and sticking it onto your door. You can use it anywhere to close gaps in garages, basements, beds, or even cabinets.


An Automatic Night Light That Comes In 6 Colors

This LED nightlight has a built-in light sensor that automatically turns on when there isn’t enough ambient light in a room. It’s small and barely sits off the wall, but offers enough light to pave your way to the bathroom or to check on the kids at night. It’s available in six colors like standard white, red, amber, and blue, and it plugs into any outlet.


A Pack Of Stylish, Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

The blue-light-blocking glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue rays that make come from your computer, TV, phone, or tablet. These glasses are anti-reflective and non-polarized, plus they’re trendy and look good with any style. This pack of two is flexible, durable, and super lightweight — you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Choose from colors and prints like black, leopard, pink, and transparent.


The Veggie Chopper With 4 Blade Attachments

Quickly chop vegetables in this multipurpose, stainless steel chopper. It has four blade attachments so you can chop thick slices, thin slices, cubes, or sticks. The blades are razor sharp and can cut through an entire onion in one motion. Plus, when you’re done, just toss it in the dishwasher. It's available in single or double packs.


A Defrosting Tray That Thaws Food In Less Time

You'll be over the moon that you have this defrosting tray on those nights you realize you forgot to take food out of the freezer. It uses naturally-generated heat to thaw and defrost meat or veggies so much faster. The charcoal tray has red silicone edges to catch any juices or water from the defrosting process. Plus it is dishwasher safe. It has more than 1,100 reviews and a 4.2-star rating.


These Reusable Bamboo Towels That Last A Long Time

If you’re trying to use fewer paper towels, these reusable bamboo towels are for you. Just one set replaces up to six months of paper towels — that’s saving the planet and saving you money. Each roll has 20 perforated sheets. Use them like standard paper towels, except when you’re done, toss them in the wash. You can wash them 120 times before they need to be replaced. They’re soft yet tough and can be used in a variety of ways.


A Makeup Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Keep your favorite beauty products neat and tidy with this 360-degree rotating organizer. It’s made of acrylic and is completely customizable. It comes with six trays that can be adjusted to different levels to suit the size of your products. The organizer can hold at least 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare products, and other smaller products like lipstick or eyeliner. It fully disassembles and can be easily washed. It’s available in five colors.


This Cute Q-Tip Dispenser Jar For Your Bathroom

This jar is designed specifically to hold your Q-tips — but can be used for a number of small items like bobby pins and hair clips. The transparent bathroom storage container is made of durable plastic that looks like glass. It has a convenient lid where you can refill your Q-tip supply and more than 3,000 reviews and a 4.1-star rating.


The Hair Finishing Stick That Controls Flyaways

This hair finishing stick looks like a tube of mascara, but it’s actually a cream to control stray hairs. Just gently wipe it across your hairline to smooth flyaways and baby hairs. The formula is not greasy but moisturizes your hair while keeping it in place. It’s a small enough bottle that you can always have it in your purse to use on the go.


A Brush That Gently Detangles Wet Or Dry Hair

If you have curly hair or hair that gets tangled, you need this detangling brush. It’s designed to smooth tangles without damaging your hair. The secret is small, cone-shaped bristles that separate your hair from side to side, rather than up and down. You can use it on dry or wet hair and on adults or kids. It works for all kinds of hair too — curly, natural, thin, thick, and even extensions or wigs.


The Wonder Water That Moisturizing Hair In 8 Seconds

This moisturizing hair conditioner will make your strands silky and shiny in just eight seconds. Shampoo your hair and apply the formula, massaging it into the ends of hair for eight seconds, then rinse out and enjoy smoother, more manageable hair. It clarifies and moisturizes even the most brittle, color-treated hair, without adding any weight. It has more than 10,000 reviews and a 4.4-star review.


These Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

These reusable produce bags make grocery shopping a breeze. This set of 15 comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Stop using those plastic bags from the store and opt for these reusable ones that are lightweight and BPA-free. Unlike most transparent bags, these mesh bags make it easy to scan barcodes at the store. They have a drawstring closure that keeps produce safe and organized.


A Bathtub Tray Made Of Bamboo

Enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite drink and book with this bamboo bathtub tray. It extends across your bathtub and rests on the edges. Use it as a shower caddy to hold your favorite soaps and lotions or to hold your glass of wine. It’s mildew-resistant so you can leave it in your bathroom without worrying about it getting moldy. It comes in five colors.


These Stretchy Silicone Lids That Fit Any Container

These silicone stretch lids are reusable and fit any bowl and container. This set of seven comes with lids that will fit over cups, jars, dishes, plates, and even salad bowls. The lids are safe to put in the dishwasher and microwave. Just stretch them over the top of containers to seal them off. They’re stretchy and won’t break — plus they’re super affordable.


An Effective And Affordable Teeth Whitening Pen

This teeth whitening pen is effective yet affordable. It removes years of stains from coffee, wine, smoking, or soda. It only takes one minute a day to get teeth four to eight shades whiter. Each pen has at least 20 uses in it, plus it’s small and compact to carry on the go. It won’t cause extra sensitivity and is easy to use.


These Felt Dividers That Protect Your Pots & Pans

These green pot dividers go in between your pots and pans to protect them. This set of 12 comes with three different sizes of polyester felt dividers that have a non-slip texture and make stacking pots easier. The dividers are also washable — just make sure you hand wash them with warm water and lay them flat to dry. You can even use them for glass containers or bowls.


The Necklace Extenders To Change Up Your Look

Switch up the length of your favorite necklace with these stainless steel necklace extenders. The set of chains comes with four lengths: six-, four-, three-, and two-inches. Just use the clasp to connect the chain to your necklace to make it longer. It comes in a pack of eight with four silver and four gold extenders. It's also available in rose gold.


A Bamboo Charging Station For Six Devices

This bamboo charging dock has a spot for all of your devices to charge at once. It features six USB cords and a convenient box to keep all the cords hidden. It has a spot for your smart phones, tablets, or e-readers, as well as a place for wireless earbuds and your smart watch. The whole thing is made of bamboo, which is stylish and clean looking in any style home.


This Shower Head For An At-Home Massage

Make everyday a spa day with this shower head, which has three pressure modes: rainfall, massage, and jetting. The stainless steel shower head has a multi-layer filtration system that removes impurities and softens hard water. It attaches to most standard showers and comes in a variety of colors to match your bathroom.


These Wine Drops That Can Prevent Headaches

If you ever get a headache after drinking wine, you may be sensitive to the sulfites and/or tannins in the wine. These wine drops remove both so you can enjoy your wine, headache-free. The bottle is small enough to carry in your purse so you can use it at restaurants or parties. The small 10ml bottle can be used in up to 55 glasses of wine and it's available in packs of up to 22.


The Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves For Soft Feet

If your feet could use a little TLC, these moisturizing gel heel sleeves are for you. They each feature a built-in pad at the heel that releases nourishing and hydrating oils, shea butter, and aloe vera. The sleeve is vented and breathable so it's comfortable to wear all day long. It has more than 4,700 reviews and a 4.5-star review.


A Refillable Sprayer For Oil, Vinegar and Even Juice

This oil sprayer is refillable and makes it so easy to add your favorite oil, vinegar, juice, or wine to salads, meats, or hot pans. It sprays like a traditional aerosol sprayer but can be washed and reused, making it more environmentally friendly. It has nearly 22,000 reviews and is available in a variety of colors and packs of multiples.


This Privacy Window Film That Has 35,000 Reviews

Windows in your home can bring lots of natural light, but also unwanted eyes. If you love the light but need a little more privacy, these rainbow window clings are the perfect solution. In addition to obscuring the view inside of your home, these also block up to 96% of UV rays to protect your skin and your furniture. They cling to the window using static so they’re easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue. They have nearly 35,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.


An Avocado Saver That Prevents Browning

Is there anything worse than an avocado that turns brown after a day? Keep this from happening with this simple and effective avocado saver. It’s shaped to perfectly fit an avocado and has a durable rubber strap to lock it into place. Not only will it keep your avocados fresh, but it also reduces the amount of plastic or aluminum wrap you have to use — which is good for the environment and your wallet. This pack of two is dishwasher-safe.


The Softest Non-Slip Bath Mat

This textured bath mat is soft, thin, and won’t slip so you can safely shower while standing comfortably on it. It’s resistant to soap scum and dries quickly, preventing mold and mildew. Its non-slip bottom is free of suction cups and it comes in two sizes and two colors: gray and beige.


An Exfoliating Sponge For Your Back

This exfoliating sponge is designed to scrub your back even in those hard-to-reach spots. Each side of the scrubber has a handle so you can maneuver the loofah up and down your back. This pack also includes a loofah sponge pad for your neck, shoulders and feet and both sponges are double-sided with a honeycomb texture on one side and a softer fabric on the other. They’re made of super soft cotton that is gentle on your skin.


These Reusable Food Bags That Come In Three Sizes

These reusable food bags cut down on the amount of plastic you use. They have more than 9,600 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. This pack of 10 comes in three different sizes: two large bags, four sandwich bags, and four snack bags. They have a leak-proof seal to keep your food safely inside. They’re made of BPA-free PEVA and can be kept in the freezer. They should be hand washed between uses.


This Drain Stopper That Catches Hair

Protect your drains with this bathtub hair catcher. It’s made of aluminum alloy and traps hair without blocking water. Unlike catchers that sit on top of your drain (and can easily come loose), this pick nestles inside your drain and captures everything from loose hair to debris.


A Wine Stopper That Provides A Leakproof Seal

This wine bottle stopper creates a 100% leakproof seal on any bottle of wine. You can store the bottle vertically or horizontally with confidence and it even preserves the wine better than the original cork. The stopper extracts air from the bottle to preserve the flavor over time, plus the top of the silicone cork has 31 notches so you can date the wine.


An Outlet Shelf That Saves Space

This home outlet shelf turns any ordinary outlet into a convenient stand for speakers or voice-activated smart devices. The shelf sits above the outlet, providing a flat area for your device. It has a number of other possible uses, as well — plug in your electric toothbrush and keep it safely on the shelf above, or add an essential oil diffuser to make your home smell great. It's easy to install and comes in white and black.


These Lightbulbs That Respond To Voice Commands

These smart light bulbs communicate with your Amazon Alexa device so you can control them with your voice. They’re easy to install — just like any other lightbulb — but you can use the Alexa app to turn them off or on and set them to schedules, which is convenient and can save you money. They’re available in packs of 1, 2, or 4.


A Cleaning Stick That Makes Your Jewelry Sparkle

Safely clean your precious diamonds and other jewels with this jewelry cleaning stick. This twist-to-dispense click pen is packed with a cleansing solution that cleans diamonds or stones. It has more than 22,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. It has micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents that remove dust and grim and leave your jewels dazzling.


This Resistance Band Set For Your Arms

Tone your arms easily and without cumbersome weights that are difficult to store with this wonder arms workout system. It uses resistant bands to build strength in your arms and back and comes with three bands in weights of 15, 25, and 35 pounds. This set also includes a workout and nutrition guide to help kickstart your healthy habits. It’s made of durable plastic and makes getting a workout at home a breeze.


The Tripod For Your Phone For Better Photos And Videos

This mini tripod for your phone makes taking selfies and videos effortless. It has flexible legs that stand up on their own or can be bent to attach to anything. It safely holds your phone horizontally or vertically and even comes with a wireless remote control that works up to 30 feet away. The price is hard to beat, plus it has more than 16,000 reviews. It’s available in black and pink.


A Gel Heel Cup That Makes Your Shoes Fit Better

If your favorite pair of shoes look cute but hurt your feet, snag a pair of these gel heel cups for extra cushion and comfort. It has dual-density heel protection and can make your shoes fit better. They cradle your heel to add stability and one size fits women’s shoes sizes 5 to 11.


These Cleaning Wipes For Your Leather Or Suede Shoes

Keep your winter boots looking brand new with these boot cleaning wipes. You can use them to easily remove dirt, debris, and even salt stains from leather and suede, which are notoriously difficult to clean, as well as any other fabric. They come in a resealable pack like standard wipes and fit perfectly in your purse. The wipes are made with an all-natural formula that will make your shoes look new. Choose between a pack of 15 wipes or 10 individually wrapped wipes.


A Portable Charger Pack That Charges Devices Quickly

These portable power banks come in a pack of two and are always a good idea to have on hand. They’re slim enough to keep in your purse or backpack so you always have a backup charge for your device. They provide an ultra-fast charge and feature both micro USB and Type C ports. The banks are compatible with all devices and are designed with four LED lights to alert you to when the battery is low.


This Weighted Blanket That's Breathable Yet Cozy

This weighted blanket feels like a hug wrapped around you. It offers gentle pressure to help you relax and even sleep more soundly. It’s made of Egyptian cotton and stitched in a diamond pattern, with each diamond filled with glass beads that never bunch up. The blanket weighs 15 pounds and has more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


These Cleaning Tools That Click Together For Storage

This broom and dustpan set will change the way you clean. It has built-in comb teeth on the dustpan so you can easily remove dust, hair, or crumbs from the broom’s bristles. The broom also has an extension pole that makes it easy to get into those typically hard-to-reach places. Plus, storage is so easy with this set: the broom locks to the dustpan and stands up on its own to take up less space.


An Overflow Drain Cover For A Deeper Bath

This overflow drain cover has more than 34,000 reviews because it makes baths more comfortable and luxurious. By covering up the overflow drain, it adds another few inches of water to your tub. It suctions around the drain to create an ultra-tight seal and fits over a snap, toggle, or flat drain so that you can enjoy a deeper bath.

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