If You’re Cheap & Lazy, You’re Going To Love These 42 Things On Amazon

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Life is kind of like cooking: Some days, making everything from scratch is both pleasing and doable. But other days, you just want to skip straight to the rotisserie chicken section at the store, because you’re just over it. This is the list for those days — it’s chock full of Amazon’s best products for lazy people, so you can spend more time on the couch and less time adulting... because who has time for that?

Okay, so, you know all that stuff that’s piled up on your bed? It’s not too much trouble to put it somewhere when you get this super cool bedside shelf that attaches right to your bed frame, keeping everything you need within arm’s length — all you have to do to do is roll over to reach it. Easy peasy.

And besides home items, you’ll also find lots of clever personal care products, too. Why haul yourself all the way to the nail salon, for example, when you can use these moisturizing gel socks to get your feet back to baby-soft condition just by sleeping in them? Then you can give yourself a flawless manicure at home with this nail polish remover pen that means you don’t even have to try that hard to color in between the lines.

Think of this list as the digital shopping equivalent to the rotisserie chicken at the store: quick, convenient, inexpensive, and designed to make your life more enjoyable. Dig in.


These Slippers That Dust Mop Your Floors

Get some house cleaning done while you shuffle around the house on a lazy weekend morning with these dust mop slippers. The adorable slippers have microfiber loops on their soles that trap dirt, dust, grime, and pet hair. Available in 17 styles and four sizes, the soles detach for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available styles: 17


A Wand That Applies Lotion To Hard-To-Reach Places

When you can’t quite reach your back or legs to rub on sunscreen or lotion, this applicator is the easy-to-use solution you need. The sponge ensures that none of your product will slide off before making it to your skin, while the lengthy 16-inch wooden handle makes it easy to get to any spot. A looped cord allows you to hang the wand when you’re not using it.


The Tray That Turns Your Car Into A Dining Room Or Office

If you’re like me and treat your car like a second home, you’ll love this tray that attaches to your steering wheel, acting as a desk for your laptop or a table for an on-the-go meal. The included hooks can also be used to attach the tray to the back side of a headrest for use in the back seat. For tons of convenience, the tray has a drawer that slides out for pens, sticky notes, or condiments.


This Vertical Electric Egg Cooker Than Can Make Over 25 Recipes

Making a filling and healthy breakfast with limited amount of time at home has never been easier than now thanks to this ingenious vertical automatic egg cooker. You don’t have to worry about adding any fat to the machine either in order to get it to produce perfectly cooked eggs. It also comes with a scrub brush for cleaning and a recipe book so you can start using it right away.


This Blanket With Sleeves For Ultimate Coziness

You don’t have to worry about getting uncovered when you get off of the couch to get snacks once you have this cozy fleece blanket with sleeves. This one-size-fits-all throw is available in multiple designs, including one with a hoodie and kangaroo pocket (for your phone and remote control) and one lined in fuzzy sherpa material. You can choose from 16 colors and patterns, so you can coordinate your look to your couch.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available styles: 3


The Flexible Phone Holder For Home & On The Go

Equally for useful for video calls at home and following GPS directions on the road, this smartphone holder features a sturdy but flexible gooseneck — wrap it around your neck, set it up on a tabletop, or mount it to your steering wheel. The mount expands to fit a variety of smartphones and rotates 360 degrees, so you can get the best angle possible. You’ll find a million ways to use this holder, and you can wrap it up for easy storage.


These Stylish Light Bulbs That Are Filled With Himalayan Salt

Change up the normal and average light bulbs you’re used to and take decorative lighting to a whole new level with these Himalayan salt LED bulbs. Aside from adding a warm and pleasant glow to any room, these light bulbs are also energy efficient, which will ultimately save you some cash on your monthly bills. These lights also have the ability to change their brightness level, depending on how much light you want.


The Bluetooth Finder That Locates Your Keys For You

These tags attach to your keys, wallet, or anything else you’re liable to lose, then make a sound when you press the corresponding color-coded button on the remote control. The four-pack means you can use them on multiple items, so can get your life back (and get out the door in time) without wasting time searching for things.


A Lazy Susan For Use On Your Table Or In Your Cabinets

Crafted from renewable bamboo, this lazy Susan can be placed on the kitchen table for condiments and sauces, but it also whips your cabinet into shape, making everything accessible — even the items in the way back (so you don’t have to haul out a stepladder). The smoothly rotating tray has a lip around the perimeter to keep items firmly in place while it spins.


The Lighter That Recharges Via USB

Way more convenient than butane-based lighters that need to be refilled, this USB-chargeable lighter is one of my favorite Amazon purchases, primarily because it’s just plain cool. The arc lighter generates an electrical pulse between the two metal tips at the end of the adjustable gooseneck, so there’s no open flame, which means it’s both wind- and rain-resistant. Plus the flexible neck makes it easy to light difficult-to-reach wicks.


This Bottle Opener Perfect To Use On Beer & Wine

Never again struggle when you are attempting to open a bottle of wine or beer with the help of this wing corkscrew bottle opener. The twist top is easy to use and the design of the opener is made to easily and comfortable fit in your hand while using it. There are plastic grips on the wing handles that make it super easy to push them down and pop out the cork of your wine bottle. The opening at the top also doubles as an opener to pop off beer bottle caps.


An Inflatable Pool Floaty With Built-In Cup Holders

Soak up all the fun in the sun this summer while lounging in the pool with this inflatable floatie with built-in cup holder. Relax in style and comfort as in these pool floaties come in a wide range of fun designs that will be sure to bring the life to any party you’re throwing. Each floatie is made from a super durable vinyl material so you can enjoy long-term use from these pool loungers.

  • Style Options: 11


This Mug Warmer That Keeps Coffee Warm All Morning Long

Why keep going back to the microwave to heat up your coffee when you can keep it steamy all morning long with this mug warmer? Small enough to take anywhere, the warmer accommodates a wide variety of mug sizes, and the long power cord means you can plug it in anywhere.


A Motion-Activated Trash Can That Opens Itself

Now you can throw things away without having to lift the lid or step on a pedal, thanks to this motion-activated trash can. It also has a manual setting for big cleanups, and the slim design is perfect for the bathroom, but you can also opt for a larger version that’s great for the kitchen.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 8


This Shelf That Tucks Into Your Bed Frame

I don’t know about you, but I go to bed with a lot of stuff: a book, my tablet, phone, and the like. That’s where the BedShelfie comes in — it’s a shelf that simply clamps onto your bed frame, giving you a place to put the stuff you want nearby. The BedShelfie is sturdy enough to hold up to 15 pounds, and comes in a range of styles, including one that has a built-in cupholder.


An Electric Can Opener That’s So Easy To Use

When it comes to canned goods, just let this can opener do all the work — all you have to do is apply it to the top of the can and press the button. Available in four colors, this battery-powered appliance leaves behind a smooth, non-jagged edge, and unlike countertop can openers, it’s small enough to stash in a drawer.


The Chopper That Takes All The Work Out Of Meal Prep

With four interchangeable stainless steel blades, this food chopper is like having your own sous chef in the kitchen — and it really takes the drudgery out of food prep. Slice, dice, and chop your fresh, firm produce with ease, and even make your own salsa right in the BPA-free collection tray. It even comes with a spiralizer blade, and everything fits inside the container for easy storage when not in use.


This Machine That Makes Eggs Any Way You Like Them

Make up to six eggs however you like them — hard-, soft-, or medium-boiled, scrambled, poached, or fried — with this electric egg cooker. It features simple one-button operation, and it’s available in seven colors that’ll cheer up your kitchen, like yellow, aqua, and red.


A Dry Shampoo To See You Through No-Wash Days

Too lazy to wash your hair? Fake it with this dry shampoo that’s earned a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 17,000 reviews. Along with a light, pleasant scent, it absorbs oil and delivers body, and makes it easier to style hair, too. For days when you need a quick refresh but don’t have time to jump in the shower, this is a game changer.


These Moisturizing Socks With Vitamin E

Lined in a hydrating gel that includes vitamin E, jojoba, olive, and grape seed oils, these socks will soften and hydrate feet, leaving them silky smooth. For the best results, apply your favorite cream then leave these socks on for several hours or overnight, and your feet will feel soft and moisturized when you take them off.


This LED Extendable Flashlight With Magnetic Trim

The awesome versatility this magnetic extendable LED flashlight is going to be one of the best toolkit additions you’ll make this year. Unlike the average flashlight, there is a magnetic rim that surrounds the light shaft, giving it the ability to a nifty extension that can pick up screws, nails, washers, and other small bits and pieces of a similar nature. Not only does the neck of the flashlight extend, but it is also flexible and can be turned to face specific directions.


These 10-Foot Charging Cables That Give You Lots Of Mobility

If you want to lie in bed and scroll on your phone while it powers up, you’ll want these Android charging cords that are a generous 10 feet long. The pack includes three micro-USB cables made with durable braided nylon, so they’ll last a long time without risk of fraying.


The Mini Wallets That Attach To Your Phone Case

These pocket wallets are backed with durable adhesive that secures to the back of your phone case, and the stretchy Lycra design securely holds your cards and cash while you’re on the go. Perfect for anyone who wants to leave a bulky wallet at home, the two-pack is available in a variety of styles, from marble print to cool florals.


The Makeup Remover Cloth That Works With Just Water

Crafted from soft microfiber, this washcloth is designed to remove your makeup with only water — no additional cleansers needed. It even takes off waterproof mascara and long-wearing foundations, and since it’s machine-washable, it’s way more eco-friendly than disposable wipes. Suitable for sensitive skin, it comes in nine colors.


This Broom & Dustpan Set That Stores Upright

You won’t even have to bend over to get your floors clean with this broom and dustpan set. The dustpan features a long handle and heavy-duty bristles that remove dust bunnies and hair from the broom. When you’re done, the broom stores inside the dustpan, and the two handles clip together so that the set stores upright.


A Multipurpose Tint For Cheeks & Lips

Available in six shades, this blush stick can be used both on the cheeks and the lips for a natural flush of color that looks like you just came in from the cold. Crafted with botanical ingredients like aloe, ginseng, and chamomile, this paraben- and cruelty-free stick also nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Available shades: 6


The Tablets That Clean Your Water Bottle

All natural, biodegradable, and chlorine-free, these cleaning tablets are the solution to those annoying smells coming from your favorite water bottle. They’re also great for coffee pots, tea kettles, and coolers, and the effervescent formula means you don’t have to scrub (which is near-impossible to do with a water bottle anyway).


This Curling Iron With 6 Different Barrels

You’ll be able to customize your hairstyle with this unique curling iron that comes with six different barrels to sculpt a wide variety of curls. The tourmaline ceramic set includes two tapered barrels, a spiral barrel, and three traditional barrels of different sizes — and you’ll also get clips and a heat-protective glove. The iron has two temperature settings, and each barrel has an insulated tip for quick changes on the fly.


This Dress That Takes The Hassle Out Of Putting Together An Outfit

Available in nearly three dozen colors and styles, this swingy T-shirt dress makes getting ready in the morning a no-brainer — just pull it on and go. The A-line dress can be dressed up with heels and jewelry, dressed down with sneakers and a messy bun, or customized for cold weather with a cardigan, flannel, and ankle boots.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors and styles: 35


The Wood Repair Kit That Conceals Scuffs & Scratches

It’s way too complicated to take a vintage bureau or table to be restored — instead, use this wood furniture repair kit to remedy scratches, scuffs, water marks, and other damage. The set includes markers and crayons in a wide variety of shades, so you can tackle anything from mahogany to maple to oak.


A Pen That Makes Your Grout Look Sparkly White

Scrubbing the floors is overrated (just ask Cinderella). Get a sparkling white tile floor the easy way by updating that grungy grout with this pen that makes it look sparkling white and clean. It’s easy to apply and quick-drying, and you can wipe excess “ink” off your tiles as you go.


These Baking Mats That Do Away With Parchment & Oil

Crafted from food-grade silicone, these baking mats will change the way you bake — and cook — forever. You won’t need parchment paper, foil, or cooking spray to line baking sheets, and since these mats provide a nonstick surface for everything from macaroons to meatballs, items will slide right off after cooking. Heat-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, they’ve earned a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating from reviewers.


This Collapsible Hamper That Has A Lid & Handles

This collapsible hamper is an incredibly functional household item that you are never going to want to live without again. The handles and lid make it easy to transport this hamper from one location to another with ease and without having to worry about accidentally dropping clothes along the way. It’s collapsible feature makes it a space saver when it’s folded up and not being used.


An Electric Tea Kettle That Doesn’t Require A Stove

You’ll always be ready for a cup of hot tea or bowl of oatmeal with this electric kettle that plugs into the wall, so you don’t have to fire up the stove. The 7-cup stainless steel kettle heats up in a flash and lifts easily off the base, so you can serve without battling the cord. There’s a push-button lid for easy one-handed pouring, plus an auto shut-off feature for added safety.


This Ramen Maker That Works In The Microwave

If you can’t wait the 10 minutes it takes for instant ramen to cook on the stove, then this ramen cooker is for you. You can cook your noodles in the microwave, which makes the job a matter of three minutes, and the BPA-free container is designed to fit a block of grocery store ramen perfectly.


This Lap Desk That Lets You Work On The Couch

Does your WFH setup sometimes mean you’re working from the couch or even working from bed? If so, you need this lap desk that offers a smooth, hard surface to rest your laptop on, along with a ledge that will keep it from sliding into your lap. The desk is supported by two cushions that keep everything steady and comfortable, and you can choose from four colors: black, gray, turquoise, and pink.


A Pen That Corrects Manicure Mistakes

This ingenious nail polish remover pen erases any mistakes you might make while painting your nails, so you don’t have to go back and start over from scratch. The pen’s brush has a tapered edge that makes it easy to precisely clear up any stray polish.


The Foaming Soap Dispenser With A Motion Sensor

Simply wave your hand under the spout of this soap dispenser, and you’ll trigger the infrared motion sensor to dole out the perfect amount of soap. Available in four colors, this dispenser also turns any soap into foaming soap, reducing consumption by as much as 50%. It’s great for the bathroom, but also perfect in the kitchen where you may not want to touch the dispenser with food-covered hands.


This Dual Dispenser For Rice & Grains

Pouring rice into a measuring cup can be a messy affair, but this grain dispenser makes it simple and easy to get just the perfect amount. Also perfect for quinoa and pet food, the dual dispenser features a silicone ring that provides an air- and moisture-resistant seal. It’s designed to be mounted to the wall with the included ultra-strong adhesive.


These Flameless Candles That Look So Realistic

Enjoy the look and ambiance of real candles — without the worry of open flames — with these battery-powered candles. The realistic appearance can be controlled via a remote, and you can set them on timers or dim the brightness. The candles are made from real wax, and you can choose from several glass jar colors, like red, gray, and gold.


An Organizer That Keeps All Your Remotes Handy

Stop misplacing your remote controls and line them all up inside this remote control holder, where you can keep them handy at all times. Available in 13 colors, the five-compartment holder is made from faux leather, and can also be used for reading glasses, your smartphone, and other small essentials.


The Rice Cooker From The Folks Who Brought You The Instant Pot

From Instant Pot comes this specially designed rice cooker. Not only does it whip up flawless brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, and quinoa, but it has a steaming function that allows you to cook vegetables and fish. This cooker saves tons of time and ensures that your grains come out perfectly each time you make them, with very little work on your part.

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