If You're Lazy, You're Going To Effing Love These 47 Things On Amazon

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all deserve downtime. A lazy afternoon can be just as much a necessity as morning coffee and a healthy meal; it can rejuvenate us in all the right ways. Spending a few hours with our feet up can help us feel centered and relaxed and even be good for us. On that note, some brilliant minds of our time have come up with ideas that simplify the everyday tasks that you may not even have known you could simplify. So, when you’re feeling lazy, you’re going to effing love these products on Amazon.

Fizzy cleaning tablets that require zero scrubbing? Miniature vacuums perfect for keyboards? A motion-sensor trash can? Somebody pinch me. They’re made to help you cut corners, but not quality when it comes to getting through your day. I’ve rounded up more than 40 products that make everyday living a little easier by requiring less effort on your part.

No matter the reason why you need—or prefer—to conserve your energy, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone; we all do it and we all need it. So, put your feet up, grab a beverage of choice, and turn off your notifications, because your days are about to get much easier.


These Slippers For When You Want To Clean Your Kitchen But Also Have Cute Feet

Not only are these mop slippers adorable, they make cleaning super easy. With a variety of styles (including classic bunny slippers and bears in multiple colors) they make tedious chores far more cheerful. And when you’re done, the mop sole can detach for cleaning or wearing as non-mop slippers.


This Lotion Applicator That Makes It Easy To Sunscreen Your Back

Facts are facts; some places are harder to reach than others. This lotion applicator makes it easy when you can’t (or simply don’t want to) do intense yoga poses in order to moisturize or medicate. It has a 12-inch wooden handle and a foam sponge that works well and doesn’t absorb too much product, according to many reviewers. Use the loop at the other end to hang it during storage.


A Litter Box Sifter That Simplifies A Messy Part Of Pet Ownership

This litter box sifter takes over where traditional scoops leave off, helping cat owners save time and energy. One reviewer praised it with, “It has made scooping the boxes a breeze as I can do the whole box in one step instead of multiple scoops.” Made of plastic, it’s also easy to clean when not in use.


This Key Finder That Will Keep You From Scrambling To Find Your Keys At The Last Minute

Few things are worse than lost keys when you’re trying to leave your home, and a remote control key finder like this one can help. With a working range of 131 feet and four separate trackers to go with the remote, that’s four sets of keys (or other valuables) that can now be found easily. Press the corresponding color button, and it’ll beep so you can locate the lost item.


A Breakfast Sandwich Maker For Quick, Easy Meals

We know that it’s the most important meal of the day, so I applaud folks who streamline their mornings with a breakfast sandwich maker like this one. An entire sandwich can be cooked in under five minutes, plus clean-up is easy since all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.


A Dishwasher Sign So You Never Accidentally Put Away Dirty Dishes

Some may call this lazy, I call it a brilliant way to communicate with housemates or family. You can manually slide this dishwasher sign from “dirty” to “clean” to let anyone know (or remind yourself), where you left off with the dishes. It’s magnetic, or there’s also adhesive if you prefer it. Overall, it’s earned a 4.8-star average after more than 12,000 reviews.


A Phone Holder To Keep Your Screen In View No Matter What You’re Doing

This adjustable phone holder can be used in countless ways, from wearing it around your neck, positioning it with furniture, or attaching it to your car (safely, of course). Either way, you’ll have steady, hands-free viewing of your phone. One reviewer called it “The device I never knew I needed but now can't live without.”


This Grabber To Help You Reach Things That Are Out Of Reach

Go-go gadget arm! Grabber tools can be used for more than just picking up litter (although, that is a great reason to have one). This 32-inch picker-upper can lift up to three-pound items, so you can easily grab items that are out of reach. Bonus? You can also use it to hand things to kids or other backseat passengers.


A Sleek Shelf That Adds A Surface To The Edge Of Your Bed

This minimalistic bed shelf attaches right to your bed, so gone are the days when you have to struggle to hit your alarm. It’s available in four different styles, installs easily without tools, and has earned a 4.7-star average rating. Reviews are over-the-top enthusiastic, too, with one even saying, “This is by far the most useful thing ever made by man!”


A Flameless & Rechargeable Lighter Available In Multiple Colors

This flexible electric lighter enables you to (safely!) start a fire with a flick of your finger, and even works outdoors in bad weather and wind. Plus, when it’s in between uses, it easily charges by USB. No wonder it has over 12,000 five-star ratings.


This Super Cozy Wearable Blanket With Sleeves & A Front Pocket

Saying “thanks! It has pockets!” is no longer something limited to dresses. This wearable blanket features a front pocket and comfy sleeves for functionality. It comes in a number of different colors and patterns, and the blanket measures 70 by 50 inches for plenty of room for ultimate coziness.


These Smart Light Bulbs You Can Turn On With Your Voice

Control these smart light bulbs from wherever you happen to be, whether it’s the couch across the room, a different part of the house, or outside your home. Just sync them to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. There are nearly endless color choices, as well as settings for dimming and scheduling.


A Versatile Mug Warmer So You Don’t Have To Get Up To Reheat Your Drinks

For anyone who’s ever been bummed about how quickly the perfect cup of coffee cools (hello, yes, I’m right here), this electric mug warmer can help. Just plug it in and place your mug down for a cup that stays warm. Buyers praised it as a candle warmer, too, and liked its sleek appearance. Not to mention, there are automatic on/off settings as an additional safety measure.


This Stylish Lazy Susan That Matches Nearly Any Décor Style

I mean, if a product has “lazy” in its name, it belongs on a list for people who feel that way, right? This bamboo lazy Susan, which works like a turntable, makes it super easy to store your favorite products or serve your favorite foods. It’s available in both 10- and 14-inch sizes.


A Soft Cup Holder That Holds Drinks Of All Shapes & Sizes

Buyers of this versatile pillow cupholder appreciated how stable it is and mentioned that in addition to everyday home use, it comes in handy while traveling in cars and RVs. Breastfeeding moms find it to be helpful for setting down items, too. Plus, the covers are removable and washable, making it easy to maintain.


This Vegetable Chopper That Cuts Down Your Time In The Kitchen

Shredding vegetables in one swift motion is far superior to the alternative, imho. This vegetable chopper comes with four blades (two chopper sizes, plus spiral and ribbon blades), and an attachable catch tray. Plus, it disassembles for easy cleaning. One reviewer called it a “kitchen miracle.”


An Efficient Can Opener That’s Super Easy To Use

If you prefer your kitchen gadgets to be sleek and futuristic, look no further than this electronic can opener which works with the press of a button. It takes four AA batteries and comes in four different colors, plus it’s portable (looking at you, outdoorsy folks).


These Soft Makeup Remover Cloths That Make It Super Easy To Take Your Makeup Off

Use this super-soft cloth to gently and effectively remove makeup. There are nine different colors to choose from, with one side meant for make-up removal and the other for exfoliating. Plus, when you’re done, it can easily be washed and reused.


These Adhesive Phone Pockets That Save Room In Your Purse

Why hold two separate things, when you can hold one? These adhesive phone pockets are made with lycra, a soft fabric that protects and hugs cards. Sized to hold up to eight cards, they come in packs of two, and there are multiple color options to choose from.


This Organizer That Keeps Bedtime Necessities Within Reach

Part canvas tote, part nightstand, this bedside organizer has multiple pockets with space for everything you need (including a water bottle). Slide the steel frame attachment under your mattress for a quick installation. It’s available in six different colors, and reviewers especially loved how it helps them eliminate clutter on bedside tables.


An Eco-Friendly Way To Clean Water Bottles & Coffee Tumblers

With nearly 19,000 five-star ratings, these biodegradable cleaning tablets have worked well for many happy buyers. The tablets fizz as they dissolve, cleaning hard-to-reach places inside bottles (or other containers) without any scrubbing. Many of the reviews are super enthusiastic, with one even calling it a “MIRACLE product.”


A Water Bottle With Printed Times To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Hydration

I’ve seen DIY versions of this concept floating around the internet for a while now, but this motivational water bottle is much better looking than the ones with marker on the side, imho. Plus, the markings should last longer. The timestamps make it easier to stick to your water-drinking goals. It’s available in 14 colors and styles, and two sizes.


These 10-foot Charging Cables That Keep Your Android Devices Close

These Android-compatible USB charging cords give you 10 feet of length, so you can still use your phone while it’s charging. This three-pack comes with two choices of color patterns (white and black or red and black). Many reviewers loved the added distance these provide, and praised the strength and durability of the braided cords.


This Hair Tool That Styles & Dries Your Hair At The Same Time

This cult favorite hair dryer brush has a whopping 222,000 five-star ratings (that’s not a typo). Even with so many over-the-top reviews and comments, one buyer even noted, “after trying it, the comments honestly don’t give this product enough justice.” It’s both a hair dryer and a volumizer brush, streamlining the hairstyling process while reducing frizz and damage.


A Versatile Blush Stick That Also Works On Lips & Eyes

Speaking of products that simplify your getting-ready routine, this two-in-one cheek and lip tint is here to save room in your makeup bag. Available in six shades, it provides a shimmery and “dewy-looking flush” that you can blend with your fingers. Plus, the brand is cruelty-free.


This Laser Toy That Will Help Your Pets Stay Active When You’re Not

Keep your pets entertained and your hands free with a rotating laser toy. It takes a USB charge or batteries, so you’re not limited to nearby outlets when setting up a play area. There’s also multiple settings for light patterns, like circling and flashing, or a manual mode.


These Socks That Moisturize Your Feet While You Sleep

This pair of moisturizing socks can soften your feet overnight, or as you go about your day. They’re infused with lotion, and each sock has traction on the bottom and gel sleeves to help your feet absorb your products of choice. Each set comes with two pairs (blue and pink).


A Mini Vacuum To Keep Your Desk Clean With Little Effort

This handheld miniature vacuum works on desks, tables, and other small surfaces that collect dust and debris. Available in three colors (pink, white, and yellow), it’s powered by two AA batteries (which are included), so you’re not dealing with cords across your desk. An attachable nozzle is provided, too, so you can clean within gaps.


A Product That’s Part Makeup, Part Skincare To Replace Multiple Steps In Your Routine

A BB cream like this one is meant to offer light coverage while being nourishing to your skin. In addition to moisturizing, it also provides SPF 30. One reviewer said that they “absolutely love it for everyday use.” It’s currently available in five different shades.


These Super Comfy Joggers For Your Laziest Days

In my personal experience, one can never have too many pairs of jogger pants. This pair comes in more than 20 colors and styles, so you’ll have plenty of options to grow your collection. Reviewers raved about their softness, with one calling them “my new favorite pants!” And the best thing about a good pair of joggers is they are comfy while being cute enough to wear out of the house.

Available Sizes: Small — X-Large


A Touchless Trash Can With A Motion Sensor

If you want to feel like you’re part of the Jetsons when throwing away trash, then this touchless motion sensor trash can might be your new favorite thing. The sensor can tell when your hand is inches away, and lifts the lid for you. Plus, it’s powered by USB, eliminating the need for batteries.


This Gadget That Helps You Fold Clothes And Make Your Closet Look Like Your Favorite Store

Putting away laundry is rarely fun, but this shirt folding board can speed up the process and give you consistent results. Available in four colors (red, green, blue, and black), it helps you give your clothes practically perfect creases in only three steps, setting you up for a super-neat closet or tidy suitcase with minimal effort.


A Way To Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh That Takes Absolutely No Effort

These shoe deodorizers come in packs of six, and are available in 12 brightly colored styles, so they’re easy to spot in shoes or at the bottom of gym bags. Just twist a ball to activate it, drop it into a shoe, and it’ll get to work removing odors. Twist the balls closed when not in use, and you can keep them fresher for longer when they’re not in use.


These Reusable Straws For When You’re Relaxing With A Favorite Beverage

A 12-pack of silicone straws means you’re almost always guaranteed to have at least one clean one available. This particular set has straws that are both soft and durable (you can squeeze them into small lid openings), and they’re dishwasher safe. Not only that, they come with cleaning brushes and a bag for storage.


This Wrinkle Releasing Fabric Spray For When The Thought Of Ironing Is Entirely Too Much

While a fabric spray that freshens clothes and removes wrinkles might sound too good to be true, more than 10,000 shoppers have given this formula five stars. That’s a lot of shirts and pants that didn’t need ironing or steaming. Reviewers were quick to note how useful it is both while traveling or getting out the door in the morning, too.


These Brushes That Attach To A Drill So You Can Scrub With The Press Of A Button

For anyone who’s ever looked at a drill and though, “I wish I could use that for cleaning,” I have news for you. This pack of scrubbing brush attachments are meant to go on your drill to make all your chore-related dreams come true with minimal effort. They’re available in six colors, and each set comes with three brushes plus an extension attachment.


An Extendable Feather Duster So You Can Clean While Barely Lifting An Arm

This extendable-arm feather duster has a pole that extends more than eight feet, so you can dust your ceiling while standing on the floor. It’s made with microfiber that grabs dust and crumbs, and when you’re all done cleaning, the head can be easily removed for washing and drying.


This Fan-Favorite Wireless Charger That Makes Charging Easier Than Ever. Seriously

A wireless charger makes it so you’re simply setting your phone down, and not grabbing for a cord every time you need to charge. This one has 13 different color options and a sleek appearance that reviewers loved, along with LED lights to let you know the charging status of your phone.


A Whimsical Kitchen Gadget To Streamline Pasta Night

Kitchen timers don’t just beep, they can also sing like this musical pasta timer. It floats in boiling water and has a temperature sensor and timer programmed to play different songs at different increments of time. Reviewers were quick to note that while it makes a fun gag gift that actually works, too.


This Self-Watering Planter So Your Plants Can Thrive No Matter How Lazy You Are

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or aspire to have a green thumb, this self watering-planter makes things easy. You just add water to the bottom of the pot, which plants take in at their own pace. One reviewer summed it up with, “I can easily monitor when water has been absorbed and when more is needed.”


A Versatile Tablet Holder That’s A Fan Favorite

With a stellar 4.8-star average after over 18,000 reviews, this tablet stand comes highly recommended. Lots of buyers praise the minimalist design and overall sturdiness. The stand is adjustable, comes in three color options (black, silver, grey), and accommodates a wide range of phones and devices.


An Armrest Organizer That Holds All Your Essentials

This armrest organizer for your couch comes in five- and six-pocket options, giving you plenty of room for reading material, remotes, devices, and more. It’s available in five colors, has nonslip backing to keep the holder secure, and is also wrinkle resistant and washable.


These Shoelaces That Will Save You From Tying Your Shoes Ever Again

With enthusiastic reviews praising these no-tie shoelaces for kids, triathletes, amputees, and people with special needs, they can save time and energy for just about anyone who wears lace-up shoes. They’re available in 13 different colors, including rainbow. One reviewer said, “These laces made my life easy!”


These Slip-On Shoes That Make It Easier To Get Out The Door

I don’t know about you, but I love slip-on shoes when I’m going outside for a few minutes to grab the mail, running errands, or when I’m basically existing in general. Buyers raved about the cuteness and comfort of this pair from Dr. Scholl’s. They have a memory foam insole, and come in 10 different colors and styles.


These Cereal Holders That Feel Fancy & Save You Time

These sleek food dispensers keep contents visible so you never have to run out of your favorite cereals or snacks. With one- and two-holder options, they come in four different colors to match most kitchen styles. So far they’ve earned over 21,000 five-star ratings, with a number of reviewers praising how great they look and how fun they are to use. Plus, they’ll keep contents fresher than their original boxes.


This Cold Brew Kit That Streamlines Your Iced Coffee Game

I’m here for anything that makes it easy to get coffee, and this cold brew kit fits the bill. You can make and pour your coffee concentrate from the included bag, and reuse it with the additional pouches (12 in total). As one reviewer said, it’s “easy to throw one of these bags in a pitcher of water and have iced coffee for the week.”

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