If You’re Messy AF, These 40 Tricks Are Life-Changing

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If the rush of everyday life means you struggle to keep things tidy and clean, you don’t have to resign yourself to being messy forever. There are tons of products that can actually help. These life-changing things can help you reel in the messes and prevent future ones at home, in the car, or in your office.

When it comes to preventing messes, look for products that can literally keep them contained. At home, consider snagging a bar soap dish, a spoon rest with multiple slots, or some laundry-detergent drip catchers to keep sticky residues from building up on household surfaces. Keeping your car clean is no easy feat, but coasters for your cup holders can collect drips and crumbs — and if they’re dishwasher safe, they’re convenient to clean, too. Need to clean dust in the cracks in your car’s air vents? Opt for a reusable putty-like cleaning gel — and try using it on your keyboard, too.

Other products — like organizers and shelving — can give you more storage space and help wrangle existing clutter. There’s a huge range of versatile organization products that are designed for everything from beauty products to kitchen tools to desk accessories. Installing some extra shelves can maximize wall space in various rooms in your house, and even in the shower. Or if you’re looking for a place to put sleep essentials but can’t fit a nightstand next to your bed, opt for a shelf that attaches to the bed frame.

If you’re messy, you’ll find a shortlist of super-easy ways to curb everyday messes.


Streamline Your Pantry & Fridge With Plastic Bins

With an overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars, these beloved plastic bins — which come in packs of six — are especially ideal for holding condiments, produce, beverages, and other refrigerator and pantry staples. Their transparent construction lets you easily spot what you’re looking for, while the built-in handles make them easy to pick up and move.


Keep Jewelry Protected In A Lined Box With Dozens Of Compartments

This jewelry box offers plenty of room to store all of your baubles, thanks to its two-layer design and 27 compartments of various sizes. Use it to store necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and more. One reviewer described, “It is so soft and has a lot of different options for different pieces of jewelry.”


Get A Shower Curtain With Storage Pockets

This shower curtain performs double duty by keeping your floors dry while also offering extra space for storage. Its nine mesh pockets are great for stashing away bath items — and each pocket can hold up to 1 pound’s worth of stuff. One shopper raved, “I love having the pockets I can put things in the shower!!! I didn't realize how many things were in my way until I had everything put in the pockets!”


Wrangle Small Items With A Sleek Faux-Leather Tray

Keep your trinkets and compact essentials organized — and together in one place — using this storage tray. This neutral version is constructed with a cream-colored faux leather for a luxe and timeless look, but it also comes in fabric and marble-patterned faux leather. Display it on your nightstand, coffee table, desk, or vanity.


Add A Bedside Shelf For Your Nighttime Essentials

This bedside shelf easily hooks to the side of your bed frame, offering easy access to your essentials. The tray measures 16 inches long and is strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds. Other features include a built-in cupholder and a nifty little slot to tuck in charging cords so they won’t fall down. All in all, a great way to add table space where you can’t fit a traditional nightstand.


Keep Track Of Your Makeup With This Acrylic Organizer

Display your favorite cosmetics across your dresser, vanity, or bathroom counter with this acrylic makeup organizer. It’s equipped with 20 compartments, offering ample space to store your brushes, tools, and products. According to one reviewer, “This is exactly what I was looking for and it's perfect. Sturdy, large enough compartments to hold my stuff, and a good price.” Choose from three colors: white, pink, or clear.


Prop Up Your Phone In A Stand That Doubles As A Catch-All Dish

This phone and accessories holder has a chic curved design that adds a playful yet fashionable touch to any vanity. Plus, it’s just as fun as it is functional. Not only can it hold your smartphone, but the base also doubles as a small accessories tray. Its matte resin construction gives it a modern flair, and reviewers have described it as both cute and sturdy.


Stash Magazines In A Hanging Macrame Organizer

Stash magazines, books, newspapers, electronics, and more inside this handcrafted hippie-chic hanging organizer. Plus, the macrame design makes it pretty enough to double as wall decor. Just take it from one reviewer who raved, “Honestly it’s really cute and well made. great decorative item that still serves a purpose.”


Prevent Countertop Messes With A Slotted Spoon Rest

This utensil rest is made of heat-resistant silicone and can hold up to four cooking and serving tools at once, thanks to its innovative slotted design. Meanwhile, the attached drip pad catches drips, so you can spend less time cleaning your countertop or stovetop after cooking. The utensil rest has amassed an overall rating of 4.7 stars after more than 17,000 shoppers have chimed in, and you can select from 17 different colors.


Give Your Devices A Place To Sit As They Charge

This outlet shelf was designed to hold small gadgets like speakers, earbuds, and cellphones as they power up. It’s conveniently equipped with a tiny hole for your charging cables. Not only does the compact shelf help free up extra counter or floor space, but it’s also very easy to install, according to reviewers.


Get A Roll-Up Drying Rack For Your Dishes

This foldable dish drying rack has racked up (pun intended) more than 18,000 five-star reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars. Shoppers have loved how convenient it is: Simply spread it out over your kitchen sink to dry dishes, utensils, and produce — the water will drip directly into the sink, and when everything’s dry, you can just roll it up and tuck it away.


Try A Food Storage Set That Stacks To Save Space

Food storage containers can easily clutter up cabinets, but these nest inside each other to keep you better organized. They come complete with multicolored leak-proof lids to prevent your leftovers from spilling. Plus, the containers are dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe. One reviewer reported, “I like that they are compact and the lids are color coordinated. Fit nicely in my cupboard.”


Upgrade Your Desk With A Gold File Sorter

This stylish gold desk organizer features nine slots, offering plenty of space to store and organize documents, folders, notepads, and magazines. The plated metal construction is just as fashionable as it is durable, especially since it is corrosion-resistant. Choose from four hues: black, gold, rose gold, and white.


Display Frames & Knick-Knacks On Floating Shelves

Maximizing your wall space with floating shelves can help free up clutter around the house. Use this pack of budget-friendly shelves to display your favorite collectibles, artwork, books, and more. One reviewer described, “The shelves look to be made of fancy crown molding and really elevate my décor.”


Organize Beauty Products With A Tiered Storage Bin

This storage bin has an innovative tiered design that helps you see everything at a glance. The compartments at the back are higher than the ones at the front, and it comes with two adjustable dividers and has a built-in handle so you can slide it out of a cupboard more easily. Reviewers have used it to hold everything from makeup to snacks to crafting supplies.


Use An Insert To Save Time Searching For Stuff In Your Bag

If finding what you need in your purse is a perpetual struggle, this handbag insert can help. It features 12 total pockets (four along the outside and eight on the interior). You can also opt to remove some pockets to make room for larger items. Its thick fabric construction comes in 15 different colors and five sizes so you can choose one that matches your bag.


Sort Your Coffee Pods In A Wildly-Popular Rotating Organizer

Boasting more than 60,000 ratings and an overall 4.9 stars from Amazon reviewers, this nifty carousel can display up to 35 coffee pods at once. It rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to identify your preferred coffee flavors in seconds. One reviewer remarked, “This has been a great addition to our kitchen! It not only is organized but totally functional and easy to use. It added so much space to our coffee bar and looks great!”


Hide Extra Blankets & Pillows In A Multifunctional Ottoman

This cube-shaped ottoman serves double duty as both seating and storage space. Open the padded top to reveal a storage compartment that seems ideal for storing away extra bedding and pillows, or consider filling it with stuff like toys (as pictured) and books. Reviewers especially love how sturdy — it can support up to 350 pounds — and easy to assemble it is, especially given the under-$30 price tag.


Hang Wine Glasses Under A Cabinet

Wine glasses can take up a ton of space in a cabinet, but this fan-favorite wine glass organizer makes use of space under cupboards. One reviewer even deemed it the “perfect under cabinet space saver!” It’s designed to hold up to 12 stemmed glasses. You can snag them in two different sizes and in packs of two as well.


Corral Your Cooking Utensils In A Rotating Holder

This rotating utensil holder is constructed with sturdy stainless steel and offers plenty of room to store your spatulas, ladles, whisks, and the like. The divider insert can be used to organize items according to your liking — but it’s removable in case you don’t need it. The foam bottom protects your countertop and keeps the organizer in place, too.


Make Ingredients Easy To Reach With A Pretty Turntable

The bamboo construction of this turntable gives it a surprisingly crisp look. Display it directly on the counter, keep it inside the cabinet, or place it under the sink. Pile it with spices, barware, or condiments — the options are truly limitless. One reviewer remarked, “I love this! It's so pretty and very effective in organizing the pantry.”


Attach A Magnetic Storage Rack To Your Fridge

This storage rack has a magnetic backing that easily mounts to your refrigerator to make kitchen organization a breeze. The steel shelf can hold up to 20 pounds and is great for storing condiments, spices, snacks, and seasonings. It also features two hooks and one wooden paper-towel rod. One reviewer exclaimed, “I love how this organizes my small kitchen items with easy access to my fridge.”


Keep Cup Holders Clean With These Car Coasters

If your cup holder has become a hotspot for spills and crumbs, get a set of these rubber car coasters. They’re designed to contain messes and can fit in standard car cup holders. When they’re starting to look dirty, you can just lift them out and pop them in the dishwasher for a deep clean.


Stack Your Dinnerware & Cookware In A Tiered Cabinet Organizer

Maximize every nook and cranny of cabinet space — even if you are short on space — with this three-tiered metal organizer. It is designed to tuck neatly into cabinet corners and can be used to stow everything from plates to bowls to pots. No more wrestling a tall stack of assorted plates to get that one you need at the very bottom.


Contain Sticky Laundry Detergent With Drip Catchers

Let’s face it: Sticky spilled detergent is never fun to deal with. These detergent drip catchers are designed to prevent the mess entirely. Simply slide the plastic tray under the detergent bottle, and you’ll be good to go. Each pack comes with two drip catchers.


Add Stackable Drawers To Your Cabinets & Shelves

Whether you’re looking to organize bathroom or kitchen cabinets or closet shelves, this sliding drawer is super versatile. It’s made with a durable metal (which comes in five different colors) and designed with a flat top, which you can use to store bulkier items. You can even stack multiple drawers vertically. One reviewer remarked, “I’m in love with this organizer. It fits everything, was super easy to put together and feels sturdy!”


Tote Your Work Essentials In A Polished-Looking Portfolio

Whether you work from home or need to tote work essentials to and from the office, this zippered portfolio can come in clutch. It’s made of faux leather and has pockets and slots for your devices, credit cards, and pens. It even has a clipboard to hold documents in place. Slide it into your bag or carry it solo from its handle.


Make Tidy Stacks Of Clothing & Accessories With Shelf Dividers

Keep your wardrobe staples, linens, and accessories folded and stacked neatly with a set of these shelf dividers. Simply slide the dividers on the shelf, adjust accordingly, and voilà. One reviewer wrote, “I love that I can easily adjust these dividers to securely fit my shelf,” while another customer exclaimed that “everything looks neat and well organized” with the dividers.


Wrangle Bath Products With These Shower Shelves

If bath products and tools are cluttering up your shower, it’s time to add some more storage solutions. These shower shelves come in packs of two and can each carry up to 10 pounds’ worth of products. The shelves come with adhesive so you don’t need any tools to install them either.


Hang Towels Securely With Sleek Adhesive Hooks

Tired of your hand and bath towels slipping off hooks and onto the floor? Check out these brushed stainless steel hooks, which have a V-shaped slot to keep towels secure. The scratch-resistant, rustproof material combines functionality and style, and the adhesive backing makes them easy to install on a wall or cabinet. According to one reviewer the hooks work “exactly as described” and “finally solved the problem of constantly finding the towel fallen to the floor.”


Use A Sink Caddy To Hold Dish Brushes & Sponges

The countertop surrounding the kitchen sink can easily get overwhelmed with dish soap and cleaning tools, but this sink caddy gives you a dedicated place to set brushes and sponges to dry. It has suction cups and a wire ledge to affix the caddy along the inside edge of your sink. And it’s designed with tons of holes to help air circulate and everything to dry faster.


Keep Track Of Keys & Mail With A Space-Efficient Rack

Misplacing your keys is never fun, but this compact adhesive key hook can give you a reliable place to put them. It’s equipped with five hooks, as well as a built-in pocket for stashing mail, bills, your wallet, and any other pocket-sized things you might need to grab as you run out the door. Adhesive strips and mounting equipment are included.


Clean Hard-To-Reach Spaces With A Cleaning Putty

If you’re struggling to come up with effective ways to clean difficult-to-reach spaces like your car’s air vents or your computer’s keyboard, turn to this cleaning gel. Just apply it and watch it pick up crumbs and dust. It won’t make your hands feel sticky, and you can reuse it until it looks dark. One reviewer described it as “super fun” to use and wrote, “It picks up like 90% of the dust the first time. Gets the rest if you glob it around again.”


Get Narrow Car Organizers To Tuck Next To Your Seat

If you have trouble keeping track of stuff in your car, these little car organizers might be the answer. They make good use of the gap between the center console and the front seats, and they can even prevent items from falling down the cracks, according to shoppers. Try using them to keep extra cash, charging cords, sunglasses, and your phone close at hand.


Make Better Use Of Your Closet Space With Hanger Connectors

Out of room on your closet rod? These handy connector hooks can be used to link multiple hangers so that they’ll take up less space. The hooks can carry up to 11 pounds of clothing, which should be plenty for stacking up several everyday items. One shopper wrote that they “work great” and “tripled my closet space.”


Keep Soap From Sticking To The Counter With A Slotted Dish

This soap dish features a slotted design that drains excess water from your soap and also helps it dry faster. It’s handcrafted from pine, which means each one will be slightly unique. One reviewer wrote that it “eliminates soap scum that built up on my old soap dish” and described it as “perfect.”


Snag Some Budget-Friendly Cheap Shelves

If you’re on a tight budget but need to organize the floor of your closet or entryway, getting some of these cheap wood shelves should do the trick. Each one measures just over 2 feet long and has two shelves you can stack items on. One shopper summarized it concisely: “Easy assembly, pricing good, great space saver.”


Add Innovative Pants Hangers To Your Closet

Take more advantage of vertical space in your closet by using these slip-resistant S-shaped hangers, which can hold up to five pairs of pants. The rust- and scratch-resistant stainless steel hangers are made to prevent your clothes from creasing, and each hanger can hold up to 11 pounds.


Hang Loofahs & Razors In The Shower With These Adhesive Hooks

Adding hooks inside the shower can be a challenge, but you can skip damaging screws and unreliable suction cups with these instead. The stainless steel hooks are backed with a strong adhesive, and they can carry as much as 4 pounds. The hooks come in black and silver, and in packs of two or four.


Tidy Up Your Desk With A Super-Compact Organizer

This mesh desk organizer may be small but it sure is useful. Outfitted with six storage compartments and a sliding drawer, it gives you plenty of space for office supplies ranging from sticky notes to pens to small notebooks. One reviewer raved, “This was just what I needed for my small home desk. Fits all the essentials and juuust fits legal pads and papers in the big compartment.”

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