Does Instagram Notify Someone If You Save Their Post?

Don’t sweat some harmless sleuthing.

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As a musician, Isabella, 20, uses Instagram’s Save feature to keep track of songs and music videos. “I’ll often come across a cover or music video I really like, and I might want to cover or sing it myself, so I’ll save it to a folder titled ‘music’ or ‘songs I should cover’ and then scroll through them when I’m looking for something to sing,” she tells Bustle.

Whether it’s a funny vid, cute selfie, or a pic ripe with juicy gossip, we all know what it’s like to scroll through someone’s profile and spot a post you need to remember forever. You want to save it, but wait — will the poster get a notification if you save their photo on Instagram?

With Instagram’s Save feature, you don’t need to clutter your camera roll with miscellaneous screenshots; you can save posts on the app itself for future reference. Just tap the bookmark icon in the bottom right corner of the post you’re interested in, and it’ll be stored in a “Saved” folder that you can access by visiting your profile and tapping the three lines in the top right.

Here’s what you need to know about saving photos on Instagram and notifying the poster.

Does Instagram Notify Someone If You Save Their Post?

Instagram does not send notifications to users if you save their posts, so carry on with saving all of Anna Marie Tendler’s posts for your John Mulaney conspiracy TikToks.

If the person whose post you save has a business or creator account, they’ll be able to see the number of people who save their post, but they won’t be able to see the specific users.

Instagram won’t notify users when you DM one of their feed posts to someone else, either, though they will be notified if you like or comment. People can also know if you share their feed post to your story.

What Happens When Someone Saves Your Instagram Post?

When someone saves your post, it’s stored in the “Saved” folder on their Instagram app, which they can access by visiting their profile and tapping the three lines in the top right. The posts that a user saves are only visible to that individual.

If a user saves your post, doing so informs the Instagram algorithm that they’re interested in that type of content, so they may get more similar posts higher up in their feed in the future. Likewise, every time you save a post, Instagram is more likely to show you similar content.

Can You See Who’s Saved Your Instagram Posts?

You won’t be able to see which people saved your post, but you can see the number of saves if you have a business or creator account. You can turn this on by visiting your Instagram settings, selecting “Account,” and switching to a professional account. From there, each post will have a “View Insights” button that will show you the likes, comments, shares, and saves for that particular post. You’ll also be able to see metrics, like the number of people who visited your profile after viewing the post and the total number of accounts the post reached.

Since no one will know when you save their posts, don’t hesitate to reach for that bookmark the next time you’re doing some harmless sleuthing.