You Know You're A Real Adult If You Find These 24 Tweets Funny

“My brother asked my dad what I do for work and he said, 'Send and receive emails.’”

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Adulting probably isn’t quite what you thought it would be. When you’re a kid, grown-ups seem to just have it all figured out, like they have some kind of “How to Do Life” handbook. Well, as it turns out, everyone’s kind of just winging it. Sometimes common knowledge isn’t so common. Sometimes you’d give anything to tell your child self to take every last minute of nap time possible because you’ll be begging for it later.

While bills, taxes, dwindling friendships, and air filters aren’t very amusing, seeing the humor and poking fun at it all actually can be. Some good old relatable jokes for adults are just the thing to lighten up the boring sides of growing up.

X (formerly Twitter) is always a delightful treasure trove when it comes to realizing you’ve never had an original thought or experience. Like, you’re saying we all have to scrounge around and figure out what to eat for dinner every single night?! And if we had work yesterday, we still have to come in tomorrow? Seems a little much.

These posts on X have the best jokes for adults that will make you laugh and feel seen.

Relatable Jokes For Adults

  1. “When you’re a kid you think coffee is the most adult drink[.] Then as a teenager you think alcohol is really the cool adult drink. Then you finally become an adult and realize that all along, it was water. Water is the ultimate adult drink.” — @showerfeelings
  2. “So turns out being an adult is mostly just googling how to do stuff.” — @_shaarlyy
  3. “Me at 18: I can't wait to see what amazing things are waiting for me as an adult! Me at 40: Pretty excited about this new dish sponge.” — @AbbyHasIssues
  4. “One thing no one ever talks about being an adult is how much time you debate yourself on keeping a cardboard box because it's, like, a really good box.” — @madameanthro
  5. “Injuries as a kid: fouled on a layup[,] fell off trampoline[,] pulled muscle running. Injuries as an adult: slept wrong[,] sat too long[,] coughed.” — @XplodingUnicorn

Jokes For Adults About Daily Life

What do you mean I can’t sleep for eight hours in three?
  1. “Welcome to adulthood: being tired and being awake are the same thing.” — @NotTodayEric
  2. “Being an adult is so hard wtf. moving out of the apartment I lived for a year in and I just realized that I didn't pay my electric bill this whole time??” — @Spicalol
  3. “By age 35 you should have a huge box of cables but you can't throw them out because you're pretty sure you still need a couple of them but you're not sure which ones.” — @LoriG
  4. “In my experience, adulthood is mostly piling stuff up on surfaces and then eventually having to clean off those surfaces.” — @helgagrace
  5. “Welcome to adulthood. You get mad when they rearrange your grocery store now.” — @AbbyHasIssues

Jokes For Adults About Relationships

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  1. “Adult friendships are fried u gotta book time slots to chill 4 months from now like it’s a dentist appointment.” — @itsqail
  2. “[reading the bible but getting impressed by the wrong parts] woah this guy had 12 friends in his 30’s.” — @MNateShyamalan
  3. “99% of socializing as an adult is just people telling you about shows and you saying ‘oh yeah, i’ve been meaning to start that!’” — @mattbooshell
  4. “My wife and I wanted to go to a movie but it didn't start until 4:30PM, so we'll try another day when we won't be out all night.” — @DanRegan_Comedy

Jokes For Adults About Money

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  1. “Adulting is asking for bills to be paid as a Christmas gift.” — @Jameca2011
  2. “Due to the increase in gas prices[,] a man hanging from the passenger side of his best friend’s ride is no longer a scrub, he is a man making smart financial decisions and I’m intrigued.” — @roastmalone_
  3. “Paid rent so I'll be at home enjoying my purchase for the rest of the month.” — @Highoffantt
  4. “The biggest scam of adulthood is the price of a rug.” — @jeremywball

Jokes For Adults About Work

  1. “Adulting is realizing you can't skip work like you skipped classes.” — @hashjenni
  2. “‘Sorry I have to be up early for work is the adult equivalent of ‘my mom said no.’” — @adultproblem
  3. “When someone emails you and then you email them back but they have an Out Of Office message up, that's the "down low, too slow" of the adult world.” — @joshgondelman
  4. “My brother asked my dad what I do for work and he said ‘send and receive emails.’” — @jodecicry