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15 Leo Season Instagram Captions That Are Straight Fire

Hear me roar.

Check out these 15 Leo season Instagram caption ideas.
Daniel Lozano Gonzalez/Moment/Getty Images

If you find yourself feeling a lot more confident and in your power this next month, you can thank Leo season for that. Leo season, which takes place from July 23 to Aug. 22, is always filled with friends, fun, and a lot of fire. If you’re a Leo yourself, you’re probably going to want to make the best of every minute and document the memories on Instagram — because if there’s one thing Leos love, it’s an Instagrammable moment. And because you shouldn’t have to do anything during your birthday month (including thinking of captions), you need some caption inspiration to commemorate the season for all to see.

Ahh, Leo. You’re known for being outgoing and sociable all year long, but now that your season is here, you’re gonna want all the attention you can get. Luckily for you, though, you deserve it. You’re always looking for a reason to go all out, and what better excuse to host the party of the year than to celebrate you? Your magnetic energy radiates wherever you go, so it’s only fitting your inevitable Leo season IG post reflects that, right down to the caption. No matter which one you choose, these 15 Instagram captions say everything there is to say about Leo season.

“The lion is awake.”

And you’re gonna hear it roar.

“Leo season = the official start of summer.”

I said what I said.

“Ruled by the sun.”

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, so it’s no wonder why the fixed sign has such a fiery reputation.

"The Leo contains the essence of royalty."

This quote from astrologer Linda Goodman is sure to put the haters in their place.

“Every bad b*tch you know is a Leo.”

It’s a scientific fact.

“One thing about Leos: We know how to party.”

This is the perfect caption for your post-birthday celebration.

“Leo season only comes once a year, so make it count.”

You better remind them.

“Have you wished the lions in your life a happy Leo season yet?”


“JLo and JLaw are Leos too, so we’re basically triplets.”

The math checks out.

“Leo admires and is admired, loves and is loved."

Another Linda Goodman original for you.

“You can’t put out this fire sign’s flame.”

Watch out — you might get burned.

“Leos are straight fire.”

They are a fire sign, after all.

“Bossy like Leos do.”

This Beyoncé lyric is a total Leo season mood.

“Being a Leo is hard work, but I make it look so good.”

It’s the truth.

"You can't kill the spirit of the lionhearted."

This Erin Van Vuren quote perfectly sums up what it’s like to be a Leo.