The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 2s

The peacekeeper needs a community builder to be their other half.

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Exchanging birth charts isn’t the only way to find out if you have chemistry with someone. Calculating your life path number is a great way to measure your compatibility with others, too. Your numerological profile can unveil your motivations and direction in life, which totally comes in handy when you’re playing the field or want to know if you and your partner are well-suited for one another. If you’re a hopeless romantic life path number 2, it means you’re empathetic and take your relationships very seriously, so it’s important to pair up with those who are team players and can appreciate your kindness.

For life path 2s, collaboration and community are incredibly valuable. Since they’re emotional by nature, they want to make sure others are feeling their best, which is why they’re the mediators and peacekeepers. “Life path 2 people strive for balance in all they do,” Erin River Sunday, consulting astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle.

Life path 2s are extremely romantic and feel at home when they’re part of a team. “Life path 2 is all about partnership. They’re the quintessential ‘I’ve found my other half’ type when falling in love,” says Sunday. Because community is important to life path 2s, they have a natural ability to foster loving and compassionate relationships with others. “At their best, life path 2 is cooperative, friendly, and modest. But they can also be indecisive, timid, and insecure.” Although they’re caring, life path 2s must know how to create boundaries to avoid sacrificing their needs in favor of others.

Whether you’re a life path 2 or know a potential prospect who is, it helps to know the best matches for the diplomatic life path number. Keep reading to find out the life path numbers that are most compatible with life path 2 in numerology.

Match #1: Life Path 4

Life path 2s thrive in collaborative partnerships where both can share their hobbies and work together to solve problems. Life path 4s are dependable, which can offer stability for the ever-balanced life path 2. They both align with the importance of community and can support each other and work together towards finding solutions.

“Life path 4 gets along well with life path 2 because they both strive for stability. They’re able to go the distance together by building a strong foundation,” explains Sunday. “Life path 4 and life path 2 might not make the most dynamic partnership, but they’re organized, structured, and play to each other's strengths.”

Match #2: Life Path 6

For life path 6, seeking harmony, especially in relationships, is right on par with life path 2’s need for balance. Both are attracted to each other’s empathy and compassion. They both have the ability to nurture each other and inspire those around them with their altruism, making them the ultimate power couple.

“Life path 6 aligns with life path 2 because of their compatible home life. They want to build a family together and would make great parents,” explains Sunday. “The beauty of life path 6 with life path 2 relationship is that it easily becomes the epicenter of a successful family unit.”

Match #3: Life Path 9

It’s important for a life path 9 to be of service to others, and that’s extremely attractive to a life path 2 who values simple acts of kindness. Life path 9s are highly emotional, which life path 2s can empathize with. Life path 9s are always looking for their next adventure which can keep the flame burning in a relationship with a life path 2.

“Life path 9 meshes well with life path 2 because helpfulness is a cornerstone of both of their personalities. They will never feel more taken care of than with each other,” explains Sunday. “When life path 9 and life path 2 come together, the benefits extend beyond their partnership alone — with their combined energy, generosity is spread far and wide.”