The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 3s

The creator needs someone who’ll keep them going.

Two women cuddle on a couch. These are the most compatible matches for Life Path number 3.
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Your Co-star compatibility charts aren’t the only way you can inconspicuously test the waters with someone. Numerology can be used to indicate how well you mesh with others by calculating your life path number. Just like your birth chart, your numerological chart gives you the scoop into your strengths, ambitions, and motivations, which are all important things when considering a sustainable relationship with someone. If you fall into the territory of creative and chatty life path 3, you’re a creator at heart who’s stimulated by intelligence and meaningful conversation — so you would thrive best in relationships with someone who’s a mindful communicator and who can give you the independence needed to lead an artistic life.

As a life path 3, you’re more than just a social butterfly — you’re the events organizer of the friend group. It’s important to you that you can express yourself through words and stay mentally stimulated. You’re an artist in many forms, so you need ample independence to chase your creative pursuits.

“You’re the one spearheading the group chat, reading five different books at once, and always sharing funny jokes with anyone that will listen!” Erin River Sunday, consulting astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle. And your words have a major influence on others. “It’s important for life path 3 people to figure out what it is they really want to say because when they speak, people listen,” adds Sunday.

Between your talkative tendencies and love for crafts, you work best partnered with someone who knows that listening is just as important when you’re communicating, but you also appreciate a person who can give you room to create.

Ready to uncover the most magnetic numerological matches? Keep reading for the life path numbers most compatible with life path 3 in numerology.

Match #1: Life Path 1

Space is a fundamental need for the creative life path 3. Freedom to explore your ideas and get into a flow state is quintessential to your artsy side. Life path 1s are disciplined and focused on their own ambitions, so they’ll make sure you get all the support you need to fulfill your goals.

“Life path 1 is compatible with life path 3 because they both like to do their own thing. They’ll appreciate each other’s striking presence, and enjoy standing out from any crowd as a pair,” explains Sunday.

Match #2: Life Path 5

As a life path 3, you’re all about staying inspired and living the dream, so partnering up with a life path 5 is a surefire way to have those main character moments you yearn for. That’s because a life path 5 won’t just mirror your artistic lifestyle, but their lust for adventure will inspire you to take creative risks and explore new heights.

According to Sunday, “Life path 5 is compatible with life path 3 because they’re both creative and charming people. They might struggle with getting work done… but a lot of fun is ensured with these two.”

Match #3: Life Path 8

Life path 3s have a vision for their future, and it’s important to them that they surround themselves with a partner who can help realize their dreams. Life path 8s mesh well with 3s because they’re assertive and goal-oriented. They can remind 3s to slow down and create a strategy to fulfill all of their objectives.

Sunday says this pairing is actually a match made in numerological heaven. “Life path 8 is perhaps the most compatible with life path 3, because these people know how to ground ideas into tangible reality. Life path 3s and 8s will enjoy lively conversations together and have the power to transform thoughts into action,” she explains.