M&S Has Given Colin The Caterpillar A Festive Makeover

The supermarket's Christmas range also includes Percy Pig mince pies.

Christmas Colin The Caterpillar

As the Christmas season draws ever closer, supermarkets across the UK continue to unveil their expanding collections of festive treats. This year, foodies can look forward to a yuletide twist on an office birthday classic, because M&S have released a festive Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Yes, the legendary chocolate-covered sponge roll has been given a seasonal makeover, complete with edible presents and decorations, rich chocolate buttercream, and an adorable miniature Santa hat worn by Colin himself. The special-edition cake, which hits shelves on December 22, will set you back £10. Its arrival comes shortly after M&S celebrated the famous cake's 30th anniversary with a spectacular Colin The Caterpillar trifle recipe.

“Everyone’s favourite caterpillar has gone all seasonal with a makeover, including a festive Santa hat and edible decorations,” Marks & Spencer said in a description of the dessert, which debuts alongside a brand new range of Percy Pig-inspired mince pies.

The Percy Pig “Percymas” pies will be available in stores from October 6 and are intended as a mouth-watering alternative to the traditional mince pie. "These fun alternative mince pies combine tasty shortcrust pastry with a fruity filling and a Percy Pig flavoured sponge, topped with Percy Pig-flavoured fondant icing. The cherry on the cake? Percy himself, of course," M&S said of the festive treat.

Other highlights of the supermarket's 2020 Christmas range include a chocolate orange Christmas pudding, chocolate pine cones, a giant gold bullion bar, salted caramel brownie liqueur, and a light-up Christmas gin liqueur, which is available in either clementine or rhubarb flavour and comes complete with flecks of edible 23 carat gold.