Try These 3 Manifestation Rituals To Feel Healthier Than Ever

Channel your inner strength into actual physical strength.

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Manifest good health by believing your wellness goals are already true.
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You’ve might have heard that manifestation can help you attract your dream job or your ideal partner. #ManifestationTok is a testament to the idea that your thoughts can turn your desires into reality — and yes, that includes manifesting health goals, too. Of course, belief alone isn’t enough; medicine, nutrition, fitness, and caring for your mental health play hugely important roles in how you feel. But if you’re spiritual or just plain curious about how the laws of manifestation work, practicing manifestation rituals might make a healthier lifestyle seem more attainable.

Manifestation is the practice of training your thoughts to believe that your biggest dreams have already come true. Sure, naysayers may call it esoteric nonsense, but the more you concentrate on having good health, the more likely you are to pencil in more exercise or prioritize a morning meditation. According to manifestation coach Kathleen Cameron, the practice can impact “how you see yourself, your beliefs, and your feelings about yourself and your life. If you want a different life, then you need to think, feel and behave differently.”

Good health can look like a lot of different things: enjoying nutrient-rich meals, hitting a new personal record in the gym, keeping up with your friends on a hike, avoiding the cold you get every winter, feeling more confident in managing your mental health, and so much more. Whatever your goals are, try practicing these rituals.

Manifest Good Health By Identifying Goals & Working To Hit Them

Since good health is subjective, it’s important to define what good health means to you. Then, create intentions, or context, behind your manifestations. Maybe you want more mental clarity or sturdier self-confidence. Explore those ideas to set intentions and goals. “We want to step back and say, ‘Who am I when I’m in [great] health? How do I think? How do I feel? How do I behave?’ explains Cameron. “Create the image of our healthiest version and start acting in that assumption.”

Depending on your goals, this might look like committing to weekly classes at your favorite kickboxing studio, carving out time for meal-planning on Sundays, adding a multi-vitamin to your morning routine, challenging yourself to hit 10,000 steps every day, pledging to drink eight glasses of water per day, and more.

“Ask yourself, are my current thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with the version of myself who is experiencing this upgraded life?” adds Cameron. If not, consider making some changes. Perfection isn’t the point here — effort is.

Write Down Your Health Manifestations

Journaling is a great way to self-reflect, connect with your deep-rooted emotions, and change your perspective during times you feel stagnant. Write down what you want, including the emotions you hope to have when those things manifest. “Then come up with a few micro goals that you can achieve along the way,” says Alyse Bacine, a breathwork practitioner. For example, if you want to run a 10k someday, you’ll start with shorter races and work your way up. In your journal, you could write about how it feels to have conquered all of these cardio challenges.

Always jot down your manifestations as if they’re already true. Instead of writing something like, “I wish I could run a 10k, but I get winded too easily. It’s discouraging,” write, “I can easily run a 10k. I’m proud of how far I’ve come.” This type of journaling can retrain your thoughts to believe you already have what you want.

As you write your manifestations, visualize the goals you want to come to fruition. “Become aware of what you would like to have in your life: possessions, experiences, quality of life, relationships, impact, and purpose, etc. Being specific is very important,” Cameron says.

Manifest Your Goals Using Breathwork

There’s a reason why focusing on your breath is the cornerstone of meditation. Bacine explains that focusing on your breath is a great way to align yourself with your manifestations by moving unwanted negative energy that builds up due to stress and trauma. “It also gives us access to the subconscious mind so that we can become aware of the limiting beliefs and trauma that are stopping us from manifesting our desires,” she tells Bustle.

Experiment with different techniques to find one you like. Box breathing (practiced by yogis and Navy SEALS alike), 4-7-8 breathing, and alternate nostril breathing all activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps relieve stress and promote relaxation. This sets you up for a serene manifestation practice.

Regardless of your definition of good health, chasing goals takes effort — but it can be incredibly rewarding. A lot of the time, our own reservations keep us from trying to pursue our wellness goals, but manifestation can rewire your thoughts. Success probably won’t happen overnight, but remember: Even the strongest of manifesting babes need to put in the work in order for their dreams to come true.


Kathleen Cameron, manifestation coach

Alyse Bacine, breathwork practitioner

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