3 Ways To Channel Good Vibes During March's Rocky Lunar Eclipse

Start spring on a high note.

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Check out these three ways to manifest good vibes during March's full Worm moon.
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I won’t sugarcoat it, the upcoming full Worm Moon is not for the faint of heart. On March 25, 2024 at 3 a.m. ET (midnight PT), la luna moves into romantic Libra. This full moon happens to be a lunar eclipse, an event that tends to draw out repressed emotions and buried secrets. It leads to dramatic plot twists and fated events coming to a head. Needless to say, eclipses dispel chaotic energy that you wouldn’t want to use to manifest your goals for the future.

Eclipses can unearth tension in your closest relationships, which could look like outbursts, arguments, or long-overdue conversations. Rather than break out your manifestation journal, focus on self-reflection.

“This month’s full moon in Libra asks us to examine where we may sacrifice ourselves for others, especially at our own expense,” Ash says.

This lunar event is happening in Libra, the socially-oriented air sign associated with our areas of partnership, aesthetics, and romance.

“Libra is the sign of relationships and long-term bonds, making it a sign that seeks balance and compromise with other people,” says astrologer Lauren Ash. “The energy might feel confused and scattered, like you’re right on the edge of the realization that just hasn’t happened.”

That said, there are more positive ways to ring in March’s full moon. While manifestation isn’t the safest bet, try one of these other astrologer-approved rituals.

Celebrate The Moon With Friends

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As a social air sign, Libra has a way of bringing others together. For that reason, Ash recommends organizing or attending some type of cosmic-themed dinner party or gathering with friends.

“Create a space where everyone can share their goals and intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle,” she explains. “Consider incorporating activities like group meditation, intention-setting rituals, or vision board creation.”

Remember, this is an eclipse, so if there’s pent-up tension in your friend group, it’s best to hash it out before setting something up. Otherwise, hidden truths could spill out.

Create A Love Altar

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Libra energy is also a good time for romance. Rather than manifest a relationship, though, dig deep into your intentions. What does your ideal relationship look like?

This might not be the best time to perform a love spell, but it’s a powerful opportunity to reflect on what hasn’t worked in the past and affirm the type of romance you do deserve.

To do this, grab items that symbolized your ideal relationship “such as photos, crystals, objects, flowers, honey, or other items that represent your ideal love,” Ash says. “During the full moon, light a candle and repeat an affirmation for love, romance, and strength.”

Cut The Cord

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Between the eclipse dredging up suppressed emotions and the presence of Neptune clouding your judgment, it’s tough to keep everything together right now. That said, you deserve a chance to decompress. Ash recommends a cord-cutting ritual, which entails visualizing a cord connecting you and what you want to break free from — whether that’s a stressful friendship or a draining job — and picturing yourself cutting that string.

The lunar eclipse takes place on the Libra/Aries axis, so tap into both of those signs’ energy.“Scribble down anything that makes you feel insecure in love, seal it with a kiss (symbolizing Libra), and release it to the flames of a fireproof bowl (which represents Aries),” Ash says.


Lauren Ash, astrologer

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