Your Guide To Thriving During March’s Full “Worm” Moon

Calling all earth signs.

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If ever there was a perfect time to color-code your closet and put your big plans into motion, it's the March 2022 full Worm moon, which arrives on Mar. 18 in perfectionist Virgo. Prepare for a night of emotional grounding and busting bad habits with these do’s and don’ts.

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DO: Organize Your Life

With the full moon moving into party-planning Virgo, expect to feel heavily inspired to sort and organize your life and break bad habits that keep you from being your best, most put-together self. Crack open your planner and get to organizing.

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DON’T: Be Too Practical

Just because Virgo encourages pragmatism, doesn't mean you should limit yourself. Whether you're going after a job you want, shooting for a promotion, or manifesting your dreams, it's all about action. Don't let your realistic POV restrict your actions.

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DO: Ground Yourself

The full moon is pausing all the carefree daydreaming and illusions led by Pisces season, bringing you back down to earth. With earth energy charging this lunation, it's a great time to be mindful through meditation and finding ways to appreciate nature.

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DON’T: Over-Rationalize Your Emotions

Full moons are emotional, and this one is supercharged by the watery energy of Pisces. Since the moon is in Virgo, it can be easy to let its overly analytical mindset take control. Instead, sit with your emotions and let them flow freely.

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DO: Think Objectively

If you've felt overwhelmed with emotions during Pisces season, you're not alone. Full moons are often a time for emotional release, and this lunation offers a break from the waterworks and helps you view your circumstances from a practical perspective.

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DON’T: Be Critical Of Yourself

Virgos aren't afraid to point out their dissatisfaction. With the full moon bringing emotions into the limelight, you may be tempted to revisit your shortcomings. Practice self-compassion and repeat affirmations to avoid judging yourself unfairly.

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DO: Make Money Moves

This lunation is accompanied by the sun forming a harmonious sextile aspect with Pluto in Capricorn during this lunation. Capricorns are all about their career, so it's a great time to take initiative in areas of work or monetize a new skill.

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