Why Virgos Are The Natural Altruists Of the Zodiac

It’s often why they’re so critical of themselves and others.

Virgo zodiac signs’ biggest strengths include strong organization skills.
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Every Zodiac Sign's Biggest Strengths

Having a Virgo in your life means knowing someone who’s practical, attentive, and able to stay grounded through all of life’s tumultuous chaos. Born between approximately Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, these earth signs are pure-hearted spirits. Even though they’re known for being perfectionists, Virgo’s zodiac strengths show that there’s much more to these cosmic maidens than their critical stereotypes may project.

As one of the three earth zodiac signs, Virgos are pragmatic and grounded in the material realm, which often makes them career-oriented people. Virgos are also mutable signs, so they can easily channel their earthy rationality into making solid and sensible plans on a dime — even if circumstances change unexpectedly and they have to start their itinerary from scratch. So while they may get a reputation for being rigid, they’re actually quite good at being flexible.

Everyone has the right to their own cosmic viewpoint, but as an astrologer, I can assure you there are no inherently “good” or “bad” zodiac signs in astrology. These archetypes are all equal in that they have unique characteristics and themes that we can all embrace and learn from. So while every zodiac sign has strengths and weaknesses, Virgo zodiac signs’ best traits include their ability to improve just about everything they touch.

Understanding Virgo zodiac signs’ biggest strengths can help you vibe more easily with the Virgos in your life or simply shed some light on your own astrological birth chart. Either way, it’s always a good time to celebrate the zodiac’s maiden.

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1. They Have Strong Organization Skills

Being organized is a major Virgo zodiac stereotype, but it’s true. While not all Virgos live pristinely neat and tidy lives (some can be quite messy!), they almost always have a meticulous method to their madness. Keeping things orderly and streamlined comes naturally to Virgos.

2. They’re Naturally Helpful

Virgos are solution-oriented, and they enjoy using their practical planning skills to make other people’s lives easier. If they had to be assigned a love language, it would probably be “acts of service” — as Virgos tend to show their appreciation for others by offering a helping hand. Don’t be surprised if they go out of their way to do you a kind-hearted favor.

3. They’ve Got A Keen Eye For Detail

With logistical-minded Mercury as their ruling planet, it makes sense that Virgos are blessed with a hawk-eye for detail. If even a hair is out of place, highly-observant Virgos are almost guaranteed to pick up on it — which makes them great at managing complicated projects with lots of small moving parts.

4. They’re Down-To-Earth

As one of the practical-minded earth signs, Virgos like to keep things simple, classic, and uncomplicated. These notoriously no-nonsense people are appreciated for their sensible approach to life, and their grounded energy can bring about a sense of calm even in the most hectic of situations.

5. They’re Always Open To Improvement

You’ll never catch a Virgo giving something less than their best, and that’s because they know there’s always room for improvement. These dedicated perfectionists welcome constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow— which is why they’re always exceeding expectations and helping other people improve themselves, too.

6. They Excel At Making (And Keeping) Plans

With mental planet Mercury as their cosmic ruler, Virgos are the most schedule-savvy signs of the zodiac. They have a natural sense of timing and are usually punctual and dependable because of it. This means you’ll almost never catch them missing an appointment or blowing off a responsibility at the last minute.

7. They’re Great Editors

Nothing gets past a Virgo, so they’re the perfect people to have proofread your cover letter or look over your party plans. They’re great at catching subtle errors that other people might overlook, and they bring a sense of refinement to everything they do. Whether it’s an email, an outfit, or a large event, Virgos are great at editing things down to the essentials.

8. They Work Well Under Pressure

Virgos may be routine-oriented, but they’re still one of the mutable zodiac signs — which means they’re great at adapting to change and working effectively under pressure. With their strong analytical skills, Virgos can quickly whip up solid plans on the fly and bring sensibility to even the messiest of scenarios. The best planners know that you should always have a back-up plan, and Virgos were born ready.

9. They’re Deeply Altruistic

It might sound cheesy, but the end of the day, Virgos really want to make the world a better place. What’s sometimes interpreted as Virgoan criticism is often just their genuine desire to help and improve people’s circumstances. These compassionate souls are always trying to find ways to benefit others using their pragmatic gifts.

10. They Can Prioritize Themselves When Needed

Virgos are associated with the sixth house of the zodiac, which is the part of our birth charts that correspond with health and wellness. That said, Virgos are often in tune with the rhythms of their body and can sense if their well-being is out of balance. This gives them the natural ability to prioritize themselves and step back from life’s stressors when they need a break.