Mercury Retrograde Will Be Chaos-Free For These 3 Zodiac Signs

This actually won't hurt *too* bad.

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In case it wasn't already on your 2020 doom radar, I'm here to inform you that Mercury retrograde fall 2020 begins on October 13, and it's delivering three full weeks of mix-ups and mayhem in the communication, thinking, and timing departments. While almost no one manages to escape such a backspin fully unscathed, the lucky zodiac signs least affected by Mercury retrograde fall 2020 might be able to keep the trash can fires under control — for the most part, anyway.

While October's backspin may be the final Mercury retrograde period of the year, it's not necessarily going to be an easy one. Not only does it fully overlap with Mars retrograde 2020, which is also causing all sorts of frustrations to come bubbling forth, but it also envelops the entire lead-up to election day (Mercury goes direct on the morning of November 3), which could have more collective consequences. On a more personal level, the majority of this retrograde will take place in Scorpio's murky and emotionally-charged waters, making this backspin feel even more intense and powerful than usual — re-opening past emotional wounds and making us feel extra defensive about protecting our sensitive hearts and reputations.

If it sounds like an intense addition to an already-chaotic year, well, that's because it is — but it'll be much more manageable for the zodiac signs Mercury retrograde fall 2020 will affect least. Read on to find out if you're one of the lucky few.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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Mercury retrograde summer 2020 hit your sign harder than anyone, Cancer, so the upcoming backspin will feel like a walk in the park compared with what you endured through the last round. You might find it hard to connect with lovers or potential dates during this retrograde, but if you are picking up on some long-term potential with someone new, things may not be what they seem. Relationships that begin under this retrograde might struggle to last, as there may be misinterpretations of each other's intention or some deception taking place that'll be revealed later on. And beware: You might hear from an old crush who triggers some confusing feelings or nostalgic memories. It's OK to flirt with your ex or entertain a new fling, but look out for red flags and keep your boundaries strong until the retrograde clears and you can communicate feelings more easily.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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On the surface, this retrograde will be less obnoxious in the usual problem areas that Mercury hits, so your day-to-day movements may not be heavily affected — lucky you! But that doesn't mean you won't still have some major retrograde work to do, Sag. Most of the reviews, revisions, and recalibrations will be taking place internally during these weeks, as you'll be processing through repressed grief, rethinking your connection to the spiritual, and ideally, clearing out any other psychic junk that's been clouding your subconscious over the past year. This requires you to set aside some space, time, and energy for introspection, higher-minded forms of relaxation (like yoga or meditation), and deep work. Write your feelings out in a journal or talk things through with a trusted friend if you need to get your feelings out — but certainly don't underestimate the power of simply spending some quality R n' R time with yourself.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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Dealing with timing, strict scheduling, and little details aren't necessarily your strong point to begin with, Pisces, so sometimes Mercury retrogrades can make your work or social life feel like a tornado hit it. But this particular retrograde will be more philosophical than logistical in nature. You're reviewing your personal views and the way you relate to your surroundings in a broader, more worldly sense, which can actually help you to get more comfortable with the many paradigm shifts taking place this year. Don't be afraid to analyze why you hold the beliefs that you do and try to step outside of your mental comfort zone to view them from a different perspective. However, don't let your inner truth drown in a sea of opinions. Keep a firm grip on your moral compass as you navigate the choppy waters of truth, philosophy, and mental expansion.