M&S Is Now Selling A Percy Pig Swiss Roll

Just in time to make a pink-infused Christmas trifle.

M&S are just truly the masters of bringing two food favourites together and making it work. Marmite and cheddar cheese was a recent hit (Marmite and hummus less so) and, on the sweeter side of things, Pink Gin infused cream was launched just in time for Wimbledon 2019. The latest combo we can’t wait to try? The Percy Pig Swiss Roll.

Now, if you’re a fan of the pink jelly sweets, you’ll know we’ve been spoilt for choice with all thing Percy Pig this year: so far in 2020, we’ve had Percy Pig muffins, dessert sauce, ice cream, cocktails, crispy bars, phizzy pop, mince pies, mini bites, birthday cakes, a 1kg jar of the original sweets, and even a huge cuddly version of Percy himself (who has his own Instagram account, btw). So now, just in time for Christmas, M&S has launched a Percy Pig Swiss roll.

The delicious pink treat, which is on sale now, is “everything you could want from a sweet cake treat, but with Percy’s unmistakable twist of all things pink and delicious” says M&S. It combines the fluffy sponge of a Swiss roll with the Percy Pig flavour we know and love.

The thick buttercream icing that creates its signature swirl is generously laden with Percy chewy fruit jelly pieces, and the finishing touch? A dusting of pink edible glitter “for that added bit of M&S magic”.

According to M&S, the “Percy Pig sponge roll is twirly and curly just like Percy’s tail. This Percy treat is delicious served on its own or used to make our Percy trifle recipe.”

The best part is that one of these delicious sponge rolls are a bargain at £1.50.