Nigella Lawson’s Budget Recipes Include A “Dreamy Creamy” Peanut Butter Pasta

At £1.25 per portion, the meals have got people’s attention.

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Amidst the ongoing hardships resulting from the cost of living crisis, household bills, including food, continue to rise in the UK. In fact, the nation is seeing the sharpest annual increase in food prices in more than 40 years, per The Guardian. And so, people have been looking to make the most from the least, and maximise use out of their ingredients. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has partnered with online grocer Ocado to help with this, introducing budget recipes that cost £1.25 per portion.

On Oct. 26, she released four recipes, including a “dreamy creamy” peanut butter pasta that’s a continuing success in her family. Whilst the popular chef is known for her decadent spreads (remember that delicious Basque burnt cheesecake?), she is changing her approach with the sign of the times to offer more cost-effective meals with everyday ingredients. Her other recipes with Ocado include feta, black bean, and clementine couscous, as well as a mouth-watering syrup sponge.

As part of the deal with Ocado, Lawson is also releasing a “Nigella Loves” aisle where customers can buy her go-to ingredients. “They’re all store cupboard recipes with a little flourish of something fresh. It’s about those little touches that don’t require dexterity or a traipse round to get the most rarefied, recondite ingredient you’ve ever found,” the chef told Stylist. She added, “I have always believed that cooking never has to rely on fancy ingredients or an enormous process-heavy approach.”

Over the next year or so, Lawson will continue to launch new recipes on Ocado to inspire easy-to-make but scrumptious dishes. It may well be time to rummage through your cupboards and get cooking.