8 Dos & Don'ts To Follow For The November 2022 Full Moon

Nov. 8 will bring about cosmic chaos.

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The November 2022 full moon lunar eclipse illuminates the sky on Nov. 8 in headstrong Taurus. This lunation is shaking up our foundations and challenging our security with plot twists and powerful revelations. Prepare for the cosmic chaos with these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Get Grounded

Earth sign Taurus has a unique ability to keep calm during turbulent times. With the eclipse throwing curveballs, it can be easy to get caught up in a state of worry. Keep your cool by practicing mindfulness. Try meditation, visit nature, or recite affirmations.

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DON’T: Be Stubborn

Fixed sign Taurus walks a fine line between loyal and mulish. The eclipse is bringing attention to our tendency to be overly hard-headed, particularly with Mars being retrograde. Pay attention to stubbornness when it comes to relationships and personal passions.

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DO: Purge Negative Energy

Full moons are about releasing things that hinder your well-being. Because the eclipse is in Taurus, the sign ruled by the second house of values and self-worth, this lunation emphasizes the need to let go of things that don't add value to your life.

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DON’T: Practice Manifestation

Manifesting during an eclipse can do more harm than good. The shaky energy of the eclipse can induce brain fog or encourage impassioned responses (thank you, Mars retrograde) that don't reflect our true intentions in terms of attracting our desires.

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DO: Confront Hidden Feelings

Full moons naturally elicit the feelings and thoughts that we bottle up. This powerful eclipse forces us to face the things we've avoided in terms of partnerships, finances, and self-worth. Revelations are bound to happen — might as well embrace them!

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DON’T: Resist Change

The bullish energy of Taurus makes it enticing to hang onto comforts and thwart anything that threatens our security. But the eclipse is bringing about necessary changes, so don’t fight what the universe is telling you.

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DO: Channel Your Inner Earth Sign

With Taurus being a sturdy earth sign, this rocky eclipse prompts the ideal time to emulate the bull's unwavering diligence. Practice being practical, grounded, and patient — especially when it comes to your relationships and creative projects.

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