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You had a rough day at work. You went a little too hard during your Sunday morning Pilates class. The all-pervasive politics talk is really starting to stress you out. There are countless reasons why you might want to invest in some massaging and stretching products on Amazon that will make you feel so good — but one of the best reasons? Other shoppers cannot stop raving about how relaxed and comfortable they feel.

See, it's easy enough to advertise that a shiatsu massager feels just like the skilled hands of a masseuse, or that a single stretching prop is more relaxing than a weekend yoga retreat. But when the reviews section is filled with four- and five-star feedback from real buyers, that's when it's time to start paying attention.

In fact, I consult Amazon reviews before I make any purchase, but it's especially important when it comes to the life-changing self-care products you didn't even know you needed. When you buy housewares or an electronic device, it either works or it doesn't — but when it comes to products that encourage mental or physical well-being, the results are felt rather than seen. And according to real shoppers who have tried them, these 36 products actually make a difference.


This Odd Tool That Lets You Work Out Your Own Knots

The TriggerPoint AcuCurve cane has an ergonomic design with an extra-firm tip that allows you to work out aches and pains — all by yourself. One node targets knots in the shoulders, neck, and back, while the orange nodes can be pressed up against a wall to give you a massage on either side of your spine. "I can't rate this massager highly enough," one reviewer wrote. "Helps tremendously with overall tension relief."


A Heated Shiatsu Massager With Sleeves For Leverage

For the most customized massaging experience at home, this Snailax shiatsu massager has padded sleeves, which allow you to personalize the amount of leverage you want during a massage. It has eight 3-D nodes that change direction and reach deep into muscles, while the heating function adds a little extra relaxation. Use it at home or in the car, thanks to the two included adapters.


This Rocker That Works Out Your Calves, Feet & Shins

Position either foot into this Vive rocker, and the angled design and rounded base help you to relieve foot pain, stretch out your calves and shins, and encourage circulation throughout the leg. It has treads on the bottom to prevent slipping, and the company stands behind the durability and design with a lifetime guarantee. Reviewers swear by it when it comes to relieving symptoms of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints.


A Portable Roller Stick For Relief & Recovery

Since it's slim, lightweight, and battery-free, this roller stick goes anywhere with you — including in your suitcase or gym bag. Reviewers note that it's "the answer to muscle soreness" and "improves your recovery time," all thanks to the individually rolling beads. They're textured and dense to boost circulation and get deep into muscles, anywhere on the body.


This Handheld Pressure Massager That's Actually Rechargeable

Ah, the freedom of zero cords. The RENPHO handheld massager has a fully rechargeable battery that lasts up to 140 minutes on a single charge; it also produces up to 3,600 pulses per minute and has a wide range of interchangeable heads to tackle all kinds of pain. No wonder it has well over 8,000 reviews.


A Flexibility-Encouraging Strap With Nearly 5,000 Rave Reviews

This cult-favorite strap has been recommended by massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and physical therapists. Like similar options, it's made from durable woven nylon, but unlike competitors, it has 10 individual loops throughout so users can choose their own level of intensity while stretching.


This Electric Massage Pillow With 4 Powerful Nodes

If you're looking for versatility, you've got the Papillon massager, which has four 3-D nodes and a pillow-like design for full-body use. Pop it under your foot, calf, back, neck, or shoulders, and this thing will use its raised, ergonomic shiatsu massagers and three speed settings to help you unwind. It's also breathable, heated, and comes with a car adapter.


These Affordable Head Scratchers That Are "Pure Heaven"

"These things are pure heaven!" one buyer raved. "They're not fancy [...] but they feel so great when you massage your scalp!" In fact, even though they cost less than $5 each, the HOFASON scalp massagers have over 1,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. Position the elongated handle above your head and push down; the flexible, rounded-tip wires will gently scratch your head and encourage circulation.


A 2-In-1 Foam Roller With A Removable Core

The Gimme 10 foam roller gives you two tools in one — for just $27. The dense foam core is lightweight and has three different textures to stimulate pressure points, while the ABS exterior is larger and designed to mimic a physical therapist's hands while working out muscles. It's available in four color combinations, and one reviewer who has tried various foam rollers say this is "by far the best one yet."


This Vibrating Ice Roller To Rejuvenate Your Complexion

Maybe you've got your body and foot massagers covered, but what about your face? The TOUCHBeauty sonic facial roller vibrates at 12,000 pulses per minute and has an ice-roller head that reduces inflammation and boosts circulation. It's even battery-operated for portability, and it automatically turns on when it's pressed against your skin.


This Unique Rocker To Stretch Your Hips & Pelvis

Out of all the body parts that require stretching, the lower back is potentially the most challenging. Luckily, this OPTP pelvic rocker gives you support and stability while you practice flexibility, strength, and balance. It rolls 360 degrees thanks to its cup-like design, but the nonslip base ensures that it stays in place during your exercises.


A Deep Tissue Massager That Packs A Serious Punch

With four interchangeable massage heads and six different intensities, the JMADENQ professional massager offers a wide range of uses — but no matter the function, reviewers write that it "works like a charm." It's also fully rechargeable for wireless use, is much quieter than competing units, and comes in four different color options.


This Over-The-Door Contraption For Stretching

Those who dance and participate in MMA absolutely love this tool, but reviewers also use it for physical therapy and general flexibility. The EverStretch is made from durable cotton and attaches to most standard doors with the included anchors. There's foam padding in the loops for extra comfort and all the pieces come in a mesh carrying bag, too.


The Heated Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow That Vibrates

Support your head and massage your neck all at the same time, thanks to the Comfier Travel Pillow. This cordless gadget is stuffed with premium memory foam and covered in a soft, plush fleece — but the real selling point? The vibration and heating functions. There are two heated settings for relaxing your muscles and relieving tension, while the three vibration modes with six levels of intensity massage your neck. This pillow also features a USB cable for charging your laptop or phone on the go.


This Adjustable Brace That Corrects Your Posture During The Day

The Vicorrect posture corrector has an ergonomic design that automatically (and comfortably) pulls your shoulders back and together. As a result, it supports spine alignment throughout the day — and since it's adjustable and non-bulky, you can wear it under or over their clothes.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium – Large


A Nonslip Wheel To Deepen Yoga Poses — Or Stretch Your Back

Yes, it's considered one of the best new props to deepen your yoga practice, but even non-yogis swear by the this dharma wheel: "I have spent years looking for some way of stretching my middle and upper back [...] This is what I've needed all along." The textured exterior provides padding and stability, while the ABS interior can supposedly support up to 250 pounds.


This Heated, Vibrating Seat Cushion For The Office Or Car

If you've ever wished your car seat or office chair had built-in heating and massage functions, you're in luck. The Sotion seat pad has 10 vibrating motors and warms your neck, back and shoulders — and best of all, it has straps to attach to almost any chair. It comes with a car adapter, a home adapter, and an attached remote control, all for less than $50.


An Electric Scalp Massager That's Waterproof For The Shower

Rechargeable, cordless, waterproof, and multipurpose, the Cotsoco electric scalp massager has been called "a must-get" and "easy to use." The four rotating massager heads have tiny nodes that stimulate circulation and ease itchiness, while the body is sturdy and ergonomic for a slip-free grasp. This massager isn’t just for your scalp; you can use it on your neck, joints, and back as well.


This Affordable Acupressure Set For Back Pain & Stress Relief

This best-seller is definitely unique, but buyers swear it helps with back and neck pain, feelings of stress, and trouble sleeping. The ProsourceFit acupressure set has hundreds of tiny spikes, which stimulate pressure points along your spine which causes a flood of endorphins. This pillow and mat set is available in a range of colors, and most won't cost you more than $25.


This Tiny Tool That "Works Like A Charm" For Foot Pain

Just hold the handles while you roll your foot along the ball; this Vive massager tool helps work out tense muscles, allow for myofascial release, and lessen discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and heel spurs. The silicone material is firm but not hard and ideally sized to get into curves, while the straps are strong and adjustable.


An Interesting Way To Reduce Neck Tension & Headaches

Due to its triangular shape, the DaVinci FLEX has three different edges you can use to massage and relieve tension. The most popular, however, is the rounded edge, which hugs the top of your spine while stretching your neck; this may reduce headaches and migraines, and is one of the best solutions many buyers have found to date: "I literally do not go anywhere without it," wrote one customer who struggles with atypical migraines.


These Stretchy Things That Improve Hand Strength & Reduce Stress

Keep these stretchy hand-strengtheners in your bag, drawer, or work desk, and you'll always have a method of reducing stress, boosting finger strength, and improving flexibility. They're designed for musicians, rock climbers, and athletes, but reviewers also say they're great for fidgeting and carpal tunnel relief, too.


A Deep-Kneading Foot Massager That's Easy To Store

The CINCOM shiatsu foot massager combines soothing heat with 24 rolling nodes. As a result, it works out tension, stimulates pressure points, and helps you to unwind after a long day. Thanks to its slim profile, it's easy to slide into a closet or under the bed, and the settings offer six different massage techniques that mimic those you'd receive at a spa.


This Weird But Genius Tool That Works Your Thighs & Butt

This interesting gadget helps to stimulate and tone your thighs, butt, and pelvic floor. Simply place it between your thighs and flex; the exterior wings will press together, and you'll stimulate muscles you may not otherwise use during most exercises. The tension is adjustable and one buyer wrote: "It's very well made."


Some Spiky Rings That Stimulate Pressure Points In The Hands

Because these finger rings are made from anodized stainless steel, they're designed to boost blood circulation and stimulate the pressure points in the hands; this may help to reduce stress, tension, and pain. You can get them in gold and silver or multicolor, and reviewers call them a "game changer" and "oddly stress relieving."


This Cult-Favorite Foot Roller That's Effective & Portable

It's hard to believe that this best-selling foot massager doesn't have any batteries, plugs, or power sources — especially because, according to thousands of buyers, it's the "best product" they've used on their feet. The individual rollers have two different textures: deep-kneading nubs, and trigger-point-stimulating ridges. Together, they massage both feet at once to reduce pain and encourage relaxation.


A Handheld Mini Massager For Just $10

If your self-care budget is limited, look no further than this handheld massager from cotsoco. Even though it's tiny (and costs just $10), its three battery-operated heads vibrate to reduce minor aches and pains all over the body. "This works great! Cannot beat the price!" one reviewer wrote.


This Lavender Candle That Melts Into Massage Oil

Yes, it releases a soothing lavender scent as it burns, but this is not your average candle. Victoria's Lavender uses wax including a moisturizing mix of shea butter and avocado oil, so that when it melts, it transforms into a functional body massage oil. Each one is hand-crafted, and a reviewer raved: "The price point is perfect, the candle smells amazing and the warm massage oil is wonderful."


The Best-Selling Exercise Ball On Amazon

"I use it mainly for stretching," one reviewer wrote, while another wrote, "It feels so good to sit on as it opens up my hips, stretches out my back, and encourages better posture." Whether you incorporate it into your workout routine or use it as a chair, the URBNFit exercise ball is versatile, comfortable, and can support up to 2,000 pounds without bursting. Get it in multiple sizes and colors.


This Lumbar Support Bridge That's Adjustable

Use this Sportout device as a lumbar support system while sitting, or lie on it to stretch and relax your entire spine after a strenuous day. It's ergonomically designed and adjustable to three different heights to suit a wide range of people and common back issues — and most importantly, as one reviewer wrote, "it really helps relieve our back pain.”


These Acupressure Sandals That Massage Your Feet While You Stand

Instead of a cloud-like insole, these BYRIVER acupressure sandals use spring-loaded buttons that stimulate reflexology points all along the feet. They even have mapped-out charts on them so you can track the coordinating body parts, and the uppers are adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes. Reviewers note that they take a little getting used to in the beginning, but once you do, the benefits are enormous.


An Affordable Jade Set To Boost Circulation In The Face

Pamper and massage your face with this two-piece set from roselynboutique with over 3,000 reviews to back it up. Both the dual-sided roller and the gua sha scraper are made from natural stone, which is durable, cooling, and luxurious. The roller aims to reduce swelling and puffiness, while the scraper is designed to encourage lymph flow for a bright, glowing complexion. Store it in the fridge for an extra boost.


These Handheld Massage Rollers That Feel Incredible

Made from dense, washable resin, these ZONGS massagers may be small, but they're also extremely mighty. The sphere rotates in the handheld base, rolling over your skin to reduce stiffness, muscle aches, and knots. One reviewer "couldn’t believe they actually make you feel better" — especially considering the price. With one order, you get one blue and one green massager, all for $13.


A Rope That's Specifically Designed For Stretching

While a traditional yoga strap may help you to deepen your stretches, the Gaiam stretch strap is specifically designed to optimize your flexibility while soothing your muscles. For one, it's made of thick, durable nylon and for another, it has a flat center strap that makes it easy to grab your foot, shoe, or knee. Finally, the loops on the ends make for a comfortable grip in any position.


This Foam Wedge For Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Simply by standing on it, the StrongTek foam wedge stretches your Achilles tendon and eases shin pain — but incorporate it into your yoga or other fitness routine, and this little prop can do even more. It's made from a high-density, eco-friendly foam, and it's larger than competing options to suit feet of almost all sizes. "This is a small, simple device that really helps," one buyer wrote. "I just wish I could remember all the ways the doctor suggested I use it."


A Massager Mitt With 9 Stainless Steel Rollers That's Less Than $10

In terms of getting a full-body massage, it doesn't get much simpler and more affordable than the Boseen glove. This little tool slips over the palm of your hand to make it easy for the nine stainless steel balls to roll over your muscles, deeply massaging them in the process. Since it's waterproof and washable, it can even be used with essential oils, massage lubricants, or in the bath.

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