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Pookie Is Looking Absolutely Fire Today

A conversation with two chronically online editors.

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok within the last week, you might know Pookie. Or maybe you know her as Campbell Puckett, a Georgia-based influencer who is going viral. Or, rather, she and her husband, Jett, are going viral thanks to their outfit posts.

One look at Puckett’s page and you can guess what she’s all about — her hair is perfectly blown out, her almond-shaped nails are crisply manicured, and her outfits are impeccably on-trend. The 31-year-old is everything the algorithm loves to serve the FYP: outfit-of-the-day videos, luxurious travel vlogs, and clips of how she spends her weekends. She has multiple Hermès bags, her living room is designed to emulate a luxury hotel in Capri, and even her day-to-day looks picturesque.

But her page didn’t get much engagement until her husband, Jett, a business consultant, became the main character, and now she has nearly 6 million likes across her content. In their ’fit checks, he compliments her clothes while lovingly calling her “Pookie.” And one such video from Jan. 14, where he announces he’s “taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples and Pookie looks absolutely amazing,” particularly tickled TikTok users.

They’re equal parts intriguing and confusing to watch. They stand perfectly straight while showing off their outfits. The lighting is stark. His cadence is awkward yet confident. The ease with which “Pookie” rolls off his tongue is intriguing. If she’s Barbie, he looks like he’d be Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken, but he speaks to her more like an Allan. And TikTok users can’t look away.

Some people can’t help but admit that they feel something is off: “Pookie doesn’t blink” or “They seem like AI characters.” But others are envious of the way they love each other so loudly: “Jett is the standard” and “I hope I’m somebody’s Pookie one day” are a just few of the positive comments among thousands.

Bustle lifestyle editor Alexis Morillo and Elite Daily senior entertainment and dating editor Sarah Ellis sat down to chat about Pookie, Jett, and why TikTok is so fascinated with the couple — for now.

Alexis: OK, so how did you first land on #PookieTok?

Sarah: I had a friend send me one of their TikToks last week and immediately I had questions. I was introduced to them thinking that everyone hated them. I then started getting Pookie TikToks all day, every day, and quickly realized that not only are people obsessed with their videos, but they’re figuring out his job, they’re saying he’s the blueprint. Jett has fans, which is not what I expected.

A: I saw a fashion girly I follow saying, “Pookie looks fire today.” It’s the quote everyone is clinging to. That’s when I first heard it. Then it was a total rabbit hole of their trip to Paris, of course. And then the story time of their meet-cute in Philadelphia of her being late to their first date. But we don’t know much about her besides that.

S: I think what is so jarring about them initially is that their vibes aesthetically could not be more different. She’s this very gorgeous, well-styled woman; honestly, her outfits are absolutely fire. And Jett has this kind of awkward energy to him. And my initial thought — because men being cringe on the internet is my whole ethos — my thought was horror at this man. But there is something about him that seems earnest, I think?

A: Some people are like, “This man was written by women.” It’s almost like he’s doing everything by the book. I do feel weird when people whip out their cameras to record these moments in their relationship. Oh, he brought you flowers? We don’t need to see him bring you Chick-fil-A every weekend. They’re very divisive. Some people want what they have and other people are like, “Keep me far away from all of this energy.”

S: He worships her. That’s very obvious. And honestly, we live in a world where men are doing the absolute least. So I feel like TikTok sees one man actually trying and they’re like, “This is our king.”

A: Looking at her account, she has 5.7 million likes and not even 200,000 followers. It looks like she was rating Starbucks drinks and Chick-fil-A seasonal items, and doing cutesy things like that before she hit the algorithm. Now I wonder if they’re almost going to cringe-ify their existence to capitalize off of it. I look at this man and I know that he’s never called anything fire, but he says it with such confidence that I really can’t look away. And the Birkin of it all, from their recent vacation to Paris, I am just so intrigued. Like two Birkin bags in one trip?

S: Oh, the Paris trip was fascinating. That was what has really blown up because of the over-the-top outfits and the surprise appointment he set up at Hermès. They are very wealthy, a love-to-show-it-off couple, and yet he has this kind of bumbling energy.

A: Maybe he’s giving some awkward kings some hope that they’ll find their Pookie, too. Hearing them describing their relationship, it seemed like it all happened quickly. So maybe it’s not golden retriever energy. I feel like it’s more like puppy dog.

S: Yeah, exactly. He’s like a Labrador puppy.

A: Wearing a Burberry leash. What do you think is the future of their page? Because TikTok takes things and spits them out so quickly.

S: They’re absolutely going to do the couple outfit videos almost exclusively now and show off their trips together because that is what people want to see. But on the internet, things change overnight.

A: There are already some whispers of people trying to go find something shady about them, about their prenup, their family dynamics, their political leanings. I can see her brand continuing to just be very surface level like, here’s the outfit, here’s the funny clip that you can use the sound from. I don’t think they’ll share too much about their life. I do think Pookie merch is incoming at any given moment. I guess we’ll see what happens.

S: I know her as Pookie more than I know her as Campbell. If they’re cringe but wholesome to an extent, I really can’t fault them. You know what I mean? I might get the ick but listen, if you’re happy, go off, make that money, and get those brand deals.

This conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.