Sainsbury’s Is Selling A Decadent Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

And you’ll want to get involved.

From Asda and Aldi to Tesco and Morrisons, there’s hardly a supermarket that hasn’t joined in the Lotus Biscoff trend. This time, Sainsbury’s is offering a decadent vanilla Biscoff cheesecake. It sounds like the perfect springtime snack, if you ask me.

Made by the English Cheesecake Company, the cheesecake comes in a pack of two slices for £3. Each slice features a luxurious vanilla cream cheese filling sandwiched between a Biscoff biscuit base and a topping of Biscoff spread and biscuit crumbs.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, or two slices is simply not enough for your Biscoff needs, you can also get a pre-sliced 9-inch version for £35 from the English Cheesecake Company itself.

Yesterday, Lotus Biscoff UK posted a photo on their Instagram of the cheesecake, with the caption, “Hello, is it delicious cheesecake you’re looking for...?” Yes, indeed, that is what we’re looking for.

Biscoff seems to be in everything this days — like Aldi’s newest caramel liqueur that is basically Biscoff in a bottle, Asda’s Biscoff cupcakes, and Five Guys’ Biscoff-flavoured milkshake.

So hop on the Biscoff train and get yourself to a Sainsbury’s pronto, because I reckon the delectable dessert will be flying off shelves pretty soon.