11 Ingenious Items From Independent Brands That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Cheers to minimizing stress and maximizing time for all that really matters in life.

by Brynn Wallner and Jamie Cuccinelli
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Look, it’s not lazy to want life to be easier. I, for one, am always on the hunt for little things that eliminate any minor frustrations that may pop up throughout the day, and for my fellow ease-loving citizens, I have great news: I’ve compiled a list of 11 life hack products that will provide solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

We’ve all got a lot going on right now; sometimes, we simply do not have the time to deal with the little things — like waiting in line for the shower at the gym or rooting through the dozens of skin-care products on our dressers when looking for one specific serum.

So, for your post-workout, why not try antibacterial body wipes for an instant refresh? And for your messy dresser: an organizational (and super cute) set of bins for all of your skin and hair goodies.

At the end of the day, aren’t we all about minimizing tension and maximizing time for the things that really matter in life? So, keep calm and read on to shop these 11 must-have life hack products. Best of all, they all hail from independent brands — so these are purchases you can feel good about.

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A Luxe Tortoiseshell Chain

Whether you plan to WFH forever or are heading back into the office soon, this tortoiseshell optical chain is a chic solution to smoothing our glasses-on/glasses-off transitions throughout the day as you go from laptop to grabbing coffee to back again.

A Candle To Melt Away Your Stress

While not exactly a revolutionary life hack, I love doing away with the stress of the day with an easy flick of a lighter. Crafted by BIPOC-company Harlem Candle Co., this gorgeous candle is inspired by the speakeasies of decades past. Think: notes of vanilla, palo santo, bourbon, tobacco, and plum blossom. I can practically hear the clinging glasses from here.

A Set To Simplify Your Dental Routine

To make even brushing your teeth easier, I present to you this toothpaste set that boasts a trio of vitamin-enriched toothpastes that’ll whiten those choppers, protect against sensitivity, prevent cavities, and remineralize enamel. All are packed inside a waterproof dopp kit that’s perfect for travel.

A Ready-To-Entertain Condiment Set

If you can safely entertain vaccinated friends, make your dinner party as easy as can be with this condiments sampler set that comes with yummy and uniquely flavored aiolis and tapenades. You’ll be ready for guests in no time at all — even the early ones.

A Travel-Friendly Hair Serum

No longer will your serum spill in your suitcase: This hair serum comes uniquely packaged in tiny capsules that burst into a hydrating potion your thirsty tresses will drink right up.

Lazy Wipes For When You’re Being, Well, Lazy

Don’t have time for a shower? No judgement here. Feel cleaner in seconds with these face and body wipes that include both antibacterial and hydrating properties to moisturize skin while removing dirt and oil. They’re perfect for your gym bag or the beach.

A Trio Of Reusable Straws

I’m sure you’ve ditched the plastic straws by now (right?), but the fact that this reusable straw set comes with a trio of metal straws — in a cool little carrying pouch, no less — makes it so you’ll never be without. Plus, the included cleaning tool makes washing them a breeze.

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