10 Stranger Things-Inspired Halloween Costumes For True Fans

Brush up on your Season 4 trivia.

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"Stranger Things" Halloween costumes inspired by Season 4.
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With its eerie premises and everlasting pop culture relevance, Stranger Things has seemed to dominate the Halloween costume game since it premiered in 2016. Did anybody else attend a Halloween party with Christmas lights and the alphabet on the wall as decor? As the series has continued to develop, so have the beloved characters’ outfits.

Whether you’re a sci-fi nerd, or just really want an excuse to dress in 1980s-inspired garb, there are plenty of costumes to choose from in Season 4 alone. If you loved dressing in Robin and Steve’s sailor Scoops Ahoy uniform last year, why not level up to a Video Store vest? Or show how caught up you are by dressing as everyone’s newest favorite, Eddie Munson. Plus, as romantic plot lines have developed, there are now plenty more couple costumes to choose from, too.

If you’re eager to summon your Stranger Things fandom this Halloween, you don’t need to travel to the Upside Down and back to find a costume. In fact, you can probably curate your costume from the comfort of your home.

Here’s some inspo to get your Stranger Things costume ready for this year. Even if no one recognizes your costume right away, just queue up Kate Bush on the AUX and people are likely to catch on.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Courtesy of Netflix.

Eleven has undoubtedly been one of the most frequently cosplayed Stranger Things characters on Halloween. If you were sporting a bloody nose and a box of Eggos for Halloween a few years back, now is the perfect time to level up to Eleven’s floral long sleeve and flannel look from Season 4. If you can DIY a fake collar, even better.

Mike Wheeler

Courtesy of Netflix.

If you and your partner are in a dedicated long-distance relationship, then a couple’s costume of Eleven and Mike Wheeler is the perfect homage to your love. Though, your relationship hopefully has significantly lower stakes. Tape a gray triangle onto your shirt pocket for an added ‘80s touch.

Will Byers

Courtesy of Netflix.

Though Will Byer’s wardrobe is fairly unrecognizable (unless you really go for it with the bowl cut), most people will catch onto this costume if you start imitating Will’s crying in the car meme. Perfect for when your inner introvert is jumping out at the Halloween party.

Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington

Courtesy of Netflix.

If you and your bestie always get mistaken as a couple when you dress up together for Halloween, let this Season 4 duo costume speak for itself by dressing up as Robin and Steve at their Family Video gig.

Lucas Sinclair

Courtesy of Netflix.

With Lucas’s new popular guy persona in Season 4, you can live out your jock dreams with a blue tee and Lucas’s basketball jacket. This can also make for an extra-sweet couple’s costume if you or your beau dresses as Max.

Max Mayfield

Courtesy of Netflix.

Even if you don’t have Max’s red hair, as long as you have some headphones and play “Running Up That Hill” on the AUX, people should catch onto your costume. (Bonus points if you can find a way to levitate as the song plays.)

Erica Sinclair

Courtesy of Netflix.

Erica Sinclair’s signature dress is tough to DIY without some serious sewing skills. But, luckily, Erica’s devoted fandom has ensured you can find an outfit modeled after her. If you and your sibling have a lovingly teasing relationship, this can be the perfect duo look.

Eddie Munson

Courtesy of Netflix.

Eddie Munson has become something of a cult favorite of Season 4. Whether you resonate with Eddie’s persona as a lovable weirdo, or just want to look heavy metal this year, throwing on a Hellfire Club tee and jean jacket is sure to get things freaky.

Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper

Courtesy of Netflix.

If you and your significant other are the ultimate will-they-won’t-they couple, then why not lean in by cosplaying as Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper? With matching puffer jackets, everyone will know you’ve arrived straight from a date night at Enzo’s.

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