Here's How You Can Try M&M's New Holiday Flavor Before They Hit Stores Shelves In November

There's a giveaway on July 25.

by Mia Mercado
New Sugar Cookie M&M's are coming this holiday season.
Mars, Incorporate/Bustle

Hang the garland and string the lights because Sugar Cookie M&M’s are coming this holiday season. The latest announcement from Mars, Incorporated, M&M’s parent company, is sure to put even the bah-est of humbugs in the “Christmas in July” spirit. Mars heard people talking about hyper-early holiday promo and was like, “Hold my candy cane.”

The newly announced flavor is inspired by something that already pairs perfectly with M&M’s: sugar cookies. Each piece features a crispy, sugar cookie-like center and a white chocolate shell which is also flavored like sugar cookies. Every bite is like a candy-sized cookie. Basically, if you like your sugar cookies stuffed with even more sugar cookies, you’ll be a fan of the new M&M’s.

Starting in November, the newest M&M’s flavor will officially start popping up on shelves nationwide. However, a handful of fans will have the chance to try the Sugar Cookie M&M’s a few months early. On Saturday, July 25, M&M’s will take to Twitter and Instagram for a Sugar Cookie M&M’s giveaway. Keep an eye out for the promo post, then leave a comment with the hashtag #sweepstakes for the opportunity to snag yourself an early bag. Five winners will be randomly chosen from each platform, making 10 winners in total, to receive one of the 7-ounce bags of Sugar Cookie M&M’s in early August.

M&M’s is no stranger to new and surprising flavors. There are Hazlenut Spread M&M’s, which are essentially tiny, candy-coated pockets of Nutella. Last Halloween, they released Creepy Cocoa Crips M&M’s, which were like M&M’s with a Cocoa Pebbles filling. They’ve made Pecan Pie M&M’s, Crunchy Mint M&M’s, and Coffee M&M’s. The Sugar Cookie M&M’s aren’t even the first cookie-inspired flavor Mars, Incorporated has made. In 2017, Mars released Cookies & Screeem M&M’s — yes, with three e’s — for Halloween. It was like if an Oreo and an M&M had a delicious baby. If they are any indication on the M&M meets cookie combo, you're gonna want to try the new Sugar Cookie M&M's.

Make sure to check out M&M's social feeds on Saturday, July 25 if you want a chance to be among the first to try the new flavor.