Your Bank Account This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

Hard work pays off.

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Happy July! This week marks the midpoint of the calendar year, so it’s a great time to check in on your career and finance goals for 2024 to see where you’re at. A lush and empowering new moon rises on Friday, July 5, and it’s a wonderful time for planting seeds for new endeavors — so if you need to turn over a new leaf to get your bank account in a better place, this is a great time to make it happen.

This week’s money tarot reading is to help guide you toward your most ambitious goals. Here’s what the cards say about career and finances for the first week of July.

Card 1: What do you need to know about your finances this week?

Despite the imagery often depicted on this card, the Seven of Pentacles is a reminder that money doesn’t grow on trees — unless, of course, you devotedly tend to those trees over a very long time. This week is about making wise investments, so think about your finances from a more long-term perspective. Whether or not you’re feeling satisfied or secure about where your bank account stands right now, you must be continually making choices with your future in mind. Nothing worth having comes easy, so putting in consistent hard work that pays off over time is your key to success this week.

Astrologically, this aligns beautifully with the vibe of this week’s new moon, as the lunation is being supported by down-to-business planet Saturn. This cosmic connection gives you the stamina to steadily pursue your longer-term goals and reminds you that sometimes our endeavors take a while before they start bearing fruit. Keep at it.

Card 2: How can you feel less anxious about money?

If you’ve struggled with money anxiety, scarcity, or taken big hits due to unexpected expenses or circumstances, you might feel a little triggered this week. The person depicted in the Nine of Wands is weary and tired from previous battles and appears to be hiding behind a wall of wands and clutching one in self-defense. Similarly, you may feel a bit vulnerable about your income or financial standing this week — either because you’re facing some challenges, or feel you need to have your offenses up in case a potential curveball comes your way.

The good news is that the Nine of Wands indicates that the current battles are almost over and that you won’t have to watch your back for much longer. So if something is going on at work that’s making you feel uncertain about your standing, or a financial situation that’s putting you at risk, by all means, take whatever necessary steps you need to defend and protect yourself. But remember that whatever’s happening now is temporary. You’ve been through difficult times before, and this is no different! You’ll make it through just fine, just as you always have.

Card 3: What will impact your career this week?

Of course, you should stay focused and on your grind, but you know what else is important? Celebrating your progress along the way. The Four of Wands is about reaching important milestones and honoring your triumphs. Has your team at work had any big successes recently? Did you close an important deal? Maybe you got some great feedback at your annual review? Instead of barreling forward into your next big endeavor without batting an eye, take a moment this week to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished at work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There’s always another project waiting in the wings, but it’s nice to punctuate the grind with happy moments of appreciation for your hard work.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.