Your Bank Account This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

Treat yourself — but not too much.

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This week wraps up the month of June, meaning the first half of the year is officially coming to a close. Where do your 2024 financial and career goals stand at this midpoint? This week is a fabulous time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far while also reevaluating your plans around the things you haven’t yet made much progress on.

I pulled a few cards to help you navigate the week ahead, so use this money tarot reading to guide you into the second half of the year.

Card 1: What do you need to know about your finances this week?

The Seven Of Wands depicts someone with a staff in his hand as he fends off a bunch of other staves that are being jabbed in his direction. With this card showing up, it’s possible you feel like you’re fighting a few financial battles right now, too. There may be some wrenches thrown in your monthly budget at the last minute, or you may find that you’re being met with resistance when making the money moves you had planned. Reaching goals is never easy, but the current challenges you’re facing may cause you to feel the need to defend yourself or better protect your assets.

This card can also point toward a sense of competition around money, so be ready to prove yourself and fight for what you want if you’re vying for a higher-paying position, hoping to secure a loan, or just trying to win an eBay bidding war on something valuable to you. But don’t exhaust yourself — keep some perspective around which battles are worth your time and think about fighting smarter instead of harder.

Card 2: How can you feel less anxious about money?

If you’re feeling any money stress, resist the temptation to splurge on things you don’t really need this week. The Devil card indicates that you may feel lured toward a tendency to over-indulge right now, but wasting money on unnecessary or materialistic extras will only make you feel more bogged down. Take control of your spending and don’t give in to the urge to go shopping just for shopping’s sake. Of course, it’s important to treat yourself, but spending frivolously or beyond your means will only lead to more anxiety. You’ll feel more confident and capable when you prove to yourself that you can say no to a nonessential luxury and yes to a few more dollars in your savings.

The Devil card can also point to people’s various vices — whether that’s hitting happy hour a few too many nights a week or impulsively online shopping. Take a look at your vices and be real with yourself if some not-so-healthy dependencies or habits may be negatively impacting your bank account. This week is a powerful time to break these cycles and save some cash instead.

Card 3: What will impact your career this week?

When The Hermit shows up, it’s usually a good time to retreat from the daily grind and tap into your higher sense of wisdom. So right now, try to eliminate as many outside distractions as possible and temporarily tune out other people's input. Instead, this week is an ideal time to mull over how you feel about what’s happening in your career on an existential level, and try to listen to whatever your inner voice has to say. Are you happy with where you’re at professionally? Is your work fulfilling you and helping you grow? A little soul-searching can go a long way in illuminating your next moves.

Additionally, while there’s a time and place for collaboration and teamwork, it might be best to try to tackle your professional responsibilities independently this week. The Hermit’s energy values alone time and considers it essential to productivity, so it’s a good time to work more independently and take on more solitary projects. If anything out of the ordinary comes up at work, be sure you give yourself plenty of quiet time to contemplate how you’d like to react or move forward.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.