The 13 Best Towels For Drying Dishes

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When it comes to finding the best towels for drying dishes, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, it's important to have a dish towel with high absorbency. Not only will an absorbent towel get the job done better, but it'll also leave fewer spots and smudges on your dishes when you're done. Select a dishcloth made of cotton, linen, or microfiber for spotless dishes that will be ready to head straight into your cabinet.

As you head into dish duty, you'll also want a towel that is lint-free. Using a towel in the wrong fabric can result in dishes that are still wet and covered in fuzz. Finely woven dish towels made of linen or microfiber have the capability to absorb water without leaving behind lint on plastic, glass, and crystal.

Make sure you're buying dish towels in a size that works for you. Cleaning 12-inch pans and 10-inch plates gets a whole lot easier when you have a larger cloth. Also, to save yourself from a headache down the road, make sure to get a value pack of towels so you have a backup if you need one to clean up a sudden spill. Buying in bulk will also tend to give you the best price per towel, so keep this in mind if you're a budget-friendly shopper.

But enough talk. Take a look below at some of the best towels for drying dishes — they’re all sure to leave your kitchen utensils spotless and squeaky clean.


Editor’s Pick: A Set Of Classic Cotton Towels

Made from 100% ring-spun cotton, these kitchen towels have earned more than 24,000 five-star reviews. Soft, durable, and absorbent, the terry towels are machine-washable and dryer-safe for super easy care. Each set includes 12 large dish towels, measuring 15 by 25 inches. There are seven colors to choose from, including black, gray, and orange.

One positive review: "We use this for everything: cleaning up spills, wiping hands, drying dishes. They are very absorbent and have enough texture for scrubbing. Very happy with them!”


These Cotton Towels With An Absorbent Waffle Weave

These waffle-weave cotton towels are perfect for wiping down cups, glasses, and dinner plates. The lightweight towels have a honeycomb texture that helps make them super absorbent and quick-drying. They’re machine-washable and dryer-safe, and even have a built-in loop so you can hang them up. The towel set is available in 11 colors and comes in two sizes: 12 by 12 inches and 13 by 28 inches.

One positive review: "Not only do these match my home decor, but they are very soft and absorbent. I am impressed with how thick they are and even after a couple of times going through the dryer they still stay soft [...] It makes it easy to dry the dishes too.”


A Cotton Towel Set That Comes In Tons Of Styles

In addition to being strong and absorbent, these dish towels come in colorful styles that will brighten any kitchen. Made from 100% cotton, the towels are available in 21 different prints, including florals, dots, and lots of multi-colored striped options. They’ve earned an overall 4.7-star rating on Amazon with more than 2,000 reviewers weighing in. Each towel measures 20 by 30 inches and you can choose from packs of three and six.

One positive review: "I love these dish cloths! They are absorbent and a nice generous size. Also I love the color and design of them. They wash up very well and hold their shape.”


These Plush Microfiber Dish Towels

Super-absorbent and incredibly soft, these microfiber dish towels are lightweight, quick-drying, and durable. They feature a textured lattice design and measure 26 by 18 inches. Another Amazon favorite, these hand towels have earned a 4.7-star overall rating with more than 4,000 reviewers weighing in. They’re machine-washable, can be dried on low heat, and have convenient hanging loops for easy storage. Choose from nine colors.

One positive review: "Very absorbent, make sure you follow washing instructions to keep the absorbency to the max. I love these dish towels, they dry dishes, pots and pans in a second. Great for glass containers too.”


A Linen Towel Set That’s Great For Delicate Dishes

Made from 100% handwoven linen, these dish towels are naturally absorbent and uniquely textured. Sold in a set of two, each quick-drying towel is great for drying delicate dishes and cleaning spills. They’re machine-washable (and get softer with every wash), can be dried on low heat, and have loops so you can hang them up. The towels measure 17 by 26 inches and you can choose from 16 colors and styles.

One positive review: “They dry very well and leave no watermarks. Great for drying dishes, especially glasses. They leave no lint on my glassware.”


These Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Towels

If you’re looking for organic cotton dish towels, this set has a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating and more than 800 reviews. They’re Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified and generously sized at 28 by 28 inches. According to reviewers, the towels are easy to machine wash and dry, and washing them before the first use will help them become even more absorbent. They also have built-in loops for hanging. You can choose from five neutral colors, including creamy white and gray.

One positive review: "I love these so much! They are a large size, thick and soft and perfect! Great for straining homemade cheeses, drying dishes and whatever else you could think to use them for.”


A Dozen Cotton Dish Towels WIth A Classic Stripe Design

The crisp, striped design of these cotton towels is a staple in home and restaurant kitchens. The ring-spun, 100% cotton weave is strong and made to withstand many loads of dishes. Each towel measures 15 by 25 inches and is lightweight, absorbent, and lint-free. The dish towels are machine-washable and dryer-safe as well. More than 9,000 Amazon shoppers have given this 12-piece towel set a five-star rating, and you can choose from four colors: red, gray, green, and blue.

One positive review: "The towels work great for drying dishes as they are thin, strong and absorbent. When washing dishes I usually have to get out a couple of towels for drying because they get so drenched. I do not have to do that with these.”


These Cotton Towels That Come In 40+ Gorgeous Prints

These cotton dish towels come in 42 pretty prints, including floral, fruity, and nature-inspired designs. The absorbent, 100% cotton towels measure 20 by 27.5 inches and are machine-washable, dryer-safe, and have loops for hanging. You can choose from sets of two or three. Plus, these towels have an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon and more than 4,000 reviews.

One positive review: "Love these kitchen towels. Not only do they look so pretty in my kitchen, they are fantastic for drying hands, dishes, or using to cover rising dough.”


A Set Of Microfiber Towels In Matching Colors And Prints

Featuring a coordinated mix of solid colors and prints, this microfiber towel set is both stylish and super absorbent. Sold in a set of four, each towel measures 26 by 18 inches and feels extremely thick and soft. The durable towels are machine-washable, can be dried on low heat, and have built-in hanging loops. Choose from seven styles.

One positive review: "Great size, they look super nice, dry the dishes completely and do not retain the water in them.”


These Large Cotton Dish Towels That Are So Versatile

Measuring 28 by 28 inches, these large dish towels are well-sized for any kitchen task. The towels are made from highly absorbent ring-spun cotton and are lightweight, quick-drying, and lint-free. They’re also machine-washable and dryer-safe for easy care. There are five color options, including sage green, beige, and crisp white, and the towels are backed by a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 18,000 reviews.

One positive review: "Best kitchen cloths ever! They soak up water super quick they do not leave lint on your dishes and they have a simple and clean look!”


This Affordable Set Of Cotton Dish Towels

Made from high-quality, OEKO-TEX-certified cotton terry, these Sticky Toffee dish cloths are thick, durable, and absorbent. Sold in an eight-pack, the towels are available in 16 colors and styles. You can choose from two sizes: 12 by 12 inches and 28 by 16 inches. The towels are also machine-washable and dryer-safe. Plus, this set has amassed an incredible 10,000 five-star ratings.

One positive review: "These towels dry up better than any others I have used! The texture is absorbent but not rough. They did not lint in the wash, and they look great hanging in our kitchen.”


This Pre-Washed Towel Set In Vibrant Prints

Made in India, these patterned dish towels come in six fun prints, including floral, pineapple, and teapot designs. The durable and absorbent towels are made from ring-spun cotton and are pre-washed for even greater absorbency. The towels measure 18 by 28 inches and are machine-washable and dryer-safe for easy care. They also have convenient hanging loops. Choose from sets of three and six.

One positive review: "These are great. Absorb well but dry fast. Smell fresh after days of use. And stains come out easily with stain remover spray. Also cute designs.”


These Cotton Towels In Abstract Modern Designs

These absorbent cotton dish towels have unique designs, including botanicals, line drawings, and abstract shapes. The quick-drying towels are lightweight and on the larger side at 26 by 20 inches, so perfect for bigger jobs The brand has 12 styles to choose from, all of them machine-washable and dryer-safe, and each towel has a loop for hanging.

One positive review: "Perfect! Thicker towels don’t dry as well after doing dishes, etc. I use these for everything. Spills. Cooking. Cleaning. I’ve gotten very pigmented stains on them and they come out easily with a bit of stain remover spray. Look like new every time I wash them and smell fresh for a good week of use.”