The 4 Best Mops For Hardwood Floors

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If you have ever installed, treated, repaired, or sealed hardwood floors in your home, you know how expensive it can get. The last thing you want to do is ruin your expensive wood floors with an inferior cleaning product. The best mops for hardwood floors will clean your floors without risk of damaging them in the process — and some models even work double duty cleaning other surfaces.

But what is the best type of mop for hardwood floors? There are a few good options for cleaning hardwood floors, but a microfiber mop is probably your best bet. A mop that cleans with microfiber is generally preferred over a conventional mop because it can attract and retain dirt and liquids better than other mops. The shape of the microfiber is the secret to why it's so effective: it works like a squeegee that picks up dirt and other messes and holds onto it instead of dragging it around. That being said, if you have the money to invest in a mop, there are higher tech electric mops that take the arm work out of lifting dirt and grime and can leave your floors looking polished.

It should also be noted that the cleaning agent you use while mopping hardwood floors is equally important, and it's best to stay away from harsh chemicals and choose more natural cleaning methods. Wood floors should be damp-mopped only — it's important to avoid saturating the floor with excess water. As far as cleaning agents go, make sure you read labels carefully and only select cleaners that are made for sealed wood. When in doubt, a little white vinegar diluted in water works like a charm.

These four hardwood floor mops will take some of the stress out of cleaning and protecting your flooring.


The Best Mop & Bucket For Hardwood: O-Cedar Spin Mop & Bucket

The best thing you can do for your hardwood floors is keep harsh chemicals, soap, and excessive amounts of water as far away from them as possible. This is easier to do when you use a microfiber mop that has electrostatic properties and can attract dirt and grime without serious detergents.

This mop and bucket system features a mop with a built-in wringer and a bucket with a foot pedal that allows you to remove excess water from the mop without using your hands. Depending on how much water you wring out, you can mop hardwood floors with nothing more than a damp microfiber pad, which is safer for sealed wood. The bucket even has a splash guard to keep water from spilling out onto floors.

Another unique feature this mop offer is its triangular head that reaches deep into corners. Plus, it's designed with a 360-degree rotation so you can easily slide it under furniture.

This mop boasts more than 30,000 positive ratings on Amazon — and at $30, it won't break the bank.

One rave review: "I love the spinning feature that removes excess water. It leaves just enough water in the mop to clean the floor without leaving it too wet. I was a little skeptical at first, but it works like a charm. I have hardwood floors throughout my house, so I do a lot of mopping. It is fun to use."


The Best For Wet & Dry: MEXERRIS Microfiber Floor Mop For Hardwoods

Considering how much grime and bacteria your mop comes into contact with every time you clean, there's something comforting about this microfiber mop, which has removable and washable cloths that you can use over and over again. The mop cloth also conveniently comes in a pack of four, so you'll never be without a fresh one. This mop also comes with one dirt removal scrubbing pad that's great for stubborn caked-on messes. And its 360-degree swivel pole adjusts to different heights and makes cleaning in tight spots a lot easier. Over 2,000 Amazon users clean their house with this mop.

One rave review: "This is a good mop-like tool made specifically for hardwood floors. But I also use it to clean my bathroom. It has an easy to remove cloth that comes with two replacements. It has a long handle which is nice for tall people like myself. The cloths that come with the mop are very [absorbent] and seem like they will last a while. This is excellent for cleaning my hardwood floors as well."


The Best Mop & Vacuum Hybrid: Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max

This luxury (and seriously fancy) hybrid mop is for you if your motto while mopping your floors is: the less you have to do, the better. It eliminates the need to vacuum (or sweep) first and then mop, because it cleans everything from sealed hard floors to rugs. It's cordless and can run on a single charge for 30 minutes. It even has a self-cleaning cycle so you don't have to deal with cleaning the mop head (because that can be the most tedious task of all!). It's capable of picking up pet hair with ease, and there's a special filter inside for catching the hair so it doesn't mix with the dirty water. Plus, there's something especially cool about this product that pet owners will love: With every purchase, Bissell helps support homeless pets through the Bissell Pet Foundation.

One rave review: "LOVE THIS! [...] This product has made my life so much easier. My entire house is tile and hardwood floors and it cuts my cleaning time in half. I have 2 cats and a toddler so I constantly have things to clean up, but this makes it so easy. It doesn’t dispense too much cleaner so it dries really quickly. I also love that it doesn’t reuse any of the dirty water to clean the floors. You will have to rinse out all the components and let them dry between uses, but that only takes about 2 minutes and is nothing compared to the time it would take to sweep and mop with traditional products. GREAT [buy]. Totally worth the money."


The Best Steam Mop: PurSteam ThermaPro 10-In-1 Steam Mop

Steam mops can be polarizing — either you love using one or you find them cumbersome. If you consider yourself a member of the first group, give this steam mop a try on your wood flooring. It has more than 3,800 ratings on Amazon and is safe for a variety of surfaces, including sealed hardwood, vinyl, marble, ceramic, and laminate flooring. What's more, this nifty household tool comes with accessories that help you steam garments, furniture, and even carpets.

The advantage of using a steam mop is you don't need cleaners that contain chemicals and can ruin your wood floors. Steam alone can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. But make sure you only use this steam mop on sealed hardwood floors — steam can damage bamboo floors and wood floors that have only been pre-sealed or factory sealed.

One rave review: "Works great on my hardwood floors! [...] Super easy assembly and simple to use. Works great on hardwood floors! Pull-out attachment for hand-held does a great job cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces."

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