The 8 Best Tension Shower Rods That You Can Install Without Power Tools

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When it comes to hanging up a shower curtain, there’s no easier or more affordable solution than a tension shower rod. The best tension shower rods are simple to install and don’t require the use of power tools. As their name implies, these rods rely on tension from the springs contained inside of them to hold up a shower curtain, rather than depending on nails or screws. That makes them ideal for renters or anyone who simply doesn’t want to drill into the tiled walls of their shower.

While most tension shower rods are rustproof and generally secure, you should keep an eye out for one that is strong enough to hold up the weight of your specific shower curtain. This is especially true if you know you have a heavier shower curtain made out of a thicker fabric, like canvas, or if you have heavy, decorative curtain hooks.

Next, look at the shape of your bathroom and tub. Some bathtubs lend themselves to a curved shower rod — a style that can offer you more space while you bathe — whereas others work best with a standard straight design. For the fastest drying time, pick up a double curtain rod that holds your shower liner and curtain on separate rungs, allowing them to dry quicker.

In addition to function, design-conscious shoppers may also want to select a rod that matches their bathroom decor. Luckily, tension rods come in a variety of finishes and styles to choose from. Scroll down to check out some of the best tension shower rods you can find on Amazon.

1. The Overall Best Tension Shower Rod, All Things Considered

With a glowing, 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 22,000 reviewers have chimed in, this best-selling tension rod is the complete package. The shower rod is designed with a large plate at each end to prevent it from slipping down tile walls, a common issue with standard tension rods. It also is super strong and can hold up to 30 pounds of weight. Choose from several finishes, including stainless steel and brass, to match the design of your bathroom. Plus, this rod is guaranteed to be rust-proof for at least five years.

One reviewer wrote: “Very, very sturdy and dependable. We us this in our spare bathroom to hang heavy wetsuits and other SCUBA equipment after our dives. It is super easy to install, extremely sturdy, and has shown zero signs of rust after nearly a year of use.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 27 — 73 inches
  • Available finishes: 6

2. A Budget-Friendly Tension Shower Rod That’s Under $20

To cut straight to the point: This tension rod is a bargain. Not only does it have a sleek, contemporary design, but it’s available in three sizes to fit showers from 26 inches to 90 inches in length. You can even pick between five different finishes, including white and black as well as nickel, chrome, and bronze. While the rod is rust-resistant and has garnered an overall 4.5-star rating on Amazon, some reviewers have noted that it can start to corrode after long-term use and one shopper noted that they “wouldn’t hang anything heavy from it.” So buyers should beware that it may not be the longest-lasting rod for inside a humid, wet bathroom.

One reviewer wrote: “Sturdy and strong [...] Great tension rod, easy to use, works well, pretty. Exactly what I needed. Some tension rods give me tension headaches trying to install, but not this one! Well worth the price.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 26 — 90 inches
  • Available finishes: 5

3. A Sleek-Looking Curved Tension Rod For Showers

There’s nothing more annoying than a shower curtain that sticks to you. That’s what makes this curved tension shower rod so appealing. The curved design of this corrosion-resistant, stainless steel rod provides you with more elbow room and keeps the curtain at a further distance, so it’s less likely to make contact with you while you’re showering. Plus, it has decorative covers that snap over the tension mounting, giving this rod an elegant look. Moen also backs their products with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure it’ll last a while.

One reviewer wrote: “I didn’t want to mess up my walls with screwing in a rod that had a tension rod for 20 something years. This was a perfect solution and looks great! Very impressed with the quality. Was a lot easier to get mounted with 2 people but could be done with 1 if you have enough patience to readjust. [...] Feels like the shower is much bigger now from the expanded top. The curtain no longer sticks to your body when showering!”

  • Fits shower sizes: 57 — 60 inches
  • Available finishes: 1

4. A Double Rod With Rungs For A Shower Curtain & Liner

Buying a double tension rod, like this aluminum one, is the way to go if you'd like to hang up your shower curtain and liner separately. (Doing so may reduce a curtain’s drying time and prevent mildew and mold from forming.) Available in a nickel or chrome finish, this lightweight, rust-proof rod comes in one size that fits showers measuring between 44 and 72 inches. It’s also easy to install: Simply extend both sides of the rod to the wall and twist. Although it works as a tension rod, you also have the option of permanently mounting this rod to a wall with screws, should you want to use it for a different purpose or in a different space at any point.

One reviewer wrote: “Well constructed and fairly easy to install following direction. A little challenging to tighten and lock two rods, but managed with a little effort. I guess it was designed to allow towels to be hung from one rod, but we preferred to use so inner and outer curtains can be moved independently.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 44 — 72 inches
  • Available finishes: 2

5. A Double Tension Shower Rod That’s Also Curved

As the name implies, this doubled curved rod features two curved rungs instead of one, which allows you the freedom to hang your shower curtain and liner separately. As a bonus, the curved design adds 9 more inches of precious elbow room as you bathe. The silvery chrome rods are made with rust-proof aluminum, and are also available in a more muted nickel finish.

One reviewer wrote: “In a world of cheaply made goods, this one is a treasure. Added space and beauty all at once while stopping water flying out to the floor. Space added with the shape. Beauty added because I was able to add a decorative curtain on the outer rod. Inner rod allowed me to bend the clear shower curtain inward preventing the pooling of water on the floor better than traditional straight across curtains. Construction is sturdy. Would I buy it again or recommend it to friends? Absolutely.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 50 — 72 inches
  • Available finishes: 2

6. An Extra Sturdy & Wide Tension Rod For Showers

This ultra-sturdy tension shower rod holds up to a whopping 66 pounds. It’s made with rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the end caps have a nonslip material that protects walls and tile from damage. It also stretches the widest of all the options on this list, so you can use it in extra-large spaces. Shop it in three finishes, including black, brown, and stainless steel.

One reviewer wrote: “Fits well, holds up fairly heavy curtain. Good purchase.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 51 — 165 inches
  • Available finishes: 3

7. A Tension Shower Rod With Stylish Accents

If you want something with some pizazz, you might appreciate this stylish shower rod. The marble-like spheres lend it a refined touch, and one reviewer described it as having “an elegant look.” It’s only available in a satin nickel finish, but it promises to stay free of rust. It can bear the weight of shower curtains up to 30 pounds, and thanks to its grippy end caps, it shouldn’t slip or slide when secured in place.

One reviewer wrote: “This looks good in my master bathroom! The ends match my counters and the metal matches the sink fixtures. Every time I look at it I keep thinking, "I choose well!" Easy to install, too, just like any other tension rod. Definitely recommend.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 42 — 72 inches
  • Available finishes: 1

8. A Tension Shower Rod That Comes With A Set Of Curtain Rings

If you don’t have curtain rings on hand, consider snagging this tension shower rod set, which comes with 12 curtain rings so you can set it up right away. The rust-resistant stainless steel rod has a maximum capacity of 30 pounds, and it’s designed to stay up on both smooth and textured surfaces. Reviewers have praised how sturdy and easy to install it is — especially for such a reasonable price.

Positive Amazon review: “I love that the matching rings came with the rod. Great price and quality especially since it came with everything needed to hang my shower curtain.”

  • Fits shower sizes: 28 — 84 inches
  • Available finishes: 3

Also Great: These Tension Shower Rod Holders

Sturdy as the strongest tension shower rod may be, these tension shower rod holders can reassure you that the rod will stay up on the off-chance that it starts to slip. They’re made of plastic and come in black and white options to best suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. You can mount them to your shower wall or tile with adhesive or screws, depending on your preference.

One reviewer wrote: “Put this up in my shower a few months ago and it’s still going strong. My bathroom has no window, just an air vent. Even with how steamy and humid it can get, it has not been affected whatsoever. Highly recommend!”

  • Available finishes: 2

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