The 10 Best Doormats For Cleaning Shoes

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by Ileana Morales Valentine
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You'd likely prefer to leave mud, snow, dirt, rain, and sand outside your home. The best doormats for cleaning shoes are made of materials tough enough to prevent shoes (or paws) from tracking those messes inside. While outdoor doormats are the best first line of defense, using an indoor doormat as well will capture any remaining dirt or moisture before stepping inside — for maximum cleanliness in your entryway, both kinds are included here.

Outdoor Mats

The best outdoor mats are often textured to scrape away debris like mud, dirt, leaves, and even sand if you’re near the beach. They’re made of tough fibers like coir, which is durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions, so it's great for any doorway and particularly durable for uncovered doorways. Plus, this natural material also resists mold and mildew.

If you live in a rainy or snowy area, a woven or rope-textured coir mat may be best for draining water on an outdoor mat. Consider coir mats reinforced with rubber backing to safely keep it in place, especially during wet conditions. However, since rubber can crack in extremely cold weather, it may be better suited to warmer climates or seasons. For a backing that stands up to winter weather, PVC is a better bet.

Indoor Mats

Though outdoor doormats are sometimes used inside, their tougher materials are more comfortable to use on shoes than bare feet. The best indoor doormats are often made of absorbent materials that are softer on bare feet, like cotton chenille and polypropylene. Cotton chenille is great as it’s especially soft and absorbent, as well as a natural material. Polypropylene is also relatively soft and will soak up moisture, with the added benefit of being stain-resistant.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the best doormats for cleaning shoes, including a boot brush to really scrub soles. I've also included dimensions for each pick, which is especially worth noting with indoor doormats to make sure they fit comfortably under an opening door.

Shop The Best Doormats For Cleaning Shoes

In a hurry? These are the best doormats for cleaning shoes:

  1. The Overall Best: PLUS Haven Coir Doormat
  2. The Outdoor Doormat That Traps Up To A Pound Of Dirt: Clean Machine AstroTurf Doormat
  3. The Best Outdoor Doormat That Allows Water To Drain: Rubber-Cal Scraper Mat
  4. The Best Indoor Doormat For Muddy Paws & Shoes: Gorilla Grip Indoor Doormat
  5. The Most Stylish Indoor Doormat: Refetone Indoor Doormat
  6. The Best Extra-Large Doormat: Cosyearn Jumbo Doormat
  7. The Best Decorative Rounded Outdoor Doormat: Mibao Half Round Door Mat
  8. A Rainbow Mat For A Jolt Of Color: Novogratz Rainbow Doormat
  9. This 2-Pack Of Shoe-Scraping Doormats: Sierra Concepts Welcome Mats (2-Pack)
  10. This Indoor Doormat With A Bold, Geometric Print: Varma Doormat
  11. Also Great: Mr. Boot Brush Cleaner


The Overall Best Outdoor Doormat

This outdoor doormat is made of heavy-duty coir with a PVC backing to keep it in place. It has the largest surface area out of the picks on this list, so it’ll clean your shoes — and everyone else’s. This has an overall rating of 4.4-stars out of five on Amazon after more than 3,200 reviews, and buyers love its high quality and durability; shoppers report this doormat handles winter weather, and particularly snow, really well. To clean the mat, just shake it out or vacuum the mat every now and then.

A helpful review: “I purchased this for my back door patio entrance and it’s survived heavy rainfall, heavy snow, and tons of mud from muddy boots since then and it’s held up very well for all the elements thrown at it. No rips, no tears, and the bristles gets the mud off the bottom of my boots very well. Very happy with this investment.”

  • Dimensions: 17 x 30 inches


The Outdoor Doormat That Traps Up To A Pound Of Dirt

Homes with pets or lots of dirty shoes coming and going will fare far better with one of these dirt-trapping doormats at every entrance. The heavy-duty AstroTurf surface features thick bristles designed to scrape dirt, sand, mud, and snow off of shoes or paws. Underneath the grass-like plastic blades, the polypropylene mat with recycled rubber backing can hold up to a pound of dirt and debris. Best of all, the dirt and debris are hidden underneath the turf, so your entryway always looks tidy. To clean all that out, all you need to do is give the mat a good shake or rinse it out with a hose.

A helpful review: “I have had the backyard mat for over 5 years and it is still great condition. It does a great job trapping dirt and debris and is easy to clean. Highly recommended!”

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 29.5 inches; 23.5 x 35.5 inches
  • Available colors: 3


The Best Outdoor Doormat That Allows Water To Drain

Like my first pick, this outdoor doormat for cleaning shoes is made of coir fiber. What's unique is its design which allows water to drain to help prevent the mat from getting waterlogged. This drainage makes it a great choice for someone who lives in a rainy or snowy climate. Just know that this one may not stay in place as well as my first pick because the drainage ability means there's no rubber backing. This pick is especially good for scraping shoes clean because the coir fibers are wired at an angle to access the grooves of a shoe's sole and remove dirt.

Plus, reviewers also report that this is a particularly great doormat for keeping sand out of the house. To clean the mat, just shake off the dirt or brush or vacuum it.

A helpful review: “The mat is great! It takes care of dirt when you wipe your feet on it preventing you from tracking it into the house. The bristles and wire coils are sturdy and can take what you give it.”

  • Dimensions: 18 x 30 inches


The Best Indoor Doormat For Muddy Paws & Shoes

A high-quality indoor doormat with textured nubs can help put an end to muddy paws tracking in dirt through your home. This machine-washable mat is made of plush cotton chenille and has a rubber backing so it won't move around as you, your family, guests, or pets walk over it. Choose from more than a dozen colors and some patterns, including brown, green, and blue. This doormat has a 4.7-star rating after more than 13,000 reviews, including from shoppers who love this mat for being so soft, absorbent, and effective at trapping mud and grime. Choose from a wide range of sizes to find the mat that’s a perfect fit for your space.

A helpful review: “These mats are amazing!! They don’t slide, they wash wonderfully, the robot vacuum goes over them with ease and gets them perfectly cleaned! I’ve put them throughout my house! Highly recommend!”

  • Dimensions: Six sizes ranging from 20 x 30inches to 24 x 70 inches
  • Available colors and styles: 20


The Most Stylish Indoor Doormat

This stylish indoor doormat can also keep your home's floors clean. It's made of polypropylene, which absorbs water and mud, with slightly raised fibers that offer enough texture to scrape any remaining dirt, sand, and other debris off of shoes. A thermoplastic rubber nonskid backing helps to keep it in place.

This doormat comes in a neutral white and tan geometric pattern, as well as five other geometric patterns and color combinations. Easily keep it clean with a vacuum brush or hose; you can also machine wash it if it needs to be deep cleaned.

A helpful review: “The rug is great. It holds the dirt and water from my dogs when they come inside from the yard... which is exactly what it is supposed to do. So great purchase!”

  • Dimensions: 20 x 32 inches; 24 x 36 inches; 32 x 48 inches
  • Available styles: 3


The Best Extra-Large Doormat

Now, if you’re looking for an extra-large doormat with enough coverage to cover double doors, this is the one for you. The jumbo mat extends more than 15 inches beyond my top pick, and it’s suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It’s made of highly-durable polyvinyl with deep grooves that capture dirt and mud on shoes. The waterproof mat is also cushioned with nonslip backing. To clean, just shake it off or spot clean it as needed.

A helpful review: “It’s one of the first mats I’ve found that actually does NOT move while placed on the floor and stays consistently. It’s amazing. It’s a lot easier wiping your feet when the door mat isn’t moving everywhere. Definitely a great product for our household!”

  • Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches; 35 x 46 inches
  • Available colors: 3


The Best Decorative Rounded Outdoor Doormat

For an outdoor doormat that's as practical as it is decorative, this unique semi-circle mat fits the bill. The simple but striking pattern won't fade in the sun as many printed mats do, and its rubber backing keep it in place. Made out of raised polypropylene fibers, the mat’s surface is effective at trapping mud and debris before it reaches your floors. The texture from the pattern's sections also helps with getting dirt off shoes. Finally, it’s easy to keep clean by just beating the mat against a wall to shake stuff out or vacuuming the surface.

A helpful review: “Looks exactly like the picture! Colors are great, very heavy and sturdy, doesn’t slide around when used for its intended purpose (wiping feet!). Decorative and functional — very pleased with my purchase!”

  • Dimensions: 18 x 30 inches; 24 x 36 inches
  • Available colors: 4


A Rainbow Mat For A Jolt Of Color

This rainbow doormat offers a bolder and brighter jolt of color that’ll liven up any porch. It’s made of durable coir with heavy-duty PVC backing to keep it in place. Reviewers rave about this mat’s vibrant colors, which a shopper reports hold up well even after a season of summer sun and weather. The medium-pile height of the mat lends itself to use inside or outside, and you can simply periodically shake it out to clean.

A helpful review: “This mat was the perfect addition to our entryway. It's durable and well made, but still vibrant and pretty to look at!”

  • Dimensions: 18 x 30 inches


This 2-Pack Of Shoe-Scraping Doormats

You’re covered at your front door and back door with this pair of low-profile doormats. They’re made of durable polyester and recycled PVC and include nonslip backing that can help fight moisture leaks. Dirt and grime easily escape your shoes (and paws) with the mats’ ribbed texture.

A helpful review: “These are perfect! They look neat and stay in place, and they are sturdy but thin enough to lay flat against the carpet. They serve my purpose well and were reasonably priced.”

  • Dimensions: 17 x 30 inches
  • Available colors: 6


This Indoor Doormat With A Bold, Geometric Print

For a soft doormat with a splash of pattern and color, try this beautiful geometric mat in shades of blue. It’s made of both soft microfiber and raised polypropylene so it’s comfortable on bare feet or your pet’s paws but can also scrape debris off of shoes. The rubber backing gives it a nonslip hold, but keep in mind this is a mat designed only for indoor use. Cleaning is super easy since it’s machine-washable and can be vacuumed.

A helpful review: “I bought this to replace a coir rug we have had for 6 years. This is so pretty! We live in Florida and this rug has a perfect ocean wave vibe. It's soft and not too thick so I can open the door without it moving. Glad I bought it.”

  • Dimensions: 20 x 32 inches


Also Great: A Boot Brush

For an extra line of defense against dirt, mud, and other grime, keep a boot brush cleaner near your doormat. This model can be mounted indoors or outdoors to scrape clean the bottoms of both boots and shoes. Reviewers rave about the quality of this heavy-duty pick and how well it cleans with such little effort, thanks to its stiff bristles.

A helpful review: “Easy to install on the front porch and has been amazing at cleaning our shoes before we enter. It has eliminated so much mess from my entry and reduced how often I have to sweep!”

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