The 8 Best Indoor Door Mats For Your Home

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Indoor door mats are a must when it comes to protecting your floors from dirt and debris. The best indoor door mats are made of absorbent and durable materials that are comfortable enough to walk on but strong enough to last. These mats should feature a non-slip backing (often made of rubber) so they won’t slide around. It’s also important that the mats are easy to clean, with a low profile (ideally under 1/2 inch thick) to avoid getting in the way of your door.

Indoor mats can be made from a number of materials with a variety of benefits. Polypropylene is strong, absorbent, and comfortable to walk on. Rubber mats are water-resistant and extremely durable. Many mats also feature raised rubber or polypropylene designs, which help scrape dirt, mud, sand, and other debris off the bottom of shoes. If you like to go barefoot, cotton or microfiber mats are extra-soft, so they'll feel great on the feet, plus they're very absorbent. Both rubber and microfiber mats can be super helpful if you need a doormat for dogs, too. That said, while lots of mats can be used outdoors as well as indoors, softer mats are usually indoor-only. These may not capture as much in the way of debris as outdoor door mats, but are a useful second line of defense when it comes to ensuring that your doormats thoroughly clean shoes without allowing dirt into the rest of the house.

Regardless of which material you choose for your door mat, it’s going to get dirty — so it’s important that your mat be easy to clean. Many can be vacuumed, but some are conveniently machine washable. Cotton or microfiber mats are especially prone to getting moldy or mildewy, so be sure to clean them frequently. Some doormats can look fairly stylish, but they do tend towards function over fashion, so if you want to decorate your doorway, you might enjoy pairing them with a pretty, functional entryway rug.

These indoor door mats boast thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon. Reviewers indicate that these mats are super functional and plenty stylish, too.


A Fan-Favorite Door Mat For Indoor & Outdoor Use

It’s no wonder that this door mat from Gorilla Grip has such a large group of fans on Amazon. The mat — which boasts a 4.6-star rating among 23,000 and growing reviews — is both stylish and functional. And it can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you plenty of placement options.

The mat is made from a slightly raised woven polypropylene fabric that is excellent at trapping dirt. The rubber beveled border prevents moisture, mud, and other debris from exiting the mat — keeping your floors totally clean. It even has an all-rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding around. And with a 1/4-inch height, this pick is plenty thin, meaning it won't interfere with door clearance.

There are several ways that you can clean this indoor door mat. Vacuum it with a hand-held vacuum, sweep it with a broom, or even just shake it off. For a deeper clean, wipe the mat with a damp cloth and mild soap, or even spray it with a garden hose outside. Just allow the mat to fully air dry before using it again.

This pick comes in a wide variety of designs and colors (and shapes), so surely you’ll find one that matches your home’s decor. It also boasts a 10-year warranty — something that’s hard to come by for indoor door mats.

Helpful Amazon review: "We are using this as an indoor rug, right as people/dogs come in from the outdoor patio. While it costs more than many other options, it's perfect for our needs. It's catching the dirt from outside, it's absorbing moisture, and it's fairly low profile. The rubber backing makes it very safe for all of us."

  • Available sizes: 17 x 29 inches, 23 x 35 inches, 35 x 23 inches, 47 x 35 inches, 60 x 24 inches, and 72 x 24 inches


A Budget-Friendly Indoor / Outdoor Door Mat

This door mat from LuxUrux is the perfect budget-friendly pick, since it’s cheap but also highly functional. The door mat is great at trapping dirt and other debris — the woven polypropylene fabric and rubber border both work wonders when it comes to cleaning the bottoms of your shoes. The mat also has a rubber backing, so it won't slide around when walked on. And don’t worry — it’s only 1/4 inch high, so it won’t get in the way of your door.

For a quick clean, you can sweep or vacuum the mat, or even just shake it off. For a deeper clean, wipe the mat with a damp cloth and mild soap, or rinse it with a hose.

The mat is available in multiple color options, sizes, and styles, as well as in packs of one or two. It can be used inside or outside your home.

Helpful Amazon review: "These mats are reasonably priced but still look very nice. Thin enough that the door goes over but thick enough to clean off the dog feet. I ordered 2 more for my other doors."

  • Available sizes: 2 x 6 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 4 x 6 feet, 4 x 8 feet, 4 x 10 feet, 16 x 24 inches, 17 x 30 inches, 23 x 35 inches, and 24 x 16 inches


A Subtly Patterned Door Mat That Can Be Machine Washed & Dried

For a low-key but decidedly not boring look, this indoor/outdoor doormat from Hicorfe is a great option that you can even machine wash and dry so that it continues to look fresh and clean. Made from soft polypropylene with a grooved pattern and non-slip rubber backing, the 0.4-inch doormat has a low enough profile to fit in most doorways. It comes in a handful of colors (both bold and neutral), all of which have the same pattern, and two different sizes.

Helpful Amazon review: “Easy to clean and ultra absorbent compared to others I’ve purchased on Amazon. Doesn’t come apart or leave little particles behind when you vacuum it. Will definitely be purchasing again”

  • Available sizes: 20 x 31.5 inches and 24 x 35 inches


A Welcome Mat That Removes Dirt And Debris From Shoes

This door mat from Ubdyo has a friendly “welcome” message on it, greeting guests as they enter your home. The mat features strips of polypropylene, which are fantastic for removing dirt and other debris from the bottom of shoes, and can be placed inside or outside your home. The rubber backing holds the mat firmly in place. And the mat’s low profile — 1/2 an inch, to be exact — will work for most doors.

To clean the mat, spray it with a hose, sweep it with a broom, vacuum it, or shake it off outdoors.

This pick is available in a few different color choices and patterns.

Helpful Amazon review: "I really like my new doormat! It’s really good quality. My favorite part is that it’s coarse enough to clean your shoes, but if you step on it barefoot or in socks, it won’t hurt your feet! I’ve already gotten compliments on it."

  • Available sizes: 29.5 x 17.7 inches


A Colorful Indoor Door Mat That’s Also Super Functional

For the ultimate combination of style and function, check out this indoor doormat from DEXI, which features colorful designs with raised patterns that help capture dirt and debris. The doormat comes in three different color combinations — one with different shades of blue, one that’s black and white, and one with a wider range of colors including blue and yellow — as well as a number of different sizes. A 1/2-inch profile should easily fit under most doors. The mat is made from durable polypropylene that can effectively absorb moisture, and it has a rubber backing so it won’t slide around. It can’t go in the washing machine, but you can vacuum or shake it out to get rid of debris, and you can rinse with a hose and air dry when it needs a more serious cleaning. It’s also worth noting that this is truly an indoor-only mat and not intended to stand up to outdoor conditions — but Amazon reviewers report that it’s truly astonishingly soft, which more than makes up for the loss of versatility.

Helpful Amazon review: “I use this mat at our main entrance which is off our deck. We live in a rural area and tend to track in dirt, gravel, etc. this mat stays in place, is absorbing and durable while at the same time comfortable and attractive. I shake it out between washings; it doesn’t show dirt. Excellent choice.”

  • Available sizes: 20 x 32 inches, 24 x 35 inches, 32 x 40 inches, 32 x 48 inches, 39 x 59 inches, and 47 x 67 inches


A Super Cozy Indoor Door Mat That’s Machine-Washable

Looking for an indoor door mat that’s easy to clean? This one from Delxo is your best bet; the mat can be tossed straight into the washing machine, which makes cleaning an absolute breeze.

The mat is made of a combination of cotton and microfiber, so it’s ultra-soft, yet highly absorbent. The high-quality rubber backing prevents the mat from sliding around when walked on. The mat has a fairly low profile at just a hair over 1/2 inch, but if your door has only a small amount of clearance, this mat might get in the way. Take a look at your door before you buy!

Reviewers on Amazon give this pick a solid 4.1-star rating on the site, among 6,000 reviews and growing reviews. A lot of reviewers commented that they were pleased that they could get such a cozy indoor door mat for under $20.

Choose from a handful of different color options.

Helpful Amazon review: "These mats are GREAT! Very thin but amazingly absorbent. My hallway and stairs stay so much cleaner with this mat at the threshold. Nice and thin so doors can swing over it easily. Absorbs every drop of wetness from shoes and boots just by walking over them. Buy several and put them at every door! I put them in front of my kitchen sink area too!”

  • Available sizes: 18 x 30 inches and 24 x 36 inches


A Textured Geometric Door Mat

If you’d prefer a textured mat to a fluffy one, this Hicorfe doormat has a gentle ribbed feel and low, 0.4-inch profile. It also has a super chic geometric pattern that makes it an aesthetic step up from some more rugged doormats. It comes in gray, charcoal, and light brown, all with a white design, in three different sizes. The mat is made from polypropylene with a rubber backing to prevent it from skidding or sliding on the floor. It can be used indoors or out, and you can even throw it in the washing machine to clean it, though you’ll want to be careful the water stays under 86 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Amazon reviewers, you’ll want to hang it to dry.

Helpful Amazon review: “This indoor door mat is non-slip and very durable. It is great value for the money spent, plus it is beautiful and keeps the dirt from shoes, at the tracking into the house.”

  • Available sizes: 20 x 31.5 inches, 24 x 35 inches, and 32 x 48 inches


A Durable All-Rubber Door Mat

Designed for high-traffic areas, this indoor door mat from CLIMATEX is made entirely of rubber, so it won’t budge when walked on. It has ridges that help to trap mud, water, sand, and other debris, keeping your floors mess-free, and has a super low profile (just 0.13 inches thick). The mat is easy to clean, too — simply spray it with a hose, and you’re good to go.

Amazon reviewers give this pick a 4.6-star rating on the site. Many reviewers indicated that this indoor door mat is especially great if you have kids or pets, since it's durable enough to hold up against even the biggest of messes. Choose from three different sizes (all of which are on the larger side), but it only comes in one color: black. Multiple reviewers have indicated that they were able to easily cut it to a custom size to better fit their space, while others were happy with the available sizes without needing to make alterations.

Helpful Amazon review: "I live in Florida and was tired of getting sand in my [apartment]. I have vinyl flooring and the sand would blow around my apartment, this solved my problem. Holds lots and lots of sand, dirt and other fine debris. Very durable and takes a beating, but looks like new!! [...] Love it!! Would definitely recommend!!"

  • Available sizes: 36 inches x 6 feet, 36 inches x 10 feet, and 36 inches x 20 feet