The Best Heated Blankets For Your Car

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Cold commutes, overnight road trips, lunch-break naps — there are so many situations in which the best heated blankets for your car come in handy. Since they're portable and way less expensive than heated seats, you can upgrade just about any ride with cozy, body-encompassing warmth; but do yourself a favor and do some research first. Not all heated throw blankets are created equal, and not all of them are made for your car.

Whenever you're dealing with technology, the possibility of error is amplified — both on your end and on the part of the manufacturer. First thing's first: Check to make sure that your car has a 12-volt accessory socket (also known as a "cigarette lighter"), as most portable heated blankets utilize these types of ports. If not, you can find options that use USBs or no power sources at all, though those are significantly harder to find.

Next, it's really important to read through the reviews and see what past buyers have to say. All electronics are prone to burn-outs, frayed wires, and even dangerous short-circuiting, but heated blankets are known for their mishaps. The best way to avoid the aforementioned? Check to see that real customers are happy with the durability and safety features.

In a hurry? These are the best heated blankets for your car.

1. The Overall Best Heated Blanket For Your Car: GREAT WORKING TOOLS Car Blanket

2. The Most Budget-Friendly Heated Blanket: Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

3. The Most Affordable One With An Auto Shut-Off Timer: MAXSA Large Heated Travel Blanket

4. The Best Non-Electric Heated Blanket: Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket

5. The Best Set of Heated Blankets: Zento Deals 12V Electric Blanket (2-Pack)

6. The Best USB-Heated Shawl: RTDEP USB Heated Shawl With Pillowcase

To make the shopping experience a little easier, I've picked out six of the best-rated heated blankets made specifically for your car — so whether you're an avid traveler, an early-morning commuter, or someone who's always cold, you can stay warm and cozy on the go.


The Overall Best Heated Blanket For Your Car

Pros: The GREAT WORKING TOOLS Car Blanket is an excellent pick because it's made from super-soft polyester fleece, and for another, it features three different heat settings and a timer that automatically turns off after 30, 45, or 60 minutes for your safety. And if that's not enough? The 8-foot cord is detachable so that you can toss the blanket in the washing machine when it needs a deep clean, too. One reviewer described, "Thick travel blanket, didn't feel wires underneath, warms up quickly & easy to wash."

Cons: Some find the 1-hour timer to be an inconvenience, since you have to restart the heat — but even so, this blanket has the longest-lasting timer on the list.

Dimensions: 55 by 40 inches

Available Colors: Gray


The Most Budget-Friendly Heated Blanket

Pros: If you're looking for a bargain, the Stalwart electric car blanket is it — and it also happens to be the number-one best-seller in automotive interior electric blankets. It plugs into any cigarette lighter (whether it's in your car, truck, or RV) and stays warm until you unplug it. Thanks to its 8-foot cord, even those in the back seat can stay cozy, and the thin-but-warm material folds up into a compact square for easy storage. According to reviewers, it "heats [up] fast and stays hot without getting too hot for comfort."

Cons: This one doesn't have a safety mechanism in place, so be sure to unplug it when it's not in use. It is not machine-washable.

Dimensions: 59 by 43 inches

Available Colors: Red plaid, green plaid, gray plaid, orange plaid, black and white checkered, navy blue


The Most Affordable One With An Automatic Shut-Off Timer

Pros: Despite its reasonable price, this polyester fleece electric blanket features a built-in automatic shut-off that you can set to 30 or 45 minutes, which not only prevents overheating but also prevents it from draining your car's battery. "This is a great blanket!," one reviewer raved. "It has two time settings which most of the blankets do not have. It gets nice and warm quickly."

Cons: The 7-foot cord is slightly shorter than that of other blankets, and the blanket cannot be machine-washed.

Dimensions: 57 by 41 inches

Available Colors: Red plaid, navy blue


The Best Non-Electric Heated Blanket

Pros: Blankets with DC-port plugs are a wonderful idea when your car is running — but what about when it's not? The Mambe extreme weather blanket has an average 4.8-star rating because it keeps you warm without the need for a power source. Instead, it utilizes a heat-reflective lining to trap your body heat under the surface, which is a life-saver for emergencies, camping, sporting events, or napping in the car while it's off. Even more impressive, this blanket is 100% waterproof and resistant to wind, rain, and other elements. "Warm to the max and zero wind will break through," one reviewer raves. "This blanket has made all outdoor sporting events a true pleasure."

Cons: This pick doesn't utilize a power source and is a lot more expensive than most other blankets. That said, you're paying for quality and longevity, so most reviewers say it's well worth the investment.

Dimensions: 58 by 84 inches

Available Colors: Red, royal blue, plum


The Best Set of Heated Blankets

Pros: Whether you've got two cars, two kids, or two people on your gift list who hate being cold, this large electric blanket comes in a double pack for under $50. The blankets plug into your car's DC power outlet and are made from soft fleece that resists pilling, felting, and flames. The easy-to-use attached remote allows you to toggle to the temperature of your choice (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit), and the auto shut-off kicks in after 45 minutes. "Nice and warm," says one reviewer. "Much better quality than I expected."

Cons: The automatic timer doesn't last as long as some other heated blankets, and the blankets don't appear to be machine washable.

Dimensions: 58 by 48 inches

Available Colors: Red plaid


The Best USB-Heated Shawl

Pros: Unlike most other portable options, this heated shawl uses a USB instead of a car adapter. That means you can plug it into your car's phone-charging port, but you can also power it using your laptop, charging brick, or even an external battery pack. Among its many brilliant features, this pick has a convenient zipper, a built-in timer with three options, a machine-washable flannel fabric, and a soft included case so you can transform it into a heated pillow within seconds. This machine-washable shawl plugs into any USB port — and it transforms into a heated pillow in seconds.

Cons: Some reviewers wish that the heating element in the shawl covered more surface area.

Dimensions: 48 by 36 inches

Available Colors: Black

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