The Best Walmart Products For Your Makeshift Home Office

Your WFH setup is about to get so much better.

by Kate Brierley
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If you're like many of us, your home now doubles as your makeshift home office (and school, and social hotspot — the list goes on). And maybe you never expected you would, but you're likely low-key missing many aspects of office life even as you enjoy that #WFH rhythm.

We're talking about those unexpected little things that made your workday smoother, from the fully-stocked coffee station to your desk-side filing cabinet with the ready-made storage you never had to think about. That's why we're bringing you the best Walmart products for your makeshift home office to make your work-from-home life all the much sweeter.

In so many home office setups, the necessary accouterments are just...kind of...there. We're not saying they just appeared out of thin air, but you may have made do with less-than-ideal solutions: a mess of wires under your desk, a semi-passable chair repurposed from another room, a computer monitor stacked on top of stray books. With a few tweaks and thoughtful purchases, however, it's possible to be far more comfortable and productive in your small home office, whether you're working in a free corner of a room or just a plain old dining room table. Read on for some key items from Walmart that offer an instant upgrade to your space.

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