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The "Things People Have Said To Me" TikTok Trend, Explained

The audacity is real.

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Chances are there’s at least one person in your social circle that seems to have zero filter. They’re the ones who always speak their thoughts, whether it’s by asking blunt questions or making brutally honest comments that are hard to hear. As your friend, though, you might know that they mean well regardless and appreciate their honesty. But... what if those biting questions or comments came from a stranger? Your reaction might not be so nice, in that case — and a certain TikTok trend that’s been going around is proof that people are, to put it simply, not so pleased when they get answers to questions they never asked.

Set to the song “Happiness” by singer Alexis Jordan, TikTokers are sharing “things people have said to me” videos that showcase the most offensive comments they’ve received. And they truly run the gamut: There have been over 155,800 videos shared in which users talk about responses they’ve gotten on everything from being married at a young age to being asexual. It’s safe to say that plenty of creators have heard some pretty audacious comments from others.

One viral example of this trend is a video with 2.7 million likes by user @burn4chlo. Her TikTok’s caption reads, “Things men have said to me when I asked them to wear a condom… PART TWO.” In the video, she shares that men have said things like, “Are you serious?” and “I’ll find someone else, then” after she requested that they wear a condom during sex. The chutzpah is real.

Another user, @myla.thebluestaffy, shared a video starring an undeniably adorable blue Staffordshire pup that gained over 1.3 million likes — proof that humans aren’t the only ones getting unsolicited opinions. The caption reads, “Things people have said to me on walkies,” and involves comments they’ve heard on dog walks like “Can I buy her off you?” and “Get that evil thing away from me.”

Many TikTokers have been using the “things people have said to me” trend to feature their struggles being single in their mid-twenties. Case in point? User @lifewithchristie’s TikTok, which garnered over 374,500 likes and is all about rude comments people have said to her for being 25 years old and having never had a boyfriend. She’s been told things like, “It will happen when you’re not looking for it” (a classic), and “You just have to learn to love yourself first.” If you can relate, you’re a saint for your patience.

There are endless examples of people using the “things people have said to me” TikTok trend — some hilarious, some outrageous, and some downright rude. Creating your own version of the trend is simple: Use the original sound and caption feature in the app’s video recorder and post away. It’s kind of a way to get justice, amirite?

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