47 Things Under $35 That Do Such A Good Job Of Upgrading Your Home

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Whether you're planning on a full-on makeover or just want to change up a few things, these affordable Amazon products will help you upgrade your home. From accessories like string lights and air plant terrariums to cozy sheet sets and silk pillowcases, this list has it all. There are also items like cold brew coffee makers and electric tea kettles that'll make life easier, as well as things like mountable spice racks, paper towel holder combos, and food storage containers that save tons of space.

Products like these can make a major impact on your home's overall ambiance, giving it a more relaxed, comfortable feel while making it easy to navigate day-by-day. The best part is that all of these things are available under $35, which means you don't have to break the bank — or leave your house — to purchase them. You can simply click "Add to Cart" and wait for your shipment. Just like that, your home makeover will begin. I mean, it doesn't get any better — or easier — than that.

So without further ado, it's time to check out these things that will upgrade your home in ways you'd never imagine. From pillows for your bath tub to faux fur rugs, I've got you covered.


These Food Storage Containers With Chalkboard Labels

Use these large storage containers to get organized. They're big enough to store cereal, sugar, flour, chips, and more — and they can be used in any area of the house. The set comes with four BPA-free plastic canisters, four measuring cups, and 24 chalkboard labels.


This Borosilicate Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Whip up your own personal cold brew in this coffee maker. It's made of borosilicate glass and works to extract coffee concentrate for a fresh and smooth taste. The product also has a rust-free filter and cap.


A Soft Polyester Microfiber Sheet Set With Deep Pockets

Made of polyester microfiber, this sheet set is soft and comfortable to snuggle up in at night. It comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with deep pockets and elastic to keep it in place, and two pillowcases. Choose your favorite of 14 colors.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King,


The Monitor Stand That Creates More Space On Your Desk

Use this monitor stand to reduce stress on your neck back, and eyes. This product comes fully assembled and can help you save tons of space in your home or office. It also comes with an anti-skid bottom to protect your desk and prevent slipping.


These LED Backlights That'll Give Your TV A Theater-Quality Glow

Whether you're watching a movie or playing music through your TV, these backlights will totally upgrade your experience. Not only will they help prevent eyestrain for the television screen itself, but they'll also provide an adjustable glow with your choice of colors and brightnesses. On top of that, you can set them to sync to your music.


These Blackout Curtains That Make It Easier To Sleep In When You Want To

Dim the lights for a cozy atmosphere at home with these blackout curtains. Each set comes with two panels to keep your home temperature-controlled while reducing light so you can sleep longer whenever you want to. Choose from an array of colors.


A Support Pillow That Helps Align Your Spine As You Rest

This wedge pillow will help protect the alignment of your back and spine, alleviating discomfort as you sleep. You can also use it to support your knees, legs, feet, or any other place you may need it. The pillow is made of high-density memory foam that stays sturdy throughout the night, and it also comes with a breathable cover that's easy to remove and clean in your washing machine.


This Electric Can Opener That Removes Lids In An Instant

Use this electric opener to effortlessly remove the lids of your canned goods. It features single-touch operation and comes with a power-cut blade and magnetic lid holder for easy use and convenience. The black design with chrome accents is sure to complement your kitchen while the overall gadget is small enough to fit neatly on your countertop.


The Sound Machine With A Decorative Wooden Design

You'll never sleep more comfortably than when you're using this sleep sound machine. It features 24 calming sounds in total, including white noise, ocean waves, babbling brook, campfire, lullaby, and more. What's great is that the built-in timer can automatically shut off at your convenience, while the stylish woodgrain design is small enough to take up little space.


An Easy-To-Install Set Of Gap Covers That Eliminates Mess Around Your Stove

These stove gap covers go over the spaces between your countertops and appliances. Made of non-slip, flexible silicone, they're resistant to heat and can be trimmed with scissors for simple and easy installation. Select from black, clear, or white.


A Memory Foam Bathroom Rug That Feels Good To Walk On

Made with thick memory foam, this bathroom rug feels plush under your feet. It's super absorbent and non-slip, so you shouldn't have to worry about losing your footing after stepping out of the shower. This style comes in a variety of colors and can be tossed into the washing machine for easy laundering in between uses.


The Comfy Bath Pillow You Need In Your Tub

Relax and unwind after a hard day at work with this comfy bath pillow. It's plush, cozy, and made with ergonomically designed neck support for ultimate comfort. The six vacuum suction cups ensure that it won't slide off during use, all while the outer materials are soft, washable, and machine washable.


These Under-The-Table Drawers That'll Help You Declutter Your Desk

Install this organizer under your desk for a space-saving solution that'll declutters your desktop. Made of lead-free ABS plastic, these drawers are equipped with the capacity to hold pens, paper clips, erasers, cell phones, and more. The design is easy to install and comes in two different colors that are sure to complement your office's decor.


A Soft Faux Fur Rug That Can Also Be Used On Couches & Chairs

This faux fur rug will not only look great in your living space, but it will also feel like a dream under your feet. It's made of quality artificial wool with a durable anti-skid backing, and it can even be used as decorative piece atop your couch or chair. Select your favorite of four colors.


This Set of 4 Floating Shelves For Wall Storage Anywhere

Upgrade your home's design aesthetic with this set of four floating shelves. Made with sturdy metal that can hold up to 15 pounds, the minimalist shelves are nearly invisible, and perfect for displaying books, picture frames, or small succulents. They’re super easy to mount to any wall with the included hardware.


This Stretchy Sofa Cover Will Transform Your Couch In Minutes

Revamp your living space with this simple couch cover. Made of knitted fabric, it easily pulls over your sofa to give it a completely new look. The outer comes textured with small checks that will look good on any piece of furniture. This machine-washable product will save you tons of money in the long run, giving you the ability to change your couch's look any time you want.


This 6-Speed Mixer That'll Help You Whip Up Your Favorite Treats In Minutes

Make cakes, loaves of bread, and other confections for family and friends using this simple hand mixer. It features six speeds and comes with its very own case for easy storage. The device comes complete with traditional beaters, dough hooks, and a whisk.


An Electric Tea Kettle That's Quick & Easy To Use

This electric kettle will prepare hot water for tea, instant coffee, hot cereals, and more within minutes. The best part? It has a removable infuser, so you can brew loose leaf tea with ease. Constructed with a cordless design that makes pouring easy, this tea kettle boils with a soft blue light and automatically shuts off for safety


This Modern Table Lamp That Stores & Charges Your Electronic Devices

This table lamp is just plain good at everything. It serves as a lighting source and has rapid charging ports along with grooves that can hold and store your electronic devices. The durable wood base and cream-colored lampshade offer a modern, streamlined look that will look amazing in any space.


These Vanity Mirror Lights That'll Give Your Bathroom A Glamorous Hollywood Feel

It'll be all lights, camera, action once you install this set of vanity mirror lights. They install quickly and easily without the need for wiring or tools, and they're even waterproof. The added smart touch dimmer allows you to adjust the light's brightness and turn them on and off as needed. Just stick them on and you're good to go.


A Kitchen Organizer That Creates More Storage Space For Your Utensils

Make the most of your kitchen drawer space with this utensil organizer. It features a unique design that allows you to stack compartments of cutlery to fit neatly into any drawer you choose. Made of sturdy gray plastic, you'll love having this container for many years to come.


These Bathroom Accessories Made With Decorative Bamboo

This five-piece set will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. It comes with a hand towel tray, a soap dish, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a matching waste basket. Crafted with durable bamboo and a stainless steel trim, this sleek set is also naturally bacteria and odor resistant.


This Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That's Soft Against Your Skin & Hair

These satin pillowcases will work beauty wonders, keeping your hair smooth and tangle-free as you sleep, while preventing pillow creases on your face. Cool to the touch, the temperature-regulating pillowcases feel (and look) super luxurious.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 23


An Air Plant Terrarium That'll Cheer Up Any Space

Give your home the green treatment with this air plant terrarium set. It's made of natural wood and comes with three high-quality glass vases. Place it on your desk, dresser, nightstand, or any other area that needs a touch of cheerful greenery.


The Stainless Steel Wallpaper That's Fully Removeable

Cover and revamp any space in your home with this stainless steel wallpaper roll. Simply peel and stick it anywhere you desire to get an instant sleek and shiny update. Made of vinyl, it's fully removable after use, making it a great option for temporary application.


These Pillowcase Covers That Are Soft & Velvety

It's out with the old and in with the new with these pillowcase covers. They're made of premium velvet that's super soft, and they each feature a zipper closure to keep the insert secure. Choose from a myriad of colors and place them on your sofa, bed, or anywhere you'd like for an instant update.


An Elephant-Shaped Desktop Organizer That Also Holds Your Phone

Set this cute elephant-shaped organizer on your desk or nightstand for access to all of your important belongings. It can be used as a cell phone stand, pen and pencil holder, and more. Put it together in minutes with easy instructions and a few screws (which are included). Choose your favorite of a few colorful patterns.


This Bed Pillow That Has Curved Edges To Help Keep You Upright

Tuck the wedge pillow under your neck, back, knees, legs, and more for a comfortable night's rest. It's highlighted by curved edges for ultimate comfort. Made of dual-layered memory foam, this pillow comes in three sizes for your selection.


A USB Wall Outlet That's Equipped With A Night Light

This wall outlet offers a multitude of uses. It not only features two sockets, but it also comes with two USB fast-charging ports, a three-sided power strip, and a LED night light. The smart sensor signals it to automatically turn on when the room darkened, while the touch sensor allows you to tap to change brightness levels.


The Magnetic Spice Rack That Can Be Install On The Front Or Side Of Your Fridge

Install this magnetic spice rack to the front or side of your refrigerator for easy access to all of your cooking tools and condiments. It adheres easily without the use of tools and features rounded corners for safe and comfortable use. The attractive design will complement your existing decor, while the strong magnetic backing ensures that it stays in place.


A Set Of Mini LED String Lights For Subtle Sparkle

These LED string lights are great for decorating smaller spaces. They offer a subtle glow and come on a thin wire that can be placed or wrapped around any surface. Each set is battery-operated, so they can be used as an accent almost anywhere.


The Stainless Steel Spice Set With A Magnetic Base

Mount this stainless steel spice container set to your wall as a space-saving solution that provides easy access. The base is flat, allowing the magnetic jars to adhere to its surface without an issue. Plus, each container comes with a clear top so that you can clearly identify its contents at any time. Use it to store condiments, rubber bands, paper clips, and more.


A Contoured Memory Foam Pillow For Both Back & Side Sleepers

Rest your head and neck comfortably with this contoured memory foam pillow that’s ergonomically designed to align your body and reduce pressure and discomfort. If you’re a side sleeper, place the lower end under your neck, and if you snooze on your back, support your neck with the higher end. The pillow cover features an air mesh design for breathability, and it’s removable and machine-washable.


The 3-Mode Shower Head With A Built-In Filtration System

Enjoy three spray modes with the use of this shower head. The micro-nozzle technology helps to increase water flow and pressure while the built-in filtration system helps to remove impurities. It installs easily and is equipped to connect to all standard shower hoses.


A Small Space Heater With Sky-High Ratings

Heat small areas of your home with this fan-favorite space heater that’s earned more than 30,000 perfect five-star ratings. It features three heat settings, tip-over protection, and a handle that makes it easy to tote from room to room. Plus, it’s super quiet, so it won’t bother any housemates or co-workers.


These Solar-Powered Lights To Decorate The Outside Of Your Home

Light the path to your home with these garden solar lights. They're easy to install: Simply place the stakes into the ground and remove the tab during first-time use. These are made with stainless steel and are long-lasting. Plus, they're offered in a pack of 12 — so you can use them anywhere you'd like.


A Soothing Alarm Clock That Simulates The Rising Sun

Wake up to the sunrise no matter what time of day it is with this sunrise alarm clock. Simply set your alarm time, and the light will gradually increase in brightness for a more pleasant wake-up. This clock features seven light color variations and adjustable brightness. It even features natural sound options, so you can wake up to ocean waves, birdsong, or piano music.


This Toilet Brush With A Chic, Upgraded Aesthetic

Toilet brushes tend to be pretty utilitarian in design, but this one is chic (if you can say that of a toilet brush), thanks to its stainless steel handle, black bristles, and matte black holder. It’s also a budget-friendly buy, and let’s be honest — it’s probably time to replace your toilet brush anyway.


A Set Of Energy-Efficient Touch Lights You Can Put Nearly Anywhere

Add another dimension of lighting to your home with these energy-efficient push lights. With just one tap at the center, you can turn them on and off for a soft, luminous light wherever you need it. They are powered by three AAA batteries and are easy to install without the use of tools.


The Magnetic Stove Shelf That'll Give you More Storage Space In The Kitchen

This magnetic stove shelf will offer you extra space to store condiments, utensils, and more. It effortlessly attaches to the back portion of your stove without the use of tools, alleviating damage to your walls and appliances. The magnets, which can be repositioned as needed, help it adhere without issue to both flat and slightly curved stoves.


A Set of Outdoor String Lights That'll Make Your Yard Even Cozier

These outdoor string lights will set the ambiance for your patio, deck, and more. This 48-foot long set features a total of 24 bulbs that are waterproof and ready for use in places with high winds and inclement weather. Several sets can also be linked together to cover more area.


The Remote Control Holder That Hangs Onto The Side Of Your Sofa

This armrest organizer offers the perfect space to store your remote controls, magazines, eyeglasses, and more. Simply place the end of it under your sofa's seat cushion, and it's ready to go. It's made with a non-slip backing to keep it in place and can be easily installed with little to no effort.


An Over-The-Door Organizer With 14 Hooks For Clothing & Accessories

This over-the-door organizer will keep all of your needs within arms reach. It features 14 hooks that offer a space to hang clothing, jewelry, scarves, belts, and more. This product comes with all of the necessary hardware, making it easy to install in any room of the house.


This Hanging Closet Organizer With 3 Shelves

This three-tier hanging closet organizer solves a very important conundrum: How to store sweaters without cramming them in a drawer or warping the shoulders by putting them on hangers? Also perfect for shirts, camis, and other items you want to grab quickly, the organizer is made with sturdy fabric and comes in a handful of colors.


A Toilet Paper Holder That Holds Your Cell Phone, Too

This toilet paper holder does a great job of pulling double duty, offering a space to place your mobile devices and other items while also holding your roll. Made of rust-proof stainless steel, this product features a large tray with a folding wing that secures anything you set on it. It can be placed on your wall via self-adhesive or drilling; the choice is yours.


This Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer That'll Help You Save Lots Of Space

You'll save tons of space while using this magnetic refrigerator organizer. It features a rack that can hold condiments, and it's also equipped with two paper towel holders. Mount it to your appliance without the use of tools and watch how easy and organized your life becomes.


The Lid Storage Set That Fits Neatly Into Drawers & Cabinets

Get better organization throughout your kitchen with this lid storage set. It comes with five adjustable spaces that hold round and square container lids up to 9-inches in size. The design is BPA-free and easy to clean. Plus, it fits into drawers and cabinets with little to no set-up time.

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