Mother's Day

22 Mother’s Day 2022 Gifts You Can Buy At Target

Because moms deserve something special.

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Target Mother's Day gifts for every kind of mom.

Mother's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating exactly how awesome moms and the women in our lives are. Maybe you're celebrating your own mother, a mother-like figure in your life, your friend who just became a new mom or your grandmother... whatever the case, you probably want to get that person something special to show them how much you appreciate everything they do. At the same time, you probably don't want to get a cliché Mother's Day gift — you know, a bouquet of flowers (nice, but ultimately non-functional), a gift card to the spa (also nice, but if you're anything like me, your wallet doesn’t necessarily agree), or a candle that smells really good (just a little bit boring). If you're looking for something more unique, useful, and fun, you can't go wrong with Mother's Day gifts you can buy at Target.

You probably already know that Target has everything. In fact, there's such a huge selection that it can be overwhelming to find just one item — which is why we’re here to help you out. We’ve found the perfect Mother's Day gifts for all budgets because every momma deserves something special.

Check out the most thoughtful Mother's Day 2022 gifts from Target that will make anyone on your list feel special.

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A Face Mask

Can't afford a gift card for a day at the spa? Get her the next best thing: this restorative mask containing sea kale and clay that fights smooths skin.


A Robe

Almost everyone out there could use a new, cozy robe. This one is chic, not too heavy for the spring and summer weather, and still nice and soft. It's also a great price.


A Candle

OK, yeah I said candles are a little bit basic, I know. But trust me on this one, this candle scent is absolutely beautiful. Your mom will feel like she's in a French garden and the cute sentiment on the holder can be used even after it’s burned through.


A Spa Gift Set

This beauty capsule set takes the hard work out of a gift. Snag this beauty capsule curation that comes with a face mask, undereye gel, serums, makeup remover, and a headband. Basically, with this set, your momma can have it all this Mother's Day.


A Mug

If you just want to get something small, this mug is perfect — any mom will love this colorful piece. Plus, this floral design is perfect for spring and summer. If you want to add on, throw a Starbucks gift card in there.


A Latte Blend

To go with that cute new mug, pop this cacao turmeric superfood latte blend in your cart. It is highly rated and any mom will absolutely love the fresh taste of the superfoods and the added coconut milk.


A Coloring Book

Moms need to de-stress, and this coloring book will do wonders — it's something that can do at home, and it's hilarious.


A Diffuser

A fragrance diffuser is a good gift to buy someone if you have no idea what they want. They have a purpose, but they also feel a little luxe at the same time. This one will be a gorgeous addition to any home decor. Throw in a set of essential oils so that your mom can relax with some soothing aroma scents.


A Funny T-Shirt

Mothers are basically superheroes, right? Right. But sometimes they just need a (big) glass of wine. Get this for the mom who manages to get everything done and could use a little de-stressing.


A Wine Glass

To go with that shirt above, snag this wine glass. This is also for the mom who also loves a nice, big glass of wine once in a while... or more frequently than that. Either way.


A Kitchen Conversions Chart

If your mom is the best baker you know, this kitchen conversions chart to hang near the kitchen’s baking station is a must. This also might mean more mom baked items for you in the future, so it’s a win-win.


A Sleep Mask

This is a cute and small gift idea for a new mom — because we all know moms are probably a little tired. This is great if you just want to get someone something simple.


A Blanket

I always think a cozy blanket makes for a great gift for someone. It's something a mom probably wouldn't ordinarily buy for herself, and it's just a nice thing for her to have.


A Breakfast Tray

When I was a kid, I always made my mom breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. You can offer a mother that same luxury with this tray. Even better? If you present it to her while bringing her breakfast.


A Tote

I don't think I know a mother who couldn't use another big tote bag in her life. This one is trendy and would be perfect for any summer day on the beach or to hit the town in.


A Journal

This mindfulness journal is great for any momma and will offer a daily moment of calm in between the chaos.


A Pair Of Boots

If your mom is a big gardener, snag these super adorable floral rain boots so that she can plant Mother's Day mums in style. If your mom would prefer a different design, choose from rainbow, bees, dogs, and more.


A Coffee Maker

If the mom in your life is a coffee fanatic, invest in this single-serve Keurig coffee maker. It is super small (so it won’t take up a lot of counter space) and will look adorable in any kitchen.


A Heated Brush

If your mom is always on the run, this heated round brush will be the perfect addition to her morning routine. It's quick and will leave her with some fabulous hair.


A Speaker

This highly rated speaker is pretty awesome. Not only is it small and portable, but it's waterproof, so your mom can use it virtually anywhere.


A Water Bottle

Any momma could use a new water bottle. This one comes in a peach and mint colors and bonus points because it's sustainable!


A Game

Nothing like a card game to get the whole family involved. Aux God is a music battle game that will give you prompts for songs you have to find on your phone and will have you and mom sharing tunes from your respective playlists.

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