11 Affordable Mother’s Day Activity Ideas That Your Mom Will Love


Mother's Day is a lot of things. It's special, meaningful, and a pretty big deal. It's also a day to thank your mom for everything she's ever done for you. Ultimately, Mother's Day is an opportunity to treat your mama like a queen. But what happens when your bank account says otherwise? Instead of resorting to whatever you can find at the drugstore, consider one of these cheap activities for Mother's Day. These ideas are not only thoughtful and fun, but easy on the wallet too.

Besides, the most expensive gifts don't necessarily equal the best gifts. And with the right mindset, you can totally pick an amazing present that costs little to no money. The key is to think about the little things that make your mother happy, whether she loves spending time in nature or just relaxing at home.

But of course, celebrating Mother's Day isn't limited to our biological moms. It's for honoring all the maternal figures in our lives, from stepmothers to aunts and mentors to teachers. And thanks to this list of affordable gift ideas, you'll be able to treat each and every one of them without breaking the bank.


Buy Used Books

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Does mom love to read? Buy her a book (or three) from your local thrift shop or used book store. By gifting a used book, you'll be able to treat your mama to something that's enriching, eco-friendly, and inexpensive.


Go On A Hike

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Now that we're well into spring, why not celebrate Mother's Day in the great outdoors? Take her on a hike and enjoy the fresh air. If your mom isn't the hiking type, consider a stroll around a park or lake. It's a great way to give your mom the gift of time and company.


Have A Picnic

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Come Mother's Day, it's likely that every restaurant under the sun will be packed to the brim. So, why not take it outside and enjoy lunch under the sun? Make it budget-friendly by packing simple foods like sandwiches, sliced fruit, and veggies with hummus.


Make Bath Salts

If mom is in need of some R&R, treat her to a batch of homemade bath salts. This all-natural, eco-friendly gift is both meaningful and inexpensive. It's also extremely easy to make, so don't worry if you're not the crafting type. For a simple recipe, try this divine mint mojito bath salt recipe by Hello Glow.


Create A Tea Blend

While we're on the topic of R&R, you can also make mom a DIY tea blend. It's also insanely easy to do. Simply buy dried herbs and flowers, mix them together, and store them in a jar. That's it! The best part is that you can choose herbs and flowers based on your mother's preferences. Visit Hello Glow for instructions on how to make three different types of blends, including one for relaxation.


Serve Breakfast In Bed

Treat mom like the queen she is by surprising her with breakfast in bed. Think about it: Who wouldn't want to be woken up by sizzling eggs and hot pancakes? If you'd like to take it up a notch, make a dish like these breakfast tacos by A Cozy Kitchen.


Bake A Loaf Of Bread

There are few things better than a loaf of homemade bread. However, you don't need to be a professional baker to make one for mom this Mother's Day. The key is to make a "quick bread" like this super easy blueberry oatmeal read by Foodie Crush.


Make A New Recipe Together

We all know how expensive eating out can get. But when you're on a budget, the prospect of dining at a (crowded) restaurant can be stressful. So, why not bring the meal to mom? By cooking or baking a new recipe together, you'll not only give her the gift of time — but a homemade meal too, (I'm totally eyeing this farm-inspired bacon and kale recipe by A Cozy Kitchen, BTW.) You'll also get the added bonus of learning how to make something different.


Buy Flowers

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A bouquet of flowers is as classic as it gets. And depending on your mom's style, you can even pair it with a thrift store vase. If your mother lives far away, consider sending a bouquet of flowers through a local company in her area. It might cost a bit more than a grocery store bouquet, but you'll feel good knowing that you're supporting a small business.


Have A Movie Night (With Snacks)

Remember, you can't go wrong with the gift of time. This Mother's Day, dedicate a night to mom and watch a movie or (television series) on your favorite streaming service. Don't forget the homemade cocktails and delicious snacks, too. (This Parmesan ranch snack mix by Averie Cooks is an awesome choice.) By enjoying a streaming service that you already use, you'll be able to save some dough while spending time with mom.


Teach Her Something New

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Do you know how to do something that your mom wants to learn? Spend a day teaching her your favorite craft or talent, like knitting or cookie decorating. Whatever you choose, we bet she'll love it.