36 Tips From Design Pros To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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Whether you live in a small apartment or just want to make your home feel more spacious, the experts can help — more specifically, the design experts. To gain insight on some easy ways to upgrade, Bustle reached out to a handful of decorating professionals who offered their tips on how to make your home feel bigger with Amazon products. It's totally doable, even if you're on a budget.

So, what's the secret? Spoiler alert: There are a lot of secrets. Many designers agree that incorporating mirrors into your living space can make it seem larger, as well as finding decorative ways to declutter. Gian Moore, an interior designer, partner, and editor at Mellowpine, suggests using full-length mirrors to help make your home feel roomier — such as this rustic option with a distressed wooden frame. Meanwhile, Maureen Stevens, a NOLA- and Austin-based professional interior designer, says decluttering can make your space feel larger (even with something as simple as a cosmetic organizer).

That's certainly not it, though. Below, you'll find more designer tips about how to make your house feel larger, such as adding sheer window curtains for more natural light and mounting your TV on the wall for more space.

And now that the design pros have spoken, it's time to take a look at some of the best products on Amazon to make your home look bigger. Start shopping and enjoy your seemingly larger living area.


A Rustic Wall Mirror To Help Your Room Feel More Spacious

As previously mentioned, Moore suggests placing a mirror such as this one to give the illusion of space. This pick is trimmed with distressed wood that'll add a homey feel to any room. It comes with all of the hardware and screws needed to mount it horizontally or vertically, and it's reinforced with a D-ring suspension clip so you can hang it.


This Planter That’s Hidden Kitty Litter Box

Use this 2-in-1 planter to spruce up a corner with some greenery and hide your cat’s litter box. The space-saving planter looks like a real clay pot, and its vented design controls odors. Turn the opening toward the wall, and no one will know it’s more than a planter.


A Set Of Invisible, Floating Bookshelves

Fill your wall space with this set of floating bookshelves to display your favorite titles. These space-saving, freestanding shelves are easy to install and they’re basically invisible once stacked with books. Each shelf holds up to 15 pounds.


These Chenille Throw Pillow Covers That Aren't Too Much

Maria Martin, interior designer and founder of Design Appy, suggests decorating with one or two light-colored throw pillows to make your room feel bigger. These 18-inch pillow covers, specifically suggested by Martin, are made with chenille and feature the same design on both sides — without any patterns. They're easy to care for and wash, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like the living room.


This Large, Lightly Colored Area Rug Without Any Patterns

Martin also suggests a patternless area rug to create a bigger-looking space — specifically this lightly colored option. It's stain-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to shedding. The 4-by-6-foot sizing and neutral hues also offer the feeling of more space without any overwhelming designs. But if your room calls for a different size or color, there are many to choose from.


This Versatile Kitchen Organizer For Cutting Boards & More

Keep your cutting boards organized and accessible with this steel organizer. The four slots hold your boards vertically and are also great for storing lids, baking sheets, muffin tins, or plates. The small holder in front is also a great spot to rest a cooking spoon.


This Chic, Circular Mirror With A Golden Medal Frame

Another designer Bustle spoke with is Alena Capra, interior designer and Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer at Alena Capra Designs. She says that placing a wall mirror in the right spot can help reflect natural light and appear as an extra window while opening up your space. This circle mirror, which boasts a chic golden medal frame, is a great option. It comes with pre-installed hooks and screws that make it simple to hang on any wall.


These Gorgeous Curtain Rods To Hold Your Tall Drapes In Place

Similar to Moore, Capra suggests adding tall curtains and sheers to help add height to your living space — and now that you've got drapery in your cart, you'll need these glistening curtain rods to hold it up. Simply place them a few inches from your ceiling and add long, light-colored curtains to get the effect of a larger room. These curtain rods, recommended by Capra, come with beautiful acrylic end pieces — and they're adjustable to suit your needs. They also come with all the necessary mounting hardware needed to install.


These LED Strip Lights For A Colorful, Ambient Glow

Capra says that accent lights can make a space appear to be larger — including these colorful, ambient LED strip lights. This versatile design offers color-changing capabilities, time functions, and music coordination for added fun. She suggests placing something like this under a large piece of furniture or even your kitchen cabinets for a touch of brightness.


These Tiny Spotlights For Customizable Lighting

With accent lighting in mind, these closet lights can be a great choice for anyone hoping to add some extra brightness here and there. They're wireless and easy to install, and they can be adjusted as needed via remote control. Each one can swivel in all directions for convenience, too, giving you the opportunity to decide where the glow is reflected.


A Small, Simple Bookshelf That'll Help You Declutter

Michele Vig, owner of Neat Little Nest and author of the new book The Holistic Guide to Decluttering, says that decluttering your house will make it seem bigger. More specifically, she suggests using this small bookshelf to help organize and declutter your home. It comes with three shelves, two of which can be adjusted to suit your needs. Choose from a few different colors and start organizing.


This heavy-duty, double-sided tape can hang a ton of different things on the wall without making any holes or needing tools. It’s thicker than other tapes, and it’s conveniently washable and reusable. The super-strong tape holds up to five pounds can can be applied to any smooth surface.


This Decal That Transforms A Room With A Beautiful Arch

Forget figuring out how to paint an arch on your wall and install this incredible wall decal that will transform your space faster than it’d take the paint to dry. The peel-and-stick vinyl is easy to apply as a wall accent, and it’s also removable if needed. Choose from four colors, including this terracotta and blush pink.


A Cozy Ottoman With Interior Storage Space

This round ottoman, suggested by Harrison-McAllister, is great for many reasons. Not only does it give off a soft, "floating" appearance, but it also provides a place for your feet to rest, along with an inner storage area where you can organize loose items. (The lid even flips so it can be used as a tray.) The piece of furniture is also lined with faux linen and comes in a variety of colors as well as finishes.


This Rustic Ceiling Light That Takes Up Less Space Than A Chandelier

This rustic ceiling light, also recommended by Harrison-McAllister, doesn't hang low or take up too much space. It features an open-cage design that gives off a subtle, yet stylish glow — and it installs right against the surface. It comes pre-assembled and is easy to hang in your home.


These Airy Sheer Curtains That Allow Natural Light Into Your Home

Anita Devlin, a New York-based professional designer, organizer, and decluttering expert of We Heave Ho, tells Bustle that sheer curtains hung high inside a room can let natural light in while making the space seem bigger. These sheer curtain panels, specifically, allow diffused light to shine inside. They're made of polyester and feature an open weave, which gives them a light and airy feel. They're also easy to clean in your washing machine.


An Airy Pendant Light That Fits So Many Interior Styles

This pendant light brightens up a space without overwhelming it thanks to its airy design. Its open lines and round shape fit right in with industrial, vintage, or modern interior styles. And the gold metal finish feels totally contemporary.


This Rotatable Makeup Organizer That Collects Your Cosmetics

As I previously mentioned, Stevens suggests decluttering as a way to make your home feel bigger. She recommends this cosmetic organizer as an accessory for storing your makeup brushes and other items. Made of acrylic, it rotates 360-degrees for easy use and accessibility. It can be set on any countertop or vanity — or even stored in a closet to make that space look larger, too.


A Velvet Footstool That Doubles As Storage Space

According to HGTV, furniture with hidden storage can easily make your room look larger. With that being said, this small footstool is a great choice. It can be used to rest your feet or to store small items such as magazines, toys, and more. It also features metal legs and a soft cushioned top lined with velvety material. Select from many colors.


The Large-Capacity Storage Ottoman That Holds Toys, Clothing, & More

Again, discreet storage can help a room feel more spacious — and this large-capacity storage ottoman is both decorative and useful. Place it in your living room or bedroom for a space to store excess items such as books, clothes, blankets, toys, and more. It's made of faux leather and is available in four colors.


These Decorative Golden Boxes For Stylish Storage

Another tip published by HGTV reveals that decorative storage boxes can help organize clutter while remaining stylish, and these golden leather boxes look great on any tabletop or shelf. They can store mail, jewelry, keys, and other small items to help you organize while simultaneously creating more space in your room. The smaller box can be nestled inside the other when not in use.


A TV Mount That'll Help Your Screen Blend Into Wall Decor

It's obvious that large TV sets take up a lot of space — but according to HGTV, hanging your flatscreen on the wall can help it blend into your decor, therefore making the room feel bigger. You can gain space by hanging your set with this wall mount. It works with televisions between 37 and 70 inches that are up to 132 pounds, and it's easy to install in three steps. Not to mention, it can be tilted forward to enhance viewing.


A Color Wheel To Helps You Select The Best Hues For Your Home

Here's the thing: Color coordination can help a room feel larger, per HGTV. (The company suggests matching blue-gray hues, but you can also follow Devlin's advice and go for white.) This color wheel can help you match the right colors for your space. Great for artists, painters, and homeowners alike, it can help you identify color options that fit. The two-sided design also makes it easy to view and use as needed.


This Work Table That Slides Under Your Sofa

No room for a home office? No problem. Creating a streamlined workspace within your living room can make it seem bigger, per HGTV, and this stylish side table can provide a work area without taking up too much space. It's sturdy, durable, and slides under your sofa. Plus, the compact design allows it to be placed anywhere in your home — and it's not as bulky as a full-sized work desk.


These Gallery Frames That Can Help Make Your Wall Look Bigger

Contrary to belief, gallery wall art can make your room feel bigger, according to HGTV. You can easily give your home an automatic upgrade with this set of picture frames, which clusters your favorite photos in one eye-catching spot. Each frame is made of thick, durable materials and comes with a glass front.


These Large, Open Storage Bins With Faux Leather Handles

Again, furniture with open storage can make you space appear to be larger than it is (per HGTV) — and this set of storage bins can help you get decluttered and organized in an instant. They offer large-capacity organization and are perfect for toys, books, office supplies, mail, and more. Each bin comes with a faux leather handle on each side for easy transporting.


The Sofa Slipcover For Neutral-Colored Furniture

Choosing large furniture with neutral tons can help the space feel roomier, according to HGTV — but if you already have a couch, don't worry about buying a new one. Instead, alter the color with this beige sofa slipcover. It's offered in two different sizes so you can choose which best fits your couch, and it's super soft and comfortable to sit on. Pick your favorite of many other colors.


This Sleek Side Table With A Clear Glass Surface

According to The Spruce, adding see-through accents to your home can make it look bigger — and this beautiful, transparent side table will make a statement in any room. It features a gold frame and comes with thick tempered glass that's durable, see-through, and stable. Plus, the open design will help your room instantly feel a bit larger.


This Open-Design Butterfly Chair Lined With Faux Fur

Remodelista notes that creating a sense of "openness" is a suitable way to offer the illusion of more space. More specifically, the site suggests using streamlined furniture like this butterfly chair to accomplish it. The seat features a soft faux fur lining along with a durable metal frame that's open and streamlined to allow light and air to flow through. This chair also folds, so you can take it from room to room.


Mirros, Mirrors, & More Mirrors

Just like many designers, Remodelista also suggests the use of mirrors to expand the look of a room. This collection of mirrors is a great way to add lighting and the feeling of space to your home. The-15 piece set comes with adhesive backing, so you can peel and place them on walls, doors, and more. Each piece is 1 millimeter thick and easy to place anywhere around the house.


The Tall Ladder Bookshelf To Add Height (& Storage)

By now, you're probably well aware that adding tall furniture (and curtains) to your space can make it look bigger. Place this streamlined ladder bookcase in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom for extra organization and space. The minimalist design offers four tiers of shelving that can hold up to 88 pounds. It's also easy to assemble and comes in three colors for your choosing.


This Frosted Window Film, In Case You Got Rid Of Your Drapes Entirely

Sure, adding tall curtains can certainly make your room feel larger — but so can getting rid of your drapery completely. If you decided to ditch your curtains, this vinyl window film can offer a frosted texture that prevents UV rays from entering your home while still allowing soft light to shine through. This product offers privacy, and it features a non-adhesive design that clings on with static. That way, you can place it and remove it whenever you like.


A Cable Management Box That Hides Cluttered Cables & Wires

Alright, let's get back to decluttering because that seems to be a big way to help make your house seem bigger. You can easily rid your home of unsightly wires and cables with this cable management box. It's large enough to disguise power strips, surge protectors, and more. Set in on the floor or behind your entertainment center or desk to keep it out of sight.


This Adhesive Under-Desk Drawer System

Instead of putting a small dresser together, you can install this convenient drawer under any desk or table to make extra space for storage. Thanks to the self-adhesive, you can remove and re-paste it as needed. It even has a concealed pen compartment and is perfect for storing scissors, electronic devices, eyeglasses, chargers, and more.


This Cute Mail Storage Box For Your Entryway Table Or Desk

You can eliminate clutter and disorganization with this cute storage box that holds all your mail. The clear acrylic box with a brass mirror bottom is chic, and it holds plenty of letters, mailers, and even small packages. The minimalist design will look great at your entryway or any place you put it.


This Pair Of Cute Hanging Planters

Lift eyes upward — and make your ceilings seem higher — by installing beautiful plants in these hanging planters. Each 8-inch planter features drainage holes and can be used indoors or outdoors. And their modern white finishes fit right in with contemporary decor.

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