Valentine's Day

11 Zoom Backgrounds For Your Virtual Valentine's Day Parties

Backdrops from your favorite rom-coms and TV shows.

by Lauren Grant
NBC Universal

There are multiple ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year but this year, it’s all about going virtual. If you’re planning on staying indoors this Valentine’s Day (which, you should be) then you’re probably already in the process of gathering all the assets that go into how to host a Zoom party. Between invitations, virtual activities and catching up with your friends, many tend to forget to show themselves some love by decorating their own virtual space. As love is an emotion that’s often hard to express, let your Zoom background do the talking for you.

Valentine’s Day provides lots of creative ways to show off your amoré. You can choose backgrounds like your favorite scene from a rom-com like How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days or Crazy, Stupid, Love. Or you can go the nostalgic route and use the classic candy hearts, and if you’re feeling especially lovey dovey, use a picture of you and your special someone. Single? Show the best person, aka yourself, some love by using a favorite picture of yours truly. Don’t forget to take votes on whose background radiates the most love. PS these backgrounds also make great Zoom ice breaker conversations!

Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day backgrounds for Zoom parties.

Let Candy Hearts Do The Talking For You


If you need help sharing your feelings, have this adorable background do the talking for you. Did you know that before they helped you confess your love, candy hearts were once used as medical lozenges?

Your Favorite RomCom Scene

20th Century Fox

Love isn't always meant to be sappy and romantic, and you can share the fun side of it by choosing a background from a rom-com like 27 Dresses.

Show Your Sweet Side With A Box Of Chocolates


The only thing sweeter than a box of chocolates is having yourself as the center of said box of chocolates. Use this background when you want to show off your sweet side.

Get Really Hearty


For when you want to show your friends some real hearty love, a nice background like this one proves to be festive and amorous.

Shower Yourself With Roses


Show who the rarest rose is with this background. Hint: It's you. You're the rarest rose.

Electrify Your Love


Shock your friends and electrify your love with this backdrop.

Show That Love Is Love


Show your pride and that love is exactly what it is... love.

Hang With The Creator Of Galentine's Day


Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation created the holiday that is arguably a million times better than Valentine's Day. Celebrate your gals with a background inspired by the creator of Galentine's Day.

Get Lighthearted With Some Balloons


Love got you feeling lifted? These cute heart balloons make a simple, yet festive background.

Your Favorite Romance Film's Iconic Scene

Paramount Pictures

You'll have your friends turning into a ball of mush by choosing an iconic scene from your favorite romance film.

Show Your Favorite Look From A Valentine's Cartoon Episode


Cartoons need love too and everyone loves nostalgia. Choose a favorite Valentine's episode of an oldie but goodie like Hey! Arnold, Rugrats, or Spongebob Squarepants.