This Is What It Means If You Die In Your Dream

It often relates to something hopeful.

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Here are a few common reasons you might have dreamed about your own death.
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If you’ve ever dreamt of your own death, then you can probably attest to what a jarring and unsettling experience it can be. But understanding exactly what it means when you die in a dream can help to transform these stressful nightmares into a helpful tool — as the subconscious meaning of dying in a dream often relates to something hopeful.

The events that take place in our dreams are often symbolic, so dying in a dream usually relates more to the concept of change rather than literal death. “Dreams about death speak about transformation, or where something in your life is undergoing serious change,” mystical practitioner MaKayla McRae tells Bustle. “You may be releasing what no longer serves you, getting out of a comfort zone, or experiencing a transitional time [in which you’re] emerging from who you once were into who you are becoming.”

A fear of death is essentially a fear of the unknown, and it's natural to have some level of existential anxiety while thinking about the mysteries that lie ahead of us in life. But keep in mind that the meaning of dreaming of yourself dying doesn't necessarily equate to anything morbid. “Dreams about dying can be really intense, but they are typically symbolic and not to be feared,” McRae says. “They’re often showing us something we’re unconsciously or consciously really invested in.”

Here are a few common reasons you might have dreamed about your own death.

A Part Of You Is Dying — And Being Reborn

Similar to how the Death card in tarot signals life changes and not imminent doom, a dream where you die could simply mean that you are saying goodbye to a part of yourself. “Dreaming of your own death is symbolic of going through a transitory time when it comes to your self-identity,” McRae says. “You may be coming to terms with the parts of yourself that have changed.” This could be anything from breaking a bad habit, letting go of a fear, or simply being more authentic.

You Could Have New Beginnings Ahead

A death dream could signify that a major new beginning is on the horizon for you, whether that's a new relationship, a new city, or a new career move. Just as allowing a part of yourself symbolically die and be reborn can be a good thing, this death dream interpretation also turns the concept into something positive and hopeful — as it’s a chance at a fresh start and a new chapter in life.

You Need To Allow Change To Happen

Dreaming about your own death could also be a reminder from your subconscious to stop being resistant to change. “Death dreams can show us where we are best off allowing the natural cycles of life to come in, rather than trying to force things into remaining as they always were,” McRae says. “Remember, the only constant in life is change!”

It Could Be A Sign Of Anxiety

If you die in your dream and it’s accompanied by overall distressing feelings, it could be a dream caused by anxiety. Having a fear of dying is natural and common, so if you've been spending a lot of time thinking about death or worrying about the concept of mortality, it makes sense that it would be on the surface of your subconscious. If these dreams start to disturb your ability to get sleep, it may be worth talking to a professional.

You May Be Afraid Of Losing Loved Ones

Whether you dream about yourself dying or dream of a loved one dying, it could indicate that you’re actively afraid to lose the people closest to you — either through a literal death or just a change in life circumstances. It could also mean that your relationship with the person in your dream is shifting. “Dreaming of the death of a loved one usually symbolizes how your perception of this person or your relationship to them has changed or is undergoing changes,” Mc Rae says.

You May Need To End A Relationship

Out with the old, in with the new. When you dream about yourself dying, it could indicate that you're going to see a relationship end and will need to grieve that loss. Whether it's a romantic pairing or a friendship, having a death dream could be a sign that it's time to face the end of of a toxic or dysfunctional partnership and begin moving on with your life without them.

You’re Coming To Terms With New Realizations

Death dreams are common, but what does it mean when you die in your dream and you wake up right before it happens? “Waking up right before you die in a dream means you’re currently going through a big life change that is still in motion or not completed,” McRae says. “You're ‘waking up’ to the truth of what cannot stay the same.” Consider whether there are any truths in your life that you haven’t fully accepted or acknowledged.

It Can Remind You To Live Life To The Fullest

When you've reached the end of your life, will you look back at your experiences and feel satisfied with what you accomplished? If the answer is currently no, your subconscious mind could be using your dreams about dying as a way to spur you into action. We only get one chance at life that we know of, so it's important to make the most of it and ensure we’re spending our days living in a way that we can feel proud of.

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