How To Incorporate Goblincore Into Your Home Decor This Fall

Fairies welcome.

There are plenty of ways to decorate your home when the seasons change and if you’re already going all in on PSL season, you might be looking for decor inspo to match your autumnal energy. Or maybe you haven’t found the home decor aesthetic that speaks to you quite yet and want something that is earthy while still feeling unique. No matter the case, the goblincore aesthetic might be the right one for you. Here’s everything to know about the trending home look.

Don’t get goblincore confused with the “goblin mode” trend that took over in the early aughts of 2022. Instead of being depraved and chaotic, the goblincore aesthetic is actually rather thoughtful. It’s pretty popular, too — the hashtag #goblincore has 1.2 billion views on TikTok. Under this tag, users share how they implement goblincore vibes into their homes, closets, and overall lifestyle, and like every trending aesthetic out there, it’s really up to the individual how they choose to adjust the look to their preferences.

What Is The Goblincore Aesthetic?

For the most part, goblincore uses elements of nature as inspiration to accomplish a look — think moss, leaves, fungi, and even mystical elements like fairies and goblins, thus the name. It’s not unlike a combination of cottagecore and dark academia, with added features of fantasy and the grimy parts of nature.

Beth Diana Smith, an interior designer and HomeGoods Style Expert, explained that if you think of the things you’d see in the deep forest, you can come to understand the look of goblincore. “It’s about the imperfections, the dirt, the flora, and everything from the mushrooms and frogs to fantasies like goblins and scary fairies. The integral design elements are to stay true to the flora and fauna motifs and vintage elements,” she tells Bustle.

One TikTok user, @bimbo_baby, posted a video showing the different images associated across the spectrum of goblincore, from woven baskets filled with wild berries to darker-toned images of animal skulls and campfires in the deep woods. Either option falls under the goblincore name, but Smith says there are some rules of thumb to follow if you wish to implement the look into your space: “You should follow a color palette that is full of earth tones like browns, greens, and reds,” she says, and even dark floral prints can help you bring the room together.

Antique gold frames with DIY earthly add-ons can help you reach peak goblincore.

The Difference Between Goblincore & Cottagecore

A big part of goblincore is leaning into imperfections — this is what sets it apart from those related aesthetics like dark academia, cottagecore, and cluttercore. Smith explains that cottagecore is pretty and whimsical using muted light colors and cluttercore organizes chaos with bright colors, meanwhile goblinecore is “the authentic and untamed part of nature.” Many subscribers to goblincore take on the fantastical element too, which includes leaning into the “goblin” aspect and collecting trinkets, a practice that emphasizes the importance of scavenging.

TikTok user @heatherskelter shared her shrine of trinkets that includes tiny picture frames, small natural specimens in glass, and antique porcelain pieces. Their video received 306.9K likes and many comments from fellow goblincore lovers like “trinket tour ????” and “I love the color of the wood against the green wall such a mood.”

To display all of your own oddities in a way that doesn’t feel too haphazard, Smith suggest displaying them in odd numbers. “I would recommend using a small antique-inspired tray for a tabletop or using an open cabinet or shelves to display with varying heights so the proportions feel well thought out,” she says.

Although there’s a sense of commitment that comes with overhauling your space and collecting all the trinkets you can find, there are ways to lean into the goblincore aesthetic ahead of Halloween if you’re not yet sure it’s something you want to have around all year long. To do so, look for items that lend themselves to the witch, goblin, and fairy imagery of this aesthetic. Per Smith: “Think tiny witch hats paired with mischievous looking ceramic pumpkins and candles on an antiqued glass tray that sits on top of a distressed wood cabinet, all next to your oversized mushroom art. It’s about layering in order to achieve the look, so it feels well done and not rushed.”