Prosecco Pong Is The Closest We Broke Millennials Will Ever Get To Living That Gatsby Life

For reasons I cannot explain, I have played substantially more beer pong in my 30s than I ever did in my 20s. Apparently, I have not gotten classier with age; indeed, it seems I have actually gotten less classy. And honestly, I’m not sure if this new discovery I just found is a way to up the class factor or not — but regardless, it exists, and I think we should give it a moment: Prosecco Pong is a thing. An actual thing. A thing which you can acquire and play at your next dinner party — a party which will of course be a gathering full of real life adults who have not used red Solo cups for at least a decade. (Or, y’know, at least we can all keep telling ourselves that in the hopes that repeating it enough times will make it true.)

Created by party supply store Talking Tables, Prosecco Pong was originally launched over the summer. (It’s anyone’s guess why it took me so long to cotton onto the fact, but, well… better late than never, right?) The set comes with 12 plastic champagne glasses and three ping pong balls — which, as Refinery 29 noted, are millennial pink, because of course they are — which means that all you have to supply once you’ve gotten your hands on this delightful box of fun is the Prosecco.

The game itself works just like beer pong; just swap out the red Solo cups for the champagne glasses and whatever your cheap beer of choice is for the Prosecco and you’re good to go. In case you are miraculously unfamiliar with the game, it goes like this: Players on two teams take turns tossing ping pong balls into a pyramid of booze-filled cups on opposite ends of a table. If a member of the one team lands a shot, a member of the opposite team has to drain the cup in which the ping pong ball landed. (I'd also recommend that you keep a cup filled with water on the side to rinse the ping pong ball off periodically; they have a tendency to go rogue while in flight, which can get real gross, real fast.) Whichever team makes the other team drink all the booze on their side of the table first wins.

For the curious, here is what it looks like in action:

It is aggressively millennial, and strangely, I am here for it.

However, one thing does occur to me which might make or break the game, depending on how seriously you take your drinking games: Landing a ping pong ball in a shallow champagne glass looks way, way harder than landing one in the deep and yawning maw of a Solo cup. I feel like the possibility of the ball bouncing right back out again is much greater in the case of the champagne glass, which could lead to some frustration. Then again, maybe you like a challenge, Maybe you like to live dangerous. Maybe the threat of your carefully-aimed plastic projectile escaping its boozy prison just make it all the more exciting for you. In which case, go forth. Play your little Prosecco-loving heart out. And, I mean, to be fair, the whole thing looks even more epic in slow-mo:


Of course, you don’t necessarily need to buy an actual Prosecco Pong set in order to play Prosecco pong; you can nab a 40-count of plastic champagne glasses for about $10 and multi-colored ping pong balls for less than $8 on Amazon. And, hey, while you’re at it, go ahead and sub out the Prosecco in favor of, say, some rosé. Or even better, use rosé Prosecco (if you can find it, that is). Or even blue Prosecco. Live your best life, my fellow millennials. The world might end at any moment, so, y’know…YOLO. Or… something. Is that what the kids are saying these days? Eh. Whatever. I’m old.

But, it seems, I am not too old to play drinking games — and thanks to Prosecco pong, none of us will ever be too old for them ever again.