Daisy May Cooper's #whatcanyoufit underyourtits Is Our Kind Of Insta Challenge

"Big shout out to the woman who tried to fit her pet cat under her tits."

Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Social media ‘challenges’ are nothing new but in the months since lockdown began they have become increasingly popular. ‘Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5’ Instagram challenge dominated feeds in April, Reese Witherspoon joined the ranks with her 2020 moods calendar challenge, and experts have even suggested that viral challenges can be good for your brain. The latest in a slew of challenge hitting social media screens is Daisy May Cooper’s #whatcanyoufitunderyourtits challenge.

The This Country star and creator clapped back at a questionable meme in her own humorous way by showcasing her new party trick: holding a mop under her boobs.

Cooper posted the photo to her Instagram with the original image, which showed a woman's underboob with a pen lodged below and suggested that you weren't a “real woman” unless you could pass the “pen challenge”. “Are you a real woman??” the original caption read. “Can you pass the pen under boob challenge??”

The social media queen responded in true Cooper form, posting her own spin on the “pen challenge” underneath the original, looking unimpressed and shrugging to camera with a mop casually propped under her boob. The caption read “Nailed it...with a mop”.

Thousands of amused followers took to the comments to show their appreciation and admiration for the actor, including Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore who wrote “I bloody love you!” Fans flooded her post with comments like “Completed it!” and “You're my hero!”

Others pledged allegiance to the cause – “Oh how I can relate,” wrote one fan, “I think I can possibly put another woman under mine,” wrote another, prompting Cooper to challenge her followers to beat her mop trick and see what they can fit under their own boobs. Under her original post she wrote “Right... I challenge you lot now. #whatcanyoufitunderyourtits”.

The challenge is simple: see what you can fit (and hold) under your boobs and post a picture to Instagram with the #whatcanyoufitunderyourtits, and tag two friends to do the same. And boy did her followers deliver. One fan fit a red ukelele under hers, while another managed a canvas. One follower actually attempted to hold her cat under her boobs. In a new post showcasing some of her favourite entries, Cooper posted the new rules to her challenge, saying "Post a pic then tag 2 mates to challenge. All welcome NO tit too big or too small." This was followed by a call to action that only Cooper could write: “LET'S CELEBRATE OUR LOVELY SAGGERS”.

Daisy May Cooper, we salute you.