12 Creative Ideas For What To Put In Easter Baskets For Adults
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Just because you're a grown-ass woman doesn't mean you shouldn't expect a visit from the Easter bunny. Because, no one is too old for an epic Easter basket. If you don't have a passion for Peeps, there are some other things to put in Easter baskets for adults. I once had a landlady who left Easter baskets on every tenant's doorstep, and it was the best adult Easter ever. Grown-ass Easter baskets can include everything from gift cards, to spirit-inspired candies and desserts, to sweet little cans of rosé wine to reflect your ever-evolving palate. Instead of spending the morning hunting for Easter eggs, you can also invite your besties over for Easter brunch and give each guest a tiny Easter basket.

While Easter baskets are now associated with that (somewhat creepy) giant white rabbit, they actually began when people created baskets to summon a bountiful spring. "To celebrate the season, farmers prayed to various gods for fertile fields," Groovy Candies explained on its website. "Middle Eastern cultures, such as the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians, and Babylonians, had a spring tradition of celebrating the first seedlings of their new crops. They brought the seedlings in baskets to temples for a blessing, to pray that their gods would continue to bless the crops for rest of the year." If you want to honor the ancient tradition of Easter baskets, you can even include some seedlings in your adult Easter baskets, along with these other ideas.


Beer & Wine Jelly

If you're making a brunch-inspired Easter basket for your bestie or your BAE, beer or wine infused jellies are a great addition to any grown-ass Easter basket. Drunk Jelly (wine-infused breakfast spreads) or PotlickerKitchen beer jelly are both great options to inspire a spirit-filled breakfast.


Organic Skincare Products

Easter is a great day to practice some well-deserved self-care, and organic skincare products are a perfect for any adult Easter basket. Odette and Joni makes affordable organic skincare products that are pure enough to eat. So, even if the recipient isn't into skincare, they can still eat the items during the zombie apocalypse.


Body Brush For Spring Skin Buffing

The beginning of spring is an ideal time to buff off that scaly winter skin, and dry brushing is a self-care practice that can make you feel as renewed as a brand-new baby. Add a dry brush to your adult Easter basket so your recipient can kiss that rhinoceros skin goodbye.


Love In Action Bracelets

To spread the message of love and light, consider adding a Love In Action bracelet to your adult Easter basket. You can customize each bracelet with a 14-character word or phrase. Additionally, each bracelet has a trifecta give back as proceeds are donated to three nonprofits, which means you can feel good about your gift.


Sleep Masks

One of the big downsides of adulting is that you never get as much sleep as you want. Let your bestie know that you can relate by adding a sleep mask to their grown-ass Easter basket. Choose from Bustle's recommended sleep masks to select the best one for your Easter basket recipient.



No adult Easter basket is complete with a good bottle of wine, and there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. Some of my go-to faves are Nasty Woman Wine, which comes in four varietals, Oyster Bay Pinot Noir, Barossa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, and these sweet little cans of Virtue Cider Rosé.


You're Never Too Old For Chocolate Bunnies

You're going to need some chocolate to go with that wine, and you're never too old for a chocolate bunny, which is a must-have in any Easter basket.


Frozen Treats Are Perfect Easter Eats

Frozen treats to welcome the arrival of spring are a delicious addition to any adult Easter basket. And, one of my new favorites is Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, which is healthy enough to eat for breakfast, because yogurt, so it's totally acceptable to serve it at your Easter brunch. If you do decide to add something frozen to your basket, just make sure to do it right before you give it to your intended so it doesn't melt.


Grown-Ass Candy Makes Easter A Party

Let's face it, no Easter basket is complete without a little candy. For your grown-ass Easter baskets, take your candy to the next level with liquor-infused candies such as: Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey Fudge Caramels, Jelly Belly Cocktail Classic Mix Jelly Beans, Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor Filled Chocolates, and more from the Candy Warehouse.


Lottery Tickets For Luck

Everyone could use a little luck these days, which is why adding a lottery ticket to your adult Easter baskets is a must. Because, someone has to win, why not you and your crew?


Crystals To Combat Bad Mojo

Mercury retrograde is right around the corner, and a little extra protection can't hurt. Consider adding some healing crystals to your adult Easter basket. Even if you don't believe in the power of crystals, they also make beautiful jewelry.


Spring Flowers For A Fresh Perspective

Spring is when everything feels new again, and adding a single spring flower (yellow tulips are my fave) to your adult Easter basket sends the message that the long cold winter is over and there are new possibilities on the horizon. No matter what you decide to add to your grown-ass Easter basket, don't make the mistake of thinking you're too old to bring on the baskets. After all, you deserve a treat, so if no one gives you a basket, treat yourself and fill it up with all of your Easter-inspired favorites.