Here's Exactly Where You Should Be Keeping Your Crystals At Home

They're more than just mystical house decor.

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There are plenty of creative ways to work with crystals, but you don’t have to perform complicated rituals or go into deep meditations in order to experience the benefits of crystal healing. Connecting with the mystical power of crystals can be as easy as displaying them intentionally around your home or apartment. Most of us can agree that these glitzy natural specimens make gorgeous home decor and add to the vibe of any space. But if you also want to maximize on the healing vibrations, it's good to know where to keep your crystals. That way, their energy can better support you in specific environments.

"Crystals have a powerful effect on your personal energy, but they can also transform the energy of your [living space]," explain Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of crystal lifestyle company Energy Muse and authors of Crystal Muse. "Placing crystals in the home raises the vibration and fills your space with positive energy. You can use specific crystals in specific rooms to create the energy you are looking for — like relaxation in the bedroom or creativity in the kitchen."

Every crystal has its own unique vibe and purported set of spiritual healing properties, and we can use that energy to guide us when it comes to using crystals throughout our homes. Knowing exactly where to put crystals in your bedroom or the best room for your selenite crystal lamp can help you align with their frequencies more easily. Bringing more intention into your relationship with crystals can truly be as easy as keeping them in the right places.

With pro tips and crystal suggestions from Askinosie and Jandro, we've put together a room-by-room guide to choosing crystals for your home and making the most of their energy in your living space. Check out the best crystals for every room of your house and where exactly to keep them for ultimate good vibes.

Crystals For Your Living Room

Our living rooms are often where we spend our free time and entertain guests, so we ideally want them to be full of energy and life. Use crystals that promote positivity, clear stagnant vibes, and make you feel uplifted and energized.


If you're spending a lot time in any space, you want the vibes to feel high. That’s why Askinosie and Jandro recommend selenite for your living room, as these stones are believed to help to energetically purify and cleanse the air. Place yours on a windowsill or coffee table where it’ll pick up the light and sparkle.


Apophyllite is ideal for bringing in positivity and uplifting vibes, which is why Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing one somewhere prominent in your living room. Apophyllite is as beautiful as it is powerful, so you'll want this cheerful crystal to be front and center in the heart of your home.

Crystals For Your Kitchen

Whether we're cooking up a fancy dinner for friends or just whipping up a quick post-work meal for one, our kitchens should be a place where we feel inspired to nourish ourselves. Choose crystals for this space that get your creative (and digestive) juices flowing.


It’s no coincidence that this crystal’s name sounds a lot like the word appetite. Apatite is great for promoting balance between our passions and responsibilities — which is why it can be so helpful in getting us inspired and motivated to cook up something healthy without it feeling like a chore.


Creativity is a must in the kitchen, so call on the power of energizing and stimulating carnelian when you want to try something new and get adventurous. Askinosie and Jandro advise keeping a carnelian near your cookbooks or cooking supplies to keep you inspired.

Crystals For Your Dining Space

Crystals aren’t just good for cooking inspiration — they can also bring a mindful and relaxed energy to our dining spaces. Whether you have a designated dining room or you usually eat your dinner on your couch, these calming crystals can make mealtime extra enjoyable.


Turquoise is thought to be potentially helpful for digestive problems — and according to Askinosie and Jandro, it can also be used to promote healthy and more conscious eating behaviors. Keep one near your plate whenever you have a chance to sit down for a meal.


Energizing citrine is ideal for infusing your eating area with happiness and brightness, which can help you feel more gratitude for the meal you’re enjoying. Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing one somewhere on your dining table or eating surface. Try incorporating them into a mystical dining table centerpiece for your next dinner party.

Crystals For Your Work Space

Whether you have a home office set-up or not, most of us have some designated area where we need to focus, get things done, and work to reach our professional goals. Certain crystals can help keep us on track as we get our grind on.


Life is full of distractions, so one of the major keys to an effective workspace is its conduciveness to our staying on task. According to Askinosie and Jandro, azurite is great for focus and concentration — and simply keeping one on your desk can help you align with its properties.


Pyrite (also known as “fool’s gold”) is the ultimate stone for manifesting wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing a piece of pyrite on top of your business cards or a specific project or proposal — as it may infuse its energy into your professional endeavors and help amplify your prosperity.

Crystals For Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms should be a retreat from the stimulation of day-to-day activities, so keeping the vibes very chill with calming crystals can help reduce stress and ensure sounder sleep. Knowing where to place crystals in your bedroom can help you maximize on the relaxation.


The purifying powers of selenite crystals are just as useful in the bedroom as they are in the living room, and Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing one under your bed. That way, you're aligning with the selenite’s cleansing energy all through the night.


Amethyst is a soothing, dreamy, and spiritual stone that not only looks gorgeous, but can enhance the chill vibes in your peaceful resting space and potentially help you sleep. Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing one on your nightstand or dresser to promote peace and relaxation.

Crystals For Your Bathroom

Our bathrooms aren’t just places we go when nature calls. They’re also the spaces where many of us get ready for the day, do our beauty rituals, and pamper ourselves. That’s why the crystal energy we'll want to bring into this space is confident and full of self-love.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle stone that can promote compassion and boost confidence, thanks to its self-love and self-care-enhancing properties. Placing it near your skin and beauty products is a great way to align with its sweet and healing energy, according to Askinosie and Jandro.


Aquamarine is known for being an energetic "fountain of youth" in the crystal world, and it’s beloved for its rejuvenating properties. That’s why Askinosie and Jandro suggest placing an aquamarine near your bathtub or shower to inspire youthful energy as you cleanse yourself and get ready for the day.

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