11 Unexpected Ways To Use Crystals For Healing

Nowadays, you don't have to hit the metaphysical shop or a holistic healer to get your hands on a gorgeous, sparkling piece of crystal — TBH, all it takes is a trip to the home decor department of your favorite corporate mall stores. But crystals are meant to do so much more than just look pretty. They have energy and tons of purported healing abilities. So while they can certainly be trendy and pretty-lookin' statement pieces for your apartment, there are also so many more unexpected ways to use healing crystals that you should try out. I mean, if you're already keeping crystals in your space, you may as well take advantage of their many different and unique uses!

As a kid, I was always drawn to crystals and stones, but mainly just because they were sparkly, shiny, and magical-looking. Remember those giant chests full of colorful tumbled rocks that you could fill a bag with at weird touristy places? Those were my favorite. The Dark Crystal was one of my favorite movies, so I'm sure I was influenced there, too. Since childhood, I've had a beautiful and beloved chunk of amethyst in my room that belonged to my grandmother. I even weirdly kept a cup in my room full of smooth white pebbles I would find out and about — just because I liked them?

Anyway, it wasn't until I was an adult that I learned about the metaphysical healing properties of crystals, and it made me appreciate (and obsess over) these special natural specimens so much more. It opened up a whole new world for me, and pretty soon I was the girl who carried crystals in her purse, set them up on her desk at work, and slept with them in her bed. NO SHAME.

Anyway, you don't have to become a crazy crystal lady, but c'mon, try using your crystals for something more that decoration! You don't want all their potential healing powers and energy to go to waste, do ya? Here are some cool ways to use healing crystals that are fun, interesting, and potentially beneficial for you, too. Enjoy!

Carry Them With You

This is simple — and perhaps you already do this! Carrying your crystals with you is good, because the more time you spend with a stone, the more your energy can align with its frequency and reap the healing benefits. If I'm doing something particularly special (like attending a job interview or going on a date), am having an off day where I'm feeling insecure, or just feel like I could use a little boost for whatever reason, I grab one of my smaller palm stones and carry it around with me in my pocket or purse. You can even stick one in your bra for extra close contact. Whatever works!

Take Them To Bed

If you're laying there for 8-ish hours every night anyway, you may as well be absorbing some good vibes from your crystals, right? Sleeping with or near your crystals can be super helpful for anything from calming nighttime anxiety, helping you sleep, or enhancing your dreams. Placing a piece of lepidolite under your pillow, for example, can help ward off bad dreams and promote calmness. Lithium quartz is also helpful in reducing anxiety and carrying you off into dreamland, so keep it on your nightstand to help you sleep.

Make A Crystal Elixir

Making a crystal elixir (or crystal-infused water) is an amazing way to connect with the energy of your crystals and introduce them to your system. It's easy to do: First, soak your crystal in water or moonlight to cleanse it. Then, add it to fresh, clean spring water and let it sit in your pitcher or container, infusing the water with its energy. After that, you're ready to drink it! You may notice a slightly different taste, and pay attention to how you feel when you drink it. It should imbue in you the qualities associated with the stone.

Before you do any elixir making, though, it's very important you research your crystals and make sure they're non-toxic and safe to submerge in water. Some crystals will degrade in water, while others contain chemicals and elements that shouldn't be ingested in any form. Here's a list of toxic crystals as well as a list of crystals that can be damaged by liquids (these aren't fully comprehensive, but they're a start). Crystals in the quartz family tend to be a safe bet (think things like amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, or smoky quartz), but it's still good to check first to be sure.

If your crystal is unsafe to use in water, you can place the crystal on the top of a jar of water overnight (I like to do this under the moon!) and allow its energy to infuse that way, without any actual water contact. If you don't want to do the work, you can buy a fancy water bottle with a crystal point built in so you can take your elixir on the go.

Infuse Your Bath With Good Vibes

What's better than a healing candle-lit bubble bath? A healing candle-lit bubble bath with crystals in it, of course. "Water is a great conductor and will amplify the frequencies of crystals," explained Awakened Soul Perspective. Bring your crystals into the bath with you so you can absorb their energy even more potently and offer yourself ultimate relaxation. Again, use the same precautions with your crystals that I mention above before putting them in your bath (many crystals are unsafe to use in water). If you want to take a super Venusian-themed self-care bath, I recommend bringing a piece of rose quartz into the water with you. It'll promote compassion and self-love, and be ultra relaxing.

Awaken Your Third Eye

Using crystals in a meditation is an amazing way to take advantage of their energy. You can hold them in your palms or place them elsewhere on your body as you meditate (and if you're not a meditator, you can still try this while simply laying down to relax!). One of my favorite ways to vibe the energy of a crystal is by using it in a simple third eye meditation. Grab a small awareness-enhancing stone (Lemurian quartz, labradorite, or angelite are all good options) and place it on your third eye while you lay down on your back. Try to relax and imagine the crystal's energy opening your third eye (which represents your intuition and psychic power). Pay attention to the energy you feel yourself shift into. It's an amazing way to use your crystals and relax.

Make A Crystal Grid

If you find yourself with an abundance of palm stones, a great way to use them and maximize their energy is by doing a crystal grid ritual. By putting different crystals together in an even grid, you're amplifying their energy and allowing them to work together, and fusing this energy using the power of sacred geometry (which is what the grid brings in). When you begin a grid, think of what your intention for the ritual is. Perhaps you're looking to let go of some resentment toward a loved one, find the courage to leave a job you don't like, or charge up your love life. Choose stones from your collection that all support this general energy. Now, either using a mandala of some sort as a base or just working freestyle, arrange your crystals in a circular grid, placing them evenly apart and trying to sense energetically where they'd like to be. Some people like to add other natural objects to their grids, like flower petals or seashells. Once you've created the grid, leave it out on your altar to allow it to work its magic.

Use Them As A Cleansing Tool

While all crystals have unique energy, most crystals need to be cleansed from time to time to clear their field and purify their power. But some, like selenite, carnelian, and clear quartz, are actually cleansing in and of themselves. You can use these self-cleansing crystals to cleanse other crystals, objects, or even yourself. For example, I keep a small selenite chunk in the same box that houses my Tarot cards to keep their energy pure and clear, and to ensure they don't hold onto other people's vibes after I use them in a reading. I also have a long selenite wand that I wave over myself or other people in lieu of sage to give myself a "spiritual shower" and cleanse away any bad energy.

Block Out Negative Electromagnetic Fields

EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are produced naturally by all living things — but they can apparently now be found in high levels everywhere thanks to our constant use of phones and computers, as technology allegedly produces much more of these frequencies. It's thought that exposure to high levels of EMF can be harmful to to our health, but stones like malachite, shungite, and black tourmaline are said to be able to absorb or mitigate EMF or help people who are experiencing effects from high exposure. Some people believe that keeping certain crystals near your devices can even help to mitigate the amount of EMF emitted. While there's not tons of research on this (so definitely don't use this as medical advice!), I keep a piece of malachite next to my TV for this reason. Not sure if it works, but it looks pretty — and who knows? Maybe it's silently helping me out with its crystal power.

Enhance Your Plants

Snuggling a crystal into a potted plant is a great way to enhance the vibes of nature-healing in your indoor space — and give your plant a lil' potential boost, too. Just remember: If the crystal you choose is one that shouldn't get wet, be sure to remove it each time you water your plant and wait for the top layer of soil to partially dry before setting it back in place. I keep my aragonite star cluster among my indoor plants, and I have a chunk of pyrite nestled in the pot where my money tree is growing for extra wealth-enhancing vibes.

Make Them Into Jewelry

If you have a small stone that you love but doesn't get much play, you can easily turn it into a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time. Not only is it personal and fun to be able to wear a crystal that you've already vibed with, but it's also cheaper than investing in an entirely new (and possibly expensive) piece. By wire wrapping your crystal and putting it on a chain or earring, you can carry it with you all the time and have a cute, witchy new accessory. There are tons of tutorials online, so find one that works for your piece.

Use Them For Divination

There are a couple ways crystals can be used for divination. One of them is via crystal pendulum dowsing. If you have a weighted crystal bead or pendant, you can hang it from a string and use it to answer yes or no questions or point you in the direction of your answer (and alternately, you can buy a crystal pendulum made for that purpose if you don't have anything to make one with).

You can also use some crystals as scrying tools. "Scrying is the art of gazing into or upon a crystal (or a dark mirror-like surface such as polished obsidian), allowing the physical eyes to relax, and letting the inner psychic eyes open to receive desired visions or information," explained Crystal Skulls. "Scrying tools allow one to achieve the state of mind required for entering trance, acting as a focal point for visualization, which can become a doorway into the astral plane." So by gazing into a clear piece of crystal (like clear quartz) or a dark crystal with a shiny, reflective surface (like obsidian or jet), you may be able to see visions from your subconscious or even another realm entirely.