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Let's Face It: The Comments Section Is The Best Part Of TikTok

It feels like one big inside joke.

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TikTok comments are the best part of the app — here's why.

Every social media platform has something that sets it apart from the rest. And while my big three happen to be a TikTok sun, Instagram moon, and Pinterest rising, even the most “offline” people can find their communities on a platform thanks to the handy-dandy (and mysterious) algorithm. Another thing that sets each platform apart? The comments section. And while it’s not a competition, I have reason to believe that the TikTok comments section is one of the best.

To understand my love for TikTok comments, it’s important to make some distinctions about why it feels so different from the rest. On Facebook, the comments are often full of boomers who forget that they’re not sending a direct message... sorry not sorry. Instagram is on another end of the spectrum, with either spam bots asking ~if you want to collab~ or your besties hyping up your latest selfie that they quite literally just helped you choose in the group chat five minutes before you posted it. Twitter comments are full-on replies, so the interface doesn’t really lend itself to easy scrolling. And, to be frank, are we really still reading YouTube comments in the year of our lord 2023?

TikTok, though, is where I believe the comments section truly thrives. In fact, the number of times I’ve probably awarded someone a couple of cents via the creator fund because I let their video play over and over and over again while I scrolled through the comments is probably pretty impressive. You’re welcome to those individuals, but I digress.

There are several reasons why I will stand by my love for the comments on TikTok. In no particular order:

  1. It’s way easier to “go viral” via TikTok comments
  2. Users have the ability to reply to your comments with an entirely new video
  3. “Commenting so the algorithm brings me back” is totally a thing (either that or it’s manifestation at work)
  4. If an OP is gatekeeping where they got their outfit, some sleuth in the comments will *definitely* figure it out and let everyone know.
  5. When they’re wholesome, there’s so very wholesome

None of this is backed by extensive research unless the number of TikToks I send to my friends throughout the week counts as a peer-reviewed journal. That being said, I wouldn’t make such a bold claim about the clock app’s comment section if I didn’t have some receipts.

When it comes to going viral on TikTok, you can always try your hand at using hashtags like #fyp or a trending sound to see if your videos make it to the right side of the For You Page... or, you can just comment something that resonates with other users. Back in September 2020, I commented on a sweet video of a neighbor playing guitar outside of his window saying “this felt like the intro to a wholesome coming-of-age movie.” That comment got over 28,000 likes and I’m still reaping the residuals in April of 2023. Many things in life are fleeting but well-received TikTok comments are forever.

I can’t name the number of times I’ve followed along with some stranger’s gossip because someone wrote “part 2 plz” and the creator replies with another video. It’s probably just as many times as I’ve swiftly closed out of TikTok because some beautiful soul finally told us where to buy the perfect-fitting jeans a user was wearing in their GRWM. Most of all, though, the TikTok comments section sometimes reminds me of the good in people.

The way people compliment an artist’s work reminds me to appreciate the beauty in everything. Sometimes the comments section shares words of encouragement to users who feel compelled to tell the internet what they’re going through — and it makes me smile IRL. Most of the time, though, just seeing comments of people all laughing together at the same video makes it feel like we’re all in on the same inside joke. And that can feel nice enough to keep on scrolling for a few more minutes... or hours.

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